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Angel Falls Caracas
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Visiting Angel Falls Caracas

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It is one of the most spectacular place in the world. Located in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela, far from everything else, Angel Falls offers an adventure and experience you’ll never forget. Standing under the highest waterfall in the world and hear the sound from water and fauna become the best thing in your life.

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Things to do at Angel Falls

Things to do at Angel Falls

1. Admiring the Wonderful Falls

1. Admiring the Wonderful Falls

Your journey to get to this place is not easy. You have to walk through the forest to reach a small plateu that offers the best view of the falls. Take your time for a while to admire this stunning waterfall, hear the sound of water and breathe the fresh air form nature and try the other things to do at Angel Falls. You’ll never forget the feeling of standing under the world’s highest waterfall. Just enjoy the moment and feel the magic of this plae fully.

2. Swimming

2. Swimming

After admiring the waterfalls, you shoyld try the other things to do at Angel Falls. You can swim in the beautiful pool underneath the waterfall (the best time is during the summer months). It offers fresh water which can make your body relax and get more energy to run the rest of your day. If you are planning to swim, it is highly recommended to bring your swimsuit or swimming short.

3. Walking through the Jungle

3. Walking through the Jungle

Spent your Angel Falls tour by walking through the jungle to see the unique Venezuelan flora and fauna. You are able to see 500 species of orchids own by Canaima National Park and various of mammals such as giant anteater, jaguar, Brazilian tapir, giant armadillo, pale-throated three-toed sloth and capybara. A large number of primate species live there as well, such as the howler monkeys, titi monkeys, the white-faced saki, and others. About 60 amphibians and 70 reptiles are living there. This could be one of the best things to do at Angel Falls.

4. Climb the Waterfall

4. Climb the Waterfall

Climb the waterfall might be the challenging things to do at Angel Falls. Are you brave enough to climb thie highest waterfall in the world? The first climbing activity was started in 1968, but it failed since the activity had been done in rainy season. On 13 January 1971, the first climb to the top of the cliff was completed. The climbers required nine and a half days to ascend and one and a half days to decended the falls.

5. Boat Rides

5. Boat Rides

It is the best thing to do at Angel Falls when you have your Angel Falls tour. Take the boat rides and you'll be blown away by the beauty of the surrounding area. The green scenery of the jungle and the towering cliffs will make you mesmerized. Feel the peaceful atmosphere here, you’ll forget the long, and sometimes the difficult journey to reach the Falls.

6. Taking Pictures

6. Taking Pictures

If you only visit Angel Falls once in a lifetime, don't forget to take pictures. Those pictures will stay in your memory of your life. A great experience should be kept and shared.

Angel Falls Caracas Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

As Canaima National Park is the gateway to visit Angel Falls, on arrival at the Canaima airport, a nominal charge is collected as entrance fee. Also, you needs to be vaccinated for yellow fever. If you're not vaccinated already, you can get vaccinated at the airport of Ciudad Bolivar.

How To Get Around?

After doing your Angel Falls tour, you are able to walk to get around the area. By walking you can explore and observe the unique flora and fauna in Canaima National Park. Since Angel Falls is located on the western part, you may go to the east part of the park to see the other things.

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code to visit Angel Falls. If you are planning to swim, you may bring your swimming suit or short.

Angel Falls Caracas Facts

Best Time to Visit

The place is spectacular at any time, but the waterfall looks more exuberant with a great water flowseason. Rainy is the best time to visit this fall and try to do all things to do at Angel Falls.


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Will I Need a Guide?

If you want to try all things to do at Angel Falls, yes, you need a guide. You have to go by boat upriver for more than three hours to reach the Angel Falls, and only the guides know the way. It is also part of a protected reserve.

How To Get There?

Since there are no roads, Angel Falls can only be accessed by plane. The cheapest way to get there is by flying from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar. The other one is an excursion that starts with a 3 hour and a half navigation upstream the Carrao River, and then the Churun river. From there, a one hour walk through the jungle takes you to the base of the falls.

Additional Info

This is about things to do at Angel Falls: be careful when you are climbing the cliffs in rainy season since it will be sleek and dangerous.