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Boudewijn Seapark Bruges
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Visiting Boudewijn Seapark Bruges

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Situated in Sint Michiels, Boudewijn Seapark is the marine mammals and theme park in Bruges. It features various kinds of mammals and outdoor attractions for visitors. In this park, visitors can see the dolphin with its spectacular show and the sea lion with its cazy tricks. This place is welcoming children to learn about the marine mammals' life and enjoy the 20 attractions outside the Seapark which offer fun for childre, young and adult.

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Boudewijn Seapark

Boudewijn Seapark

1. Enjoy the Dolphin Show

1. Enjoy the Dolphin Show

The dolphin show is opened on March 31 by the park. The park features the new dolphin inside the beautiful dolphinarium, Moana. Moana will take you to discover the evolution of dolphin in the sea and show you the beauty of ocean's environment. Dolphin Moana also tells about the plastic that is thrown away in the ocean. It is showing that many animals die in the sea because of the plastic or the other stuff. This show is also the way to remind us that ocean is the part of us and it must be saved for our future. This is one of the best things to do in Boudewijn Seapark.

2. Get closer to the Sea Mammals

2. Get closer to the Sea Mammals

You can get close to the sea mammals since the Boudewijn Seapark is featuring an interactive program with dolphin. You can join the dolphin in the water accompanied by the trainer.This program is helping you to learn about the behavior of the wonderful sea mammals. You can request an activity with the dolphin together with the trainer. The photographer from the Boudewijn Seapark will take your picture during the program. Pictures can be taken in the end of the program.

3.  Watching the Nocturne Aquashow

3. Watching the Nocturne Aquashow

Although this show is only held on Christmas, it does not decrease the visitors attention to watch the Nocturne Aquashow. You can enjoy the special show from 8 dolphins in the dolphinarium together with their trainers during the Christmas holiday. Boudewijn Seapark is also displayed many special effects and projections during the show. This is one of the best things to do in Boudewijn Seapark to make your Christmas holiday become the best holiday ever!

4.  Spent the Day by Riding Fun Attraction

4. Spent the Day by Riding Fun Attraction

Besides the marine mammals park, Boudewijn is also a theme park which provides various fun attractions for its visitors. It has 12 indoor attractions and 20 outdoor attractions. The attractions are suitable for children to have a nice day. Parents can play golf while the children enjoy the attractions such as Bumper Car, Kids Island, Springride, Carousel ad etc.

5.  Join the Educational Interaction for School

5. Join the Educational Interaction for School

Not only does it provide fun activity, Boudewijn Seapark also provides an educational interaction for student. The trainer of the Boudewijn Seapark will take the students to discover the dolphins and sea lions. Students can enjoy the sea lions performance in its theater and the dolphin show in its dolphinarium. Student can learn about biology ad the wild life of sea mammals.

6.  Attend the Dolphin Camp

6. Attend the Dolphin Camp

By considering that children will be the dolphin carer, Boudewijn Seapark holds the Dolphin Camp to make children love their environment. Young people can also join this program.

Boudewijn Seapark Bruges Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online or at the tickets outlet in Boudewijn Seapark. Tickets of this seapark are divided into two categories: Tickets Summer Season and Tickets Winter Season. Tickets for Summer are including: Tickets Park Kindergarten, Tickets Park Child/Senior/Disable and Tickets Park Adult. While tickets for winter season are including: Individual Tickets, Tickets Child Bobo's Indoor and Combination Tickets.

How To Get Around?

You can take a stroll to get around the building or visit the other attractions. Horse drawn carriages and bicycle carriages Bruges are also available to be used to see the nearby attraction in Bruges.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear clothes depend on the weather in Bruges since there is no dress code to enter the Boudewijn Seapark. This is one of the best things to do, make sure you bring clothes for warm and cold weather since the weather in Bruges is rapidly changing.

Boudewijn Seapark Bruges Facts

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Boudewijn Seapark anytime you want since it is open on summer and winter. However, there is a special show on Christmas, December seems the best time to visit this seapark. Also, on winter season, all outside attractions are closed. If you want to ride the outside attractions, summer season is the best time to visit Boudewijn Seapark.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, transportation is easy and everything can be found in this site. Furthermore, Boudewijn Seapark is located near to the center of Bruges, it makes you easy to find and explore this place by your own. This is the best thing to do.

How To Get There?

You can get to Boudewijn Seapark by Bus, Train or Light Rail. If you are using train, take the bus number 7 or 17 from the Bruge Train Station and stop at the Sint-Michiel Boudewijnpark stop. It is also possible to reach the park by cycling. Boudewijn Seapark is located between junctions 6 and 99 of the tourist cycling routes.

Additional Info

Belgium has a lot of holiday. Make sure you know the holiday before you are visiting Belgium since all the public places, shops, companies and offices are closed. In Belgium, you are not allowed to smoke. There is a general ban on smoking in cafés, restaurants, the public areas in hotels (lobby, bar, corridors, etc.) and in all public buildings (train stations, airports, etc.). For those who cannot stop the habit, ashtray is provided for them only outside the room (often under shelter).