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Brookfield Zoo Chicago
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Visiting Brookfield Zoo Chicago

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Situated in the Chicago suburb, the zoo is also named as the Chicago Zoological Park. The park was inaugurated in the year 1934 in the month of July. The zoo became famous after its use of ditches and moats instead of the usually used cages which separated humans from animals. The zoo is one of the earliest to have an indoor exhibit of dolphins and rainforest. Its rainforest exhibit is called the Tropic World. The zoo has been sponsoring a number of conservation and research efforts all around the world.

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Experiencing the wild at the Brookfield Zoo

Experiencing the wild at the Brookfield Zoo

1. The Australia House exhibit

1. The Australia House exhibit

Features cane toad, crested pigeon, emu, emerald tree boa, princess parrot, short-beaked echidna, Rodrigues flying fox, southern hairy-nosed wombat, western grey kangaroo, prehensile-tailed skink, argus monitor, tawny frogmouth, laughing kookaburra and many more from the regions of the continent of Australia. It is one of the major attractions of the zoo.

2. The Children's Zoo

2. The Children's Zoo

This area of the zoo allows the children to be a part of the animals of the zoo which are harmless and can be interactive with the kids also. The kids can play, touch and interact with the animals in this area. Some of the features of the exhibit are Harris hawk, great horned owl, American kestrel, red-tailed hawk, raccoon, raven, chicken, goat, groundhog, Holstein cattle, reindeer, domestic sheep and others.

3. Feathers and Scales exhibit

3. Feathers and Scales exhibit

This exhibit counters the main birds and snakes that are housed in the zoo with feathers referring to the birds and the scales referring to the snakes. Some of the main features of the zoo are Andean condor, Bali many, blue poison dart frog, Chicago garter snake, Congo peafowl, crested wood partridge, curl-crested Aracari, double-striped thick-knee, Egyptian tortoise, gamble's quail, gila woodpecker, great roadrunner, jambu fruit dove, purple honeyeater, sun bitten and sungrazer.

4. The Swamp exhibit

4. The Swamp exhibit

Features Amazon milk frog, American alligator, alligator snapping turtle, blue-winged teal, eastern screech owl, eyelash viper, great egret, green heron, little blue heron, North American river otter, rough green snake, roseate spoonbill, snowy egret, white ibis, wood duck, grey seal, harbour seal, California sea lion, trumpeter swan and many more.

5. Xtreme Bugs exhibit

5. Xtreme Bugs exhibit

Xtreme Bugs feature some of the most unique and amazing species of bugs and insects which include army ant, atlas moth, golden orb weaver, leaf cutter ant, black corsair, African fat-tailed scorpion, brown marmorated stink bug, Chinese earth tiger, European honeybee, giant vinegaroon, Hines emerald dragonfly, Japanese giant hornet, Madagascar hissing cockroach, monarch butterfly, siafu, seven-spotted ladybug, orchid mantis, periodic cicada, Peruvian giant centipede, praying mantis, red-eyed devil katydid, red imported fire ant and many more.

6. The Hamil Family Play Zoo

6. The Hamil Family Play Zoo

A place for the entire family to interact with the animals and each other. Some of the animals featured in the area are American kestrel, barred tiger salamander, boa constrictor, cockatiel, domestic cat, goldfish, guinea pig, mongoose lemur, ring-tailed lemur, Madagascar hissing cockroach and many more.

Brookfield Zoo Chicago Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Tickets can be booked offline as well as online both. It is always easier to book tickets online as it saves time and you can be sure of your booking beforehand. You can easily book your tickets online through this website and also pay thereafter safely and securely.

How To Get Around?

You can go for tour buses. A rented car will be easy as well. You can rent a bike and make the trip a lot more fun.

What Should I Wear?

Wear something sporty like a pair of shorts and a light weight top. You can layer it up with a shrug. Go for sports shoes or sneakers. Boys can wear a t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts to dress up for the same and grab a pair of sports shoes as well. Do not forget to pack layers if you are visiting the town during winters.

Brookfield Zoo Chicago Facts

Best Time to Visit

The weather is mild and enjoyable in the months starting from March and lasting till May. The city can be enjoyed thoroughly and you can also take part in all sorts of outdoor activities.


US Dollar

Will I Need a Guide?

No guide is needed as all the information about the place is in store in the website to help you for the entire trip.

How To Get There?

A taxi will be available right outside the hotel. Tour buses are also a good option. The local trains and metro also have a reach. You can also rent a bike or a bicycle.

Additional Info

Cameras and cell phones might not be allowed in some of the places and thus, it must be taken care that the rules and regulations of the zoo are not broken in any way. Also, the animals and all the other creatures in the zoo must not be touched, harmed or interacted with unless guided or asked to do so.

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