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Camera Obscura Edinburgh
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Visiting Camera Obscura Edinburgh

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Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is the perfect place if you want to get 'high' without consuming or abusing any sort of substances. Here, you get to see a whole lot of illusions and you can see Edinburgh from the top of the place. Once mantled with the Short's Observatory and Outlook Tower as its name, Camera Obscura is a place where you get to see what Edinburgh has to offer from the sky.

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Camera Obscura: Edinburgh From the Top of the World

Camera Obscura: Edinburgh From the Top of the World

1. Edinburgh from the top

1. Edinburgh from the top

It has been mentioned that Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but what if you get to see it from the top? On the topmost floor of Obscura, you can do just that. The Obscura is one of the tallest buildings in Edinburgh, and it is only right for you to look at Scotland's most beautiful city from a tall place. If you visit the place, you can see Edinburgh as what it is: a beautiful historical city ripe with spots to explore and stories to tell. If you want your visit to be more enhance, give this place a visit at night and you would be treated with a sight that would definitely be good for sore eyes.

2. The vortex tunnel

2. The vortex tunnel

If you are one with a weak stomach, then this place is not for you. The vortex tunnel is basically a colourful tunnel you can walk through. This serves to give you an illusory visage of colours. It does so by using lights and many other kinds of stuff to create such a colourful tunnel you can walk through. For those with a stomach that can churn the colours, it would be a very beautiful walk. If you are easily sickened by colours, however, it might not be a good place for you.

3. The mirror maze

3. The mirror maze

Mazes are nice to wander around as long as you are sure that you would not get lost. This 'maze' is actually a long hallway with zig-zag on it, turning it into a sort of maze to wonder. You would not get lost, so you should not worry about it. Aside from the mirror, there is nothing new to it. You get to see your reflection as you walk around and that it is. Nice for pictures, but not nice for those with a sort of fear with seeing your duplicates. There is, after all, a legend that tells you that you would meet your end if you see your duplicate.

4. The shrinking room

4. The shrinking room

By far the funnest illusion you get to see here. In the shrinking room, you will be able to shrink. This is achievable thanks to a wonderful set of room setup that can give a shrinking illusion. Say that you take a picture of two guys in the room. Because the room is set up in a way, the picture that comes out will show that the first guy has shrunken while the second guy is still pretty big. It gives up an illusion that one guy is dealing with a larger guy, which is fun in its own merit. Certainly a good place if you want to take pictures and be bamboozled by illusions.

5. The other hundred hands-on exhibits

5. The other hundred hands-on exhibits

The world of illusion is called the world of illusion not because there are only three illusions there, no. It is called so because it got more than a hundred hands-on exhibits that you can look and interact with. If you do give this place a visit, be sure not to forget about interacting with the many things in the exhibition. Kids and those with a child at heart would definitely love interacting here.

6. The Autowed

6. The Autowed

You did not read this wrong, folks. Camera Obscura is a place in Edinburgh where you can get 'married'. The Autowed is a robot that lets you get humorously married. You just need to put in some quids and you will be married in no time. Heck, it even got its own ring dispenser and it can spout out wedding certificates, all for a quid or two. The certificate, of course, is a fake and you cannot get married for real on the place, but it is such a thing of novelty that people visited the bot just for fun. If you want to get married at Obscura, do give the bot a visit, will you?

Camera Obscura Edinburgh Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

To get the tickets for the show, you just need to go to the receptionist desk and buy your ticket from there. The tickets are priced at 16 poundsterling for adults, 14 for students (with a readily available ID) and seniors, 12 for children aged 5 to 15, and free for children under 5. Visitors with disabilities are also free to visit the place. The ticket lasts for a day, so if you leave the building, you can just show the ticket and you will be allowed to enter again.

How To Get Around?

On foot. There is no other way and it is not possible for you to bring your car into a building.

What Should I Wear?

Appropriate clothing for European countries. Europe is pretty fine with you wearing whatever you want as long as it is appropriate for its place. Just wear comfortable footwear because you will be walking for a long time in the tower.

Camera Obscura Edinburgh Facts

Best Time to Visit

The museum opens at 9:30 and closes at 20:00 on Sunday to Friday. In Saturday nights, the museum opens at the same hour but closesone hour later, at 21:00 to be precise. There are seasonal opening hours as well, but those hours mentioned above are for the general visit. Give the place a visit in the morning if you want to explore the place quietly.



Will I Need a Guide?

No. Obscura is basically a long hallway that ends with Camera Obscura on top. No need for you to get a guide and it is impossible for you to get lost in the building. You can get lost in your imagination, though, so be careful with that.

How To Get There?

There are many venues that you can use to get to the place. Walking is very suggest because Edinburgh is such a small but compact city. Go to the Royal Mile and you will see the museum in no time. If you decide to go by train, the Waverley Station is a place that you should stop at.

Additional Info

The building got five floors in it, but no elevator whatsoever. You need to walk to the top and go down the same route by walking. Should not bother you if you are used to walking, but can be very problematic if you are not. Do not eat too much food before a visit if you do not want to shatter the illusion by vomiting around the place

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