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Belvedere Vienna
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Visiting Belvedere Vienna

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The stunning beauty of Vienna is one of the oldest monuments in the world, but it still looks fresh and marvelous. The palace is gorgeous both from inside and outside. The palace exhibits the world’s largest collection of paintings by the very renowned painter Gustav Klimt. The Belvedere is divided into parts, the Upper Belvedere, and the Lower Belvedere and the visitors will be awestruck by its beauty from the entrance till the end. Every sculpture, every flower and even the smallest bit of it, adds to the beauty of this place. The monument is registered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The museum with both the palace houses paintings by many renowned painters and each painting narrates a different story. The ambiance of this place is majestic, and the visitors can spend hours in this breathtaking place. Be it the paintings, the architecture or the gardens, every corner of this place is divine.

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A Place that is a Masterpiece

A Place that is a Masterpiece

Gorgeous Architecture

Gorgeous Architecture

The architectural beauty of this place should be admired from the entrance gate itself. The place is mostly built in white color that is very soothing and relaxing. The Upper Belvedere will be entered from the south side, and the curved staircase will bring you right in front of the Upper Belvedere. The exteriors of this place display the beautiful windows, and the three huge doors that welcome the visitors inside this heavenly place. There are pillars of white marble in the marble hall that are just fabulous, and the sculptured style pillars are unique and very impressive. The roof of the Sala Terrena in the Upper Belvedere is supported by four atlases that highlight the intricate work in this part of the palace. On the other hand, the Lower Belvedere though is a bit smaller than the Upper Belvedere, but it displays more intricate and fine artwork that is conducted on the walls of this place. This is a colorful palace with colors of yellow, brown, white and blue beautifully used in every area. There is also a marble room and a marble gallery, but the gorgeous part of this palace is the Gold Cabinet, which is tremendous and cannot be expressed in words. The architecture of this place should be admired by all, especially by people who have interests in history and art.



Inside the Upper and Lower Belvedere are museums that house the paintings by many renowned painters from the middle age till the present time. The paintings are by the popular painters like Claude Monet, Max Beckmann, and Vincent van Gogh. The famous painting, the Kiss and Judith by the artist Gustav Klimt is present here. The museum also exhibits the work of famous artist Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele. Apart from the paintings, there are beautiful sculptures in white and black marbles that are just spectacular. The museum exhibits items that are larger than life and what enhances the beauty of this place is the ambiance in these museums that is brilliant.



The gardens are a huge part of the Belvedere. There are beautiful flowers that have been arranged exceptionally. The giant white sculptures that are placed in the entire garden are captivating. There is also a huge pond in front of the Upper Belvedere, and it is outstanding. There are beautiful fountains, and in the center of the fountain there are sculptures that are very impressive, and it seems like they are narrating a story. The visitors can stroll in this garden for hours and the poets; it is a perfect area to pin down some beautiful poetry.

Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink

In the Upper Belvedere, there is an area known as the Menagerie that facilitates the visitors with refreshments to recharge themselves. They offer some traditional Austrian pastries; they also offer many spicy delicacies. During the time of summers, the visitors can enjoy breakfast in the open with the Baroque garden in the background, offering the visitors with a perfect startup for their tour.

Belvedere Vienna Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The tickets to the Belvedere are available near the entrance gate. The visitors can either purchase a combined ticket or separate ticket for the Upper and the Lower Belvedere. People have to pay extra if they want to admire the beauty of the Alpine garden and Privy garden. All the information associated with tickets is on this website.

How To Get Around?

The Belvedere can be reached by bus, train, taxi, and tram. The nearest station from the palace is Quartier Belvedere. People can also take a tram line 18 to reach this place. People who are not comfortable with public transport can opt for a taxi.

What Should I Wear?

No dress code has to be followed to visit this place. But this place should be visited in fancy clothes because the place demands it as it is a palace.

Belvedere Vienna Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. But the garden opens from 6:30 a.m. People who want to witness a beautiful sunrise can visit early.



Will I Need a Guide?

There is no need for a guide as the palace offers an audio tour which is perfect to know about each section of this place. The charges for an audio tour are not included in the ticket.

How To Get There?

Vienna can be reached by bus, train, taxi, and flight. The Vienna International Airport connects with all the major domestic and international flights.

Additional Info

There are free Friday nights for the visitors, to admire this magnificent place, lit up in beautiful lights. The visitors can enjoy the evening from 18:00 to 21:00.

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