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Bled Castle Bled Lake
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Visiting Bled Castle Bled Lake

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Bled Castle is a medieval palace sitting pretty on a precipice overlooking the magnificent Bled Lake in the town of Bled, Slovenia. The castle is believed to be one of the oldest in Slovenia and one of the frequented tourist attractions in Slovenia. The most popular symbol of Slovenian Tourism, the Bled Castle’s enthralling image on top of a cliff above the Bled lake with the backdrop of the Karavanke and the Julian Alps mountain range has garnered worldwide attention. Its enchanting beauty has made it one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world. The castle is a popular venue for hosting cultural shows, diplomatic events, weddings, and concerts. The castle complex houses a restaurant, a chapel, a wine cellar, a knight’s hall, and a herbal gallery. There is a printing works at the castle where you can get yourself educated about the art of manual and traditional print. At the wine cellar, try your hands in bottling wine and sealing it with wax. You can also enjoy watching or compete in a tournament of archery held in summer months. Documentaries on Bled are organized in the knight’s hall. Dedicated to the Bishops St. Ingenuin and St. Albuin, the castle chapel is a beautiful structure with decorative frescoes adorning its interiors. Murals depicting King Henry II and his wife can be seen on the northern and southern walls of the chapel.

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Enjoy at Bled Castle amidst the picturesque Bled Island overlooking the serene Bled lake

Enjoy at Bled Castle amidst the picturesque Bled Island overlooking the serene Bled lake



King Henry II of Germany bestowed the Bled Estate situated in the province Camiola to Bishop Albuin of Brixen and the church in 1004. In 1011, through a deed of donation where the castle’s name was mentioned for the first time, the King donated the Castellum Veldes (the Bled Castle) to Bishop Adalberon, who succeeded Bishop Albuin. The Bled Castle became the center of administration for the Bled Estate. The castle was referred to as Castellum Veldes (German name) in the documents from the medieval era. The castle became renowned amongst travelers for its enchanting beauty and was referred to in the magnum opus 'Glory of the Duchy of Carniola' written by Janez Vajkard Valvasor, one of Slovenia's well - known historical personalities. The spectacular castle has been the most sought - after venue for important political events and has attracted many celebrities and diplomats as visitors. An earthquake in 1511 severely ravaged the castle. The castle went through major renovation work in the 17th Century and in the 1950's. The ownership of the castle has changed hands many times since the 19 th century. Currently, it is managed by the Bled Cultural Institute.



National Museum of Slovenia manages a permanent exhibition at the Castle Complex called the “Bled Castle Museum Exhibition on the History of Bled and its Environs.” The exhibition is conducted in 14 chambers of the stately rooms of the castle. The various original and replicated artifacts displayed at the exhibition portray the art, geological, natural and general history of the Bled region. It also takes you through the various archaeological and building stages of the castle. The history depicted at the museum takes the visitors back in time through the various ages of human evolution. The artifacts let you encounter the hunters from the Ice Age to the Stone Age dwellers. You can witness the remnants from the settlements in the Bronze, Iron and copper ages. Artifacts let you take a glimpse into the human life during the Roman era, the late Antiquity period, middle ages and the Slavic era with the archaeological remains of the architectures identified.Courtesy doctor Arnold Rikli from Switzerland, the castle turned into a popular health resort in the 19th century. The first floor of the museum represents the life during this period when the spa became popular through artifacts like copper bath and photographs of people enjoying sunbathing. You can also view the furniture used in the 19th century. One of the major highlights of the exhibition is in one of the most unlikely spaces, the castle toilet. The toilet located on the second floor of the castle has a magnificent view of the Island of Bled in the lake.

Bled Lake and Island

Bled Lake and Island

The Bled lake situated right below the charming Bled Castle with Bled island in its middle offers one of the most panoramic views in the world. With a maximum depth of 97 ft with a length of 6,960 ft and width of 4,530 ft, the lake surrounds a small island, Bled Island in the middle. You can row your way to the Island on a traditional boat called 'pletna'. The Island houses a famous church called the 'Assumption of Mary Church'. From the Island shores, the church is at the height of 99 steps. Once you reach the Church, ring the bell and offer your prayers. According to legends, your wishes will come true. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings from the lakeshore or feel the divine serenity by taking a walk along the nature trails surrounding the lake.

Bled Castle Bled Lake Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices located at the castle entrance, or online booking options are also available.

How To Get Around?

The castle and the surrounding complex can be explored on foot.

What Should I Wear?

Bled Castle Bled Lake Facts

Best Time to Visit

The castle is open all year-round. The castle closes early at 1800H during winters / rainy season.


The official currency of Slovenia is Euro.

Will I Need a Guide?

How To Get There?

The nearest airport is Ljubljana international airport, which is 36 km from Bled. Airport transfers via bus lines or private transport means are available from the airport to the city center in Bled. The castle can be easily accessed by car and parking facility is available at the top of the cliff. Take the highway in the direction of Ljubljana and exit at Bled exit. The Bled is connected to all the major Slovenian cities and surrounding points of interest by Bus. The central bus station is located at a 3-minute walking distance to the Lake. You can also avail the bus service to reach the top. You can also opt for train service to Bled and the station connected to major European cities, and Slovenian towns is 4 km away from the Bled center. In good weather, opt for a beautiful walk up the cliff, and you may need 15 minutes to reach the top.

Additional Info

Bled was nominated as one of the seven new wonders.

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