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Bucharest Zoo
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Visiting Bucharest Zoo

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Bucharest got its own zoo in the form of Bucharest Zoo. Here, you can see a whole lot of different animals from all parts of the world. Bucharest itself never had a zoo before, hence why the government put this zoo into work back in 1959. After that, Bucharest Zoo has been one of the biggest zoos in Romania. If you are in Romania and you found yourself wanting to see animals, the zoo is the perfect place for you.

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The Bucharest Zoo and its Attractions

The Bucharest Zoo and its Attractions

1. The caged animals

1. The caged animals

The place is called a zoo garden for a reason, and that reason is simple: it houses animals from all parts of the world. Here, you can see a whole lot of animals lounging around their cages and sleeping around at designated hours. You can see tigers, birds, zebras, pelicans, and many other animals over here. If you are in Romania and you want to see animals, you would be happy with this place. Pictures are also allowed, so bring a camera with you.

2. Exotic birdhouse

2. Exotic birdhouse

Bucharest Zoo has its own birdhouse containing exotic animals. Here, you get to see the birds of Bucharest and even birds of other countries as well. The birds are many in number as well, so you can be sure that each species would not feel lonely because they got many friends with them.

3. The reptile terrarium

3. The reptile terrarium

Reptiles can be so captivating for children and even for some adults. Bucharest Zoo got its own reptile terrarium. This is the place for you if you want to see the reptiles that Bucharest Zoo has. Snakes, lizards, and many other reptiles are available to see. You do not have to worry about safety, too, because everything in the place is categorized safe thanks to the addition of mirrors and many other safety measures in place.

4. You can also read by the benches

4. You can also read by the benches

Aside from the animals, there are several benches that you can use to read a book. The benches are many in numbers, and even if you visit the place at noon, it would not get hot because the zoo is designed to be shady (in a good way, of course). You can even eat or drink over there provided you carry your own food and beverages.

5. A jog by the Baneasa forest

5. A jog by the Baneasa forest

The zoo is connected to Baneasa forest nearby, and the forest, as you might have known, is a great place to jog or just to walk around. Children who are very active can go for a stroll by the forest, and if you are a jogging folk, you can bring your jogging shoes here and do some jogging.

6. The eateries and the White House Restaurant

6. The eateries and the White House Restaurant

What is unfortunate about the zoo is the fact that there is no such thing as a snack or drink vendors in it. The zoo is medium-sized, yes, but all of those spaces are mainly for animals. If you are looking to get your daily dose of Romanian traditional food, the only thing you can do is to get out of the zoo and eat at the taverns outside of the zoo. There, the foods being served are all traditional Romanian food, meaning you can have your belly filled with nice tasting traditional foods.

Bucharest Zoo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Getting tickets in this zoo is pretty much the same as getting tickets in any other zoos. You just need to walk to the admission booth, get your tickets from there, and you can freely walk around the park and the surrounding forest after that. The price of the ticket varies, all dependent on how old are you. If you are an adult the price should be around 13 Romanian Leu. If you bring children with you, the price will definitely be lower for the children, more specifically at half the price (6,5 RON). Those fees are considered very cheap, hence why this place is such a popular destination for children.

How To Get Around?

Getting around the park is simple: you just need to use your feet. Because the park is not that large, there is no way you can fit a car or even a bike over there. The only method of transportation in this park lies within your feet, so be prepared to walk around to reach one place to the other. It is not as tiring as it seems, though, as some people have said that you just need an hour to see what this park has to offer in its entirety.

What Should I Wear?

Romania is a country that is pretty religious, with the Eastern Orthodox Church being the largest one there is. While the Orthodox church is basically a Christian Church, having the same base as the Catholic and the Protestant church, the same set of laws cannot be applied to the Orthodox and the Catholic or the Protestant. You are not required to cover your whole body like in many Islamic countries, but there are still times when you need to cover your hair (if you are a woman). Might be that you do not need to do such a thing in the zoo, but this is definitely something that you need to know.

Bucharest Zoo Facts

Best Time to Visit

Anytime the park is open, of course, which is between 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. One thing that you should know is the fact that at noon (somewhere around 13:00), the animals would be sleeping or lazing in their cage, meaning that there is a chance that you would not be able to see them. Avoid visiting it at that hour if you want to see animals.


Romanian leu

Will I Need a Guide?

Never in the slightest. The zoo is not that big, meaning there is no chance that you would get lost.

How To Get There?

From the city centre, you just need to take the 301 bus and stop right in front of the park. It would not cost you that much, either.

Additional Info

What some people did not know is the fact that you need to pay more if you want to take pictures of the animals. The price is somewhere around 13 RON, almost the same as the admission fee. Because this rule is not regularly enforced, some people take pictures without even paying the 13 RON.

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