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Almaty Zoo
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Visiting Almaty Zoo

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The Almaty Zoo was established in late 1930s and is the oldest zoo in Almaty. Almaty Zoo is located in the east part of the city at the foot of Kok Tobe Mountain. It was created in 1937 not only to demonstrate the animals living in the cages, but to show the large role science has played in its work. The zoo, measuring 21 hectares, is currently under the city administration. To improve the living conditions of animals today, reconstruction and construction of new enclosures are underway. It is planned to complete pairs to save endangered species.The construction of a new veterinary clinic, equipped with new medical equipment, has also begun. The zoo is well attended and loved by the local people, particularly in holiday periods.There are many things to do at Almaty Zoo for your holiday.

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The Almaty Zoo

The Almaty Zoo

1. The Animals

1. The Animals

The best thing to do at Almaty Zoo is of course to see the animals. The marine aquarium has numerous representatives of water fauna. Rare species include Central Asian snakehead, Thai snakehead and Japanese fish. The terrarium has 11 species of turtles, including Caspian, red-eared, steppe and Seychelles. Guests are also fascinated by brindle and reticulated pythons, water dragons, chameleons, rattlesnakes and Egyptian cobra. The biggest non-flying birds, such as emus and rheas, live in a spacious enclosure. All can be seen there. Wild animals of the cat family, servals and bobcats also live in Almaty Zoo. Different species of monkeys and apes like macaques, baboons, chimpanzees and white armed and silvery gibbons garner the attention of visitors. The collection of animals also exibits animals from further afield and the total number of species is more than 350 and about 6.000 different animals.

2. Become A Guardian

2. Become A Guardian

The main task of the Almaty Zoo from the very beginning of its existence is the preservation of the biodiversity of our planet. When you take care of an animal, you help the zoo in this noble cause. At the current pace of civilization, by 2050, about 10,000 species can disappear from the face of the earth.The Moscow Zoo, along with other zoos in the world, is doing everything possible to preserve them. Guardianship is a great opportunity to take part in the conservation of rare species, to help the zoo in the implementation of environmental programs, conservation of nature, to participate in the life of the Almaty Zoo and its inhabitants, to see the specific results of its activities. To patronize is to help your beloved animals. This could be a very nice thing to do at Almaty Zoo. If you're interested, you can visit their website and apply there.

3.  Become A Volunteer

3. Become A Volunteer

Not so long ago, Alamaty Zoo started inviting volunteers to help them monitor the welfare of their animals, and above all to ensure that the animals are not fed by visitors. When animals are fed not with what they are supposed to eat, they get sick, it happens that they die. You can join this program and apply on Almaty Zoo's official website. This could be a nice experience and maybe the best thing to do at Almaty Zoo.

Almaty Zoo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Almaty Zoo sells their tickets online. You can purchase your tickets on their official website, this way you can skip the line when you visit. Almaty Zoo also has a ticket booth on site where you can purchase your tickets.

How To Get Around?

Getting around at Almaty Zoo is easy, you just have to walk to see the animals.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear anything you want at Almaty Zoo. However, you should check the weather and wear warm clothes during winter.

Almaty Zoo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Almaty Zoo is in the summer, the temperature is perfect to explore the zoo and most animals are awake during the day.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, you can find everything you need on this website. There are signs in English in the zoo and staff to help you if you get lost.

How To Get There?

We recommend you to take an Uber to Almaty Zoo, all drivers know where it is and it will cost you only $5 from the city center. Another option is to take the bus, you can ask the driver to drop you at the zoo and you can check the bus route to take the right bus.

Additional Info

It is strongly prohibited to feed the animals at the zoo, to smoke near the animals, or to drink alcohol inside the zoo.