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Chester Zoo Liverpool
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Visiting Chester Zoo Liverpool

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The Chester Zoo is established on a property of 125 acres and is one of the best zoos in England. The Chester Zoo is home to around 21,000 animals and is an award-winning zoological garden. The zoo has a wide range of animals, who have been kept in specially designed habitats. The zoo was inaugurated in 1931, by George Mottershead, and is one of the largest zoos in England. According to the Forbes, the Chester Zoo is among the top fifteen zoos in the world. The Chester Zoo offers its visitors many tours, which covers all the important parts of the zoo. The Chester Zoo should be definitely on your list, whenever you are visiting England.

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The Best Zoo in the United Kingdom

The Best Zoo in the United Kingdom

 Islands at Chester Zoo

Islands at Chester Zoo

The Chester Zoo offers its visitors with an experience of different South East Asian islands. In total, an experience of six different islands. These different islands is a design for animal's habitat, and this also showcases some of the top wildlifes of the world in this zoo. The six different island habitats are Bali, Sumatra, Panay, Papua, Sulawesi and Sumba. The world's best wildlife, which can be experienced in this zoo includes pre-historic birds, many carnivores' plants and also the very popular and impressive Sunda Gharial.

 Spirit of the Jaguar

Spirit of the Jaguar

The beautiful and unique habitat in this part of the zoo is magnificent and can be admired for hours. This place has been specially designed for the jaguar. The Spirit of the Jaguar gives a feeling of Latin America, which is known for its exotic wildlife locations. You will get a chance to admire many beautiful jaguar beasts, and you will also have the chance to encounter with two-toed sloth. The Spirit of the Jaguar also provides you with the experience of underwater habitat in Amazon.

 Elephant of the Asian Forest

Elephant of the Asian Forest

The Elephant of the Asian Forest is home to some intelligent and magnificent elephants. These elephants which are found here is a family consisting of members from four different generations. The habitat not just in this part, but in the entire zoo has been designed to promote and support natural behavior. The Asian forest has many different animals too, which include wrinkled hornbills, Prevost's squirrels, red-billed blue magpies, azure-winged magpies, and some other fascinating animals. The Elephant of the Asian Forest also has some vegetation around it, and you will notice some ginger, mango, pawpaw and some other forest vegetations too.

Dragons in Danger

Dragons in Danger

The Dragons in Danger is a special place which has been created for the Komodo dragons. These Komodo dragons are around two meters in length. The Dragons in Danger are also home to many different birds, turtles, and tortoises, which include Palawan peacock pheasants, visayan tarictic hornbill, golden-coin turtles, spiny-hill turtle, Mindanao tortoises, and others. The Dragons in Danger is also home to the beautiful Caribbean iguana, which has been introduced in this building in 2009.

 Tsavo Black Rhino Reserve

Tsavo Black Rhino Reserve

The Tsavo Black Rhino Reserve is home to one of the most endangered species, which is the black rhinoceros. This rhino reserve will give you a feeling of a small rhino safari in Africa, with some other species too. This Rhino Reserve has been built as a replica of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya. You will experience some mesmerizing singing of the beautiful birds in this area, also be careful with them, as they occasionally glide over you.

 Beautiful Butterfly Journey

Beautiful Butterfly Journey

This part was included in the zoo in 2008 and is home to some of the prettiest and vibrant butterflies. The butterfly journey will educate you about the complete life cycle of butterflies. This area is also home to cocoons, moths and few panther chameleons.

Chester Zoo Liverpool Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The Chester Zoo tickets are available at the entrance of the zoo, which are expensive in comparison to the online tickets. The tickets can be purchased online, which have various discounts. The prices are different for children, adults, and students. Also, the family ticket is also available which has the maximum discount.

How To Get Around?

The Chester Zoo can be reached through various means of transports, which are the bus, train, and taxi. If you are coming from Liverpool, then the best option for you is the X8 bus, which leaves you at the entrance of the zoo gate.

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code, which has been specified for the zoo trip. So, you have the chance to wear anything of your choice. But make sure that you do opt for a comfortable pair of shoes. Also, the weather should be taken into consideration while deciding your outfits.

Chester Zoo Liverpool Facts

Best Time to Visit

The zoo opens around 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. It's a huge zoo so make sure you have ample of time to explore the complete zoo carefully. But the timings vary in different seasons, so make sure you check the timings on the official website before planning your trip.



Will I Need a Guide?

There is no need for a guide. All the information is provided at the required places. Also, exploring by yourself will add more to your wildlife experience.

How To Get There?

Liverpool can be reached through bus, train, taxi, and flight. The Liverpool John Lennon Airport connects you with all the major domestic and international flights.

Additional Info

There are special services for people who require a wheelchair.

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