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Visiting Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Buenos Aires
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Regarded as the symbol of Bulgarian capital, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and a fine example of the architecture of the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. The structure of the cathedral comprises of a number of domes which are held by pillars and are encountered one upon another. The insides of the architecture displays crystal chandeliers suspending from the ceiling of the roof of the cathedral which make it look quite elegant with the light enhancing the features of the cathedral. You can spot countless murals, ornate doors, stone carvings, bells, glided domes, arches, wintergreen domes, and mosaics in the premises of the cathedral. Make your vacation a blessed one with your visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.

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Exploring the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Exploring the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Library at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Library at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Library at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest in the citiy and houses an amazing collection for people who have interest in reading about the religion or its history including the history of the cathedral. It contains the life stories of many important saints like St. Apostle Andrew, St. Dorothy Caesar, St. Ignatio Bogonosets, and many more. Along with this, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral library also houses worshipful texts like that of orthodox prayers which are sung and recited to the Lord. The cathedral has been created to pay tribute to the Russian soldiers who had to face death during the Russia and Turkish war in the year 1877 and 1888.

The relics of St. Alexander Nevsky in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The relics of St. Alexander Nevsky in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The relics of St. Alexander Nevsky in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral are very astonishing and attractive for the people who visit. The relics of the people usually contain the physical remains of the body of the prominent saints which are known and famous in the entire world. The relics of St. Alexander Nevsky contains the physical remains of him in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The remainder of the rib of St. Alexander Nevsky has been boxed into a glass box and is housed in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral for people to have a look at.

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier adjacent to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier adjacent to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier is an important monument in the center of the city near the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and has been built around the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with the same objective of paying tribute to the soldiers who died in the war between Russia and the Turkish in the year 1887 and 1888. Along with them, the monument pays tribute to all the Bulgarian soldiers who died in the wars defending the country. The main feature of the monument is the eternal flame which burns at all times of the day, each day and represents the peace of the soldiers who witnessed death in a few wars defending the country along with a sculpture of a lion and a stone inscription of a stanza for the soldiers.

Insider Tips

How to Get Tickets?

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral tickets can be booked online as well as offline. Booking tickets online is easier. Tickets are procured easily online as it saves time and you can also get some deals or discounts. The website will help you book tickets in no time and also allow you to counter a number of deals, packages and discounts on the same. You can also make payments after the booking in a safe and secure method through online transaction.

How To Get Around?

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral does not allow any form of transportation within its premises and can be explored only on foot by walking.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear a pair of pants and a buttoned blouse with the pants in a dark solid color and the blouse in a pale shade. You can also carry a hat if you like or get a scarf around your neck.


Best Time to Visit

The cathedral is open at all times of the day and each day of the year. Some parts of the cathedral like the library may remain closed on holidays, however, the main praying hall is open always.


Argentine Peso

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide will not be needed as this website will guide you about almost everything and anything about the city, the place and the trip. So, a guide is unnecessary.

How To Get There?

You can rent a regular taxi to reach the place. Bicycles will also be a great option. You can take a trolley or a public bus as well.

Additional Info

Make sure you carry all your travel documents safely and also keep your cash distributed in proper places. Try to carry less cash in hand and in your luggage. In large crowds, there might be pickpockets looking for cash. Try not be a target. Do not leave your luggage unpacked in your hotel rooms. Get in touch with the locals and plan your trip beforehand as last moment tickets might not be available. Also, look out for best street plan to figure out an easier way to visit all the attractions. Cameras and mobile phones might not be allowed in some places. Make sure to follow the instructions.

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