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China Folk Culture Village Shenzhen
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Visiting China Folk Culture Village Shenzhen

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The China Folk Culture Village is a small Disneyland-esque attraction that Shenzhen got. While Disneyland got its own Disney-themed rides and attractions, the culture village is ripe with Chinese cultures and attractions all around. If you love Chinese culture and you want to learn more of it, this is the place that you should visit.

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The Leisures of China: China Folk Culture Village Tours

The Leisures of China: China Folk Culture Village Tours

1. The Great Wall Replica

1. The Great Wall Replica

The Great Wall of China is a good thing to look at, but there is no chance you can visit the place when it is peak time. Howeverrr, if you want to give the place a look around those times, you can simply visit the culture village and see the replica. While the replica is definitely not as grand as the real thing, it is a replica that was made with the closest of resemblances in mind. It is not as tall nor as long as the real one, but looking at it can give you a brief description of what the real one looks like.

2. The Replica of The Forbidden City

2. The Replica of The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in the talk, of course, is a replica, but some people have said that it resembles the real Forbidden City. You can actually give the real Forbidden City a visit in Beijing, but there is no reason for you to do that unless you plan on spending a lot of money for leisure. Just like the replica of the Great Wall, it is definitely not as beautiful nor as well-kept as the real Forbidden City, but if you are thirsty for Chinese culture and history, there is nothing wrong with giving this replica a look.

3. The 'FAKE' Terracotta Warrior

3. The 'FAKE' Terracotta Warrior

The Terracotta Warrior is a sight to behold for some people. It tells of a historical army so grand, one that was used by warlords of yore to fight their wars. The Terracotta Army, while not being a real army, is a clear depiction of what kind of army the ancient warlords once had when China was still an empire. It was built because Qin Shinhuang, a Chinese Emperor back then, wanted a terracotta army that can guard him in his afterlife. It might be built on the order of a delusional emperor, but one cannot deny that it is one of the most historical things in the world. The one in the China folk culture village is a replica, of course. Some of you might want to visit the real one, but there is something that you should know about: the place of the real terracotta army is basically a giant graveyard for the workers who built them. This is because the Emperor did not want the workers divulging the secret of the terracotta army.

4. The Folk Houses

4. The Folk Houses

One might think that China is a country filled with only one ethnicity because the people all look the same. While it is a bit racist to think like that, one cannot be put at fault for having that kind of thinking. China is a land of many ethnicities, and these replicas of folk houses can tell you all of it. The many folk houses on display will give you an insight of what makes each ethnicity different from each other. Chinese people might look the same with each other, but that does not mean all of them have the same kind of cultures and traditions; these houses are a proof of that.

5. The Dynasty is at War Show

5. The Dynasty is at War Show

The name might be weird, but that is only because it got lost in translation. This show is basically a show that tells of a great war, all fought on horseback. It is a show that showcases one great war of the Ming Dynasty. The show is a great way for you to learn more about one of the wars that changed China forever and about Chinese history in general. Just get to the horseback-fighting performing field and get your admission from there. The show is in Chinese, though.

6. The Oriental Dress Show

6. The Oriental Dress Show

This is another show that you should give a visit if you plan on learning more about the culture that each ethnicity in china has. In here, you will get to see people dancing in traditional costumes, all 350 of them. The show takes place in Phoenix Square, so give the place a visit if you want to learn more about the clothing.

China Folk Culture Village Shenzhen Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

If you book one of the many China Folk Culture Village tours available, your admission fee will be covered. If you do not go with a tour, howeverrr, you need to pay around 200 Yuan if you are an adult. What makes the place interesting is the fact that they charge children based on their height. If your child is no taller than 1 and a half metres, you need to pay 150 Yuan. If they are shorter than 1,2 metres, you do not need to pay any fee for them.

How To Get Around?

By car or on foot. The park is pretty big, so using cars is a possible option. If you want to feel the whole place, howeverr, I recommend walking around the car on your foot.

What Should I Wear?

Casual clothing, formal clothing, daily clothing, all are acceptable wear. Just do not expose yourself too much if you want to stay safe.

China Folk Culture Village Shenzhen Facts

Best Time to Visit

The park is open around 10:00, but on special occasions (such as weekends) the park opens at 9:30. It will stay open until 21:30. The park changes it schedule on 2 June until 2 August, though. On those mentioned dates, the park opens at 10 as per usual, but it closes at 22:30.



Will I Need a Guide?

Not necessarily, no. But if you want to learn more of the buildings, about the culture, and of the other things available, hiring a guide is a must.

How To Get There?

From the Hong Kong International airport, you can take a bus for 31 Hong Kong Dollars. It will take 1 hour to arrive at the Hong Kong border. From there, you can take buses or Metros to reach Shenzhen.

Additional Info

If you plan on travelling to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, be prepared to have your Visa ready. This is because travelling from Hong Kong to mainland China is like travelling from one country to another. Just an additional info, of course, one that those folks giving you China Folk Culture Village tours might forget about.