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Angkor Wat Siem Reap
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Visiting Angkor Wat Siem Reap

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Qualifies as the world's largest religious monument, it is spread over an area of 402 acres. The architecture of temple features two variants: the galleried temple and the mountain temple. The temple has amazing arts adorning its walls, most of which are of divine devtas. The sunset from the premises of temple reflects on amazingly. The temple has amazing carvings, moats and libraries as well. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has recognized it as one of its own.

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Praying at the World's largest religious centre: Angkor Wat

Praying at the World's largest religious centre: Angkor Wat

The Outer Area of the Temple

The Outer Area of the Temple

The wall on the outside has dimensions as 3,360 feet, 2,631 feet and 15 feet. The temple has a causeway made of sandstone. There are three ruin towers outside the premises. The cardinal points have gopuras. Between the towers, there are galleries running to bridge the gap. Earlier, there was a wooden bridge which has been replaced by the sandstone causeway. The tower in the south has a Lord Vishnu statue. The statue is called 'Ta Reach'. The statue occupied the central shine of the temple originally. The opposite gates on the gopura are called the elephant gates. All the galleries have pillars on the outside. The decoration of the ceiling has been done with inscribed lotus rosettes, blustered windows, dancing figures of both males and females, devatas, animals and much more. Most of the space has been covered in forest as well. There are ponds on the outer as well. There is a library as well as a pond in the middle of the library and temple also. The terrace on the cruciform is guarded by the figures of lions.

The Central Structure of the Temple

The Central Structure of the Temple

The central structure has been raised over a terrace which stands a little higher than the rest of the city. The central tower is made of 3 galleries which are rectangular in shape which keep rising at each level where the next level is higher than the previous one. The inner galleries have towers at their corners. The galleries have gopuras at each of their vertices. The north and south east sides of the temple have libraries as well. There are a number of inscriptions of all the deeds done by the pilgrims in the past centuries. The stairs are very steep and they represent the difficulty the pilgrims and the devotees faced to meet the eternal gods they believed in. The new walls feature new statues of the Lord Buddha. The central shrine is full of water and sand and the treasure of the shrine has been robbed of it.

Other Decorations of the Temple

Other Decorations of the Temple

The extensive decoration of the temple is the main cause of the beauty of temple. Its integrated architecture has caused the fame of the temple and it getting famous all around the world as a tourist attraction. The inner walls of gallery outside the temple are totally decked with the decoration ranging from the episodes of some epics of the Hindu Religion namely the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. These stone carvings have been defined as the greatest arrangement on stones done ever in a linear pattern. The gallery on the west displays a series of the Lanka Battle between Ram and Ravana and the other part displays the Kurukshetra Battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. The 37 heavens and 32 hells of the Hindu religion have also been in scripted on the walls. There are the deciptions on the walls of the temple of devtas and apsaras numbered up to 1,1796. The victory of Krishna over Bana has also been described over the walls. The asuras getting defeated from Lord Vishnu is also in scripted.

Libraries at the Temple

Libraries at the Temple

The premises of the Temple also have a number of libraries. The libraries feature a number of holy scriptures, books, journals that display the history of temple and also the devotees of the Lord. These books are a representation of all the happenings that have taken place at the temple.

The Ponds at The Temple

The Ponds at The Temple

The temple premises also have a number of ponds in between their towers and galleries. Mostly these ponds hold a sacred feel to them, however, they are also used as a recreational site by the visitors.

The Park Surroundings of The Temple

The Park Surroundings of The Temple

The surrounding grassy area of the temple is used by the pilgrims, tourists and other visitors as a recreational area for sitting and relaxing and for enjoying the view of the temple as well.

Angkor Wat Siem Reap Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Tickets can be booked easily for the city. However, the temple does not charge any entry fee. You can book tickets for the city via this website as well and payments for the booking can be made as well.

How To Get Around?

Taxis are available at genuine rates and at almost all the location of the city. You can also go for a three-wheeler. A cycle ride will add to the fun as well. Electric cars are available as well. You can also take a public bus or rent a car for the entire trip.

What Should I Wear?

You can choose a traditional attire to go with the theme of the place. A khaki kurta with pants and a scarf with flats will be good. Boys can also go for kurta and a pair of jeans along with boots or sneakers.

Angkor Wat Siem Reap Facts

Best Time to Visit

Winter months are the best time to go to the city as the days will be warm, however, the nights will be a little cooler than usual. The months of December and January are good to go.


Cambodian Riel

Will I Need a Guide?

No need to take a guide. This website purveys complete and comprehensive details

How To Get There?

The best way to get to the city is from Bangkok or Phnom Penh. Regular flights can also be arranged to city from Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane and Singapore as well.

Addtional Info

Try to arrive early at the Museum to prevent yourself from huge rush and parking crowd. Do not touch the galleries and climb on objects. Help the museum department to keep it safe. Children below the age of fourteen must be accompanied by an adult. Do not run in the museum. You are requested to obey the rules instructed by the security guards in the museum. Well, plan your schedule. Laptops, cameras, and cell phones are allowed in the Museum. But the conversation on cell phones is not allowed in galleries. Monopods, tripods, flashes or photography is strictly prohibited in the galleries. The Lost and Found center is available in the museum for your convenience. The Ship Museum does not offer a baggage facility. Baggage are also not allowed. Purses and handbags are allowed on tour. Smoking, food items, drinks, large baggage, photographs, pen, marker, chewing gums are not allowed in the galleries. The strollers are not allowed. Be aware of pickpockets and take care of your valuables and belongings.