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Deir el-Bahari Luxor
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Visiting Deir el-Bahari Luxor

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Deir El-Bahari is located in the central of Egypt. It is one of the most distinctive temples in Egypt. It was built of limestone, not sandstone like most of the other funerary temples of the New Kingdom period. The temple is very unique. It describes the conflict between Hatshepsut, and her nephew and son in law, Tuthmosis III, because many of her statues were destroyed, and the followers of Tuthmosis III damaged most of her Cartouches, after the mysterious death of the queen.

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The Temple consists of three imposing terraces.

The Temple consists of three imposing terraces.

Temple of Karnak

Temple of Karnak

Of all Luxor's many monuments, the Temple Complex of Karnak has to be its most astonishing and beautiful feat. Within its precincts are the Great Temple of Amun, the Temple of Khons, and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III, as well as many other buildings. It is not built to a single unified plan, but represents the building activity of many successive rulers of Egypt, who vied with one another in adding to and adorning this great national sanctuary, which became the most important of Egypt's temples during the New Kingdom. All the monuments here are on a gigantic scale, reducing visitors to ant-like proportions as they gaze up at mighty columns and colossal statuary. Even if you're short on time, don't scrimp on your visit here. You need at least three hours to try and make sense of the entire complex. You can easily walk to Karnak from downtown along the Nile-side Corniche road, although due to the heat, most people take a taxi.

Luxor Museum

Luxor Museum

Luxor museum is one of Egypt's best museums. It has many beautiful and ancient collection. This museum has 26 collection that extremely well preserved statue that were discover buried near to the famous Luxor Temple.It is become a good idea to plan to spend your holiday to visit Luxor museum, because the museum has a wonderful collection.

Medinet Habu

Medinet Habu

With the famous Valley of the Kings and Temple of Deir al-Bahri the main attractions, Medinet Habu often gets overlooked on a West Bank trip, but this is one of Egypt's most beautifully decorated temples and should be on everyone's West Bank hit list. The complex consists of a small older temple built during the 18th dynasty and enlarged in the Late Period, and the great Temple of Ramses III, associated with a royal palace, which was surrounded by a battlemented enclosure wall four-meters high.The main temple area was built exactly on the model of the Ramesseum and, like the Ramesseum, was dedicated to Amun. The reliefs here are some of the best you'll see on the West Bank.

Deir el-Bahari Luxor Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

In weekdays or non holiday days, It is okay to purchase tickets directly from ticket booyh. Homever it will be meddlesome especially if you are visiting Luxor's popular attractions during holidays. The most convenient way is to purchase tickets online. There are discount that enable you to purchase ticket with lower price.

How To Get Around?

You can get around in Luxor by using local transportation. Taxi is a good choice. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you could also try out the arabaya. It is a kind of local bus service which are micro buses or, on the West Bank, converted pickup trucks. Getting the local ferry 'National Ferry' between the East and West Banks is very easy. It leaves from just opposite Luxor Temple, roughly every 15 minutes at the peak times cost LE1 each way. You can also cross the Nile in one of the many motor boats that are available all along the Cornich. It is nice to walking around Luxor too,getting off the beaten track can be quite interesting.

What Should I Wear?

If you are planning to go to the city on winter, it is okay for you to wear t-shirt, blouse, dress, long pants or everything you feel comfortable to wear. But if you are planning to go there on summer, be ready with the hot weather, so you don't need to wear sweater or jacket. T-shirt is the best choice for all weather.

Deir el-Bahari Luxor Facts

Best Time to Visit

November to March, when the temperature and weather remain pleasant, is the best time to visit Egypt. At nights it does not get chilly or uncomfortable. However, if you are planning to do water activities during these months be aware the water will be a bit cool.. Winter in Egypt is the peak season for tourism when hotels and other rates might go on the upper side, but for an ideal Egypt trip, this is the best season. It is important for you to know that during summers, the weather in Egypt remains hot and dry, where temperatures can reach up to 50 ºC in some places, which is 122º F.



Will I Need a Guide?

You do not need any guide. Transportation is easy to find in Luxor, and you can find anything you need on this site.

How To Get There?

If you are planning to go to Luxor from any cities in Egypt, you can simply reach there by taking trains, buses, or taxi. You can also go by railway and this is the economic option. Once you have chosen the railway option you have number of features related to comfort level you want. You can take a regular train that has several classes. The classes differ according to the level of comfort and service you want You can take a sleep train. This option is of course less economic but you will feel more comfortable. Both trains could be booked through Egyptian National Railway, You can check their website, But it is important to calling them rather than emailing or using web-based booking as governmental online services are unreliable.

Additional Info

Be aware in large crowd as pickpocket roaming around tourist destination. To make it alright, empty your pockets and put your cash and cellphones in an inside bag with inner compartment.