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Detroit Institute of Arts
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Visiting Detroit Institute of Arts

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The Detroit Institute of Arts offers a huge collection of arts, drawings, photographs, manuscripts, paintings, sculptures, designs, prints, textiles, and much more. Almost 65,000 works of art are housed in the institute that will amaze you beyond imagination, and you will eventually fall in love with the aura of the place. Visit one of the greatest institutes of art in the city with your loved ones and give your eyes a visual treat. Housing a huge collection of amazing sculptures, preservations, and presentations of the artifacts of well-known artists makes it a perfect place for spending a day of your vacation and enjoying the insights of one of the most fascinating and finely sculpted collections of the artistic heritage of the country. Incorporating the collections in an outstanding building, the museum's architecture is breathtakingly beautiful. Embrace yourself as you are about to witness some tremendously outpowering works of art embellished with attractive elements to amaze you throughout.

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A day at the Detroit Institute of Arts

A day at the Detroit Institute of Arts

The Wedding Dance painting

The Wedding Dance painting

The Wedding Dance painting at the Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the most beautiful paintings in the collection. The painting is also referred to as The Dance Village sometimes. The painting is believed to be one of the sequels of the three works of Bruegel. The painting displays a group of 125 guests who are at a wedding in a chaotic atmosphere surrounded by trees. The positioning of the guests in the painting plays an important role. The movement of the people in the painting shows how inappropriate their behavior was. Pieter Bruegel the Elder made the beautiful painting. The picture depicts that dancing was subject to a strict code and was criticised by the church and authorities to be a social evil during that time. People were not allowed to swing their legs or arms or laugh out loudly. It was considered as rudeness among the upper class. Thus, the painting portrays how the people of the lower class are displaying behavior which is considered inappropriate by the upper class of the same society.

The Nightmare Painting

The Nightmare Painting

The Nightmare painting at the Detroit Institute of Arts is another masterpiece which was painted in the year 1781 by the renowned artist Henry Fuseli. The painting depicts a woman who is in a deep sleep with her arms thrown below her and an apelike and demonic incubus hunched over her breast. The painting's poignant and dreamlike erotic imaging of obsession and infatuation was a great success in the world of art. The painting became quite popular due to its horrifying fascination. The picture seems to portray a dreaming woman, and her nightmare's content crouched on her simultaneously. The head of the horse and incubus state the contemporary belief and the folklore about the nightmares which have been shown in quite a meaningful manner in the painting. The sleeping woman seems lifeless lying on her bed between contrasts of shade and light. The room is decorated with red velvet curtains and with drapes hanging from the bed.

Saint Jerome in His Study Painting

Saint Jerome in His Study Painting

'The Saint Jerome in His Study painting' at the Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the most beautiful paintings in the institute. This painting is an oil painting and has been painted by the famous Netherlandish painter Han van Eyck and dates back to the year 1442. The painting displays Saint Jerome sitting in his study reading one of his books. The painting is a traditional representation of Saint Jerome. He is wearing a cardinal dress along with a hat and is engrossed in reading a book in a small study which has been clogged with many books and other objects which depict his interest and erudition. Near his study table is a lion which reminds of the saint's saga in which he had been successful in extracting a thorn from the paw of the same lion and later the lion turned loyal to him. There are many objects on his desk and the shelves of his study including a pounce pot, numerous books, an hourglass, a ruler, writing instruments, and astrolabe, etc.

Detroit Institute of Arts Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The tickets to the place can be booked both online and offline. You can book the tickets online through this website to avail discounts.

How To Get Around?

You can use the automated light-rail system called People Mover to move around the city. QLine is also a convenient option for traveling in Detroit. Taxis, buses, and car hires can also be easily used.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear a formal dress. If you are into ethnic wear, you can also compile your dress with a scarf or wear a kurta and a pair of pants or denim bottoms. Boys can go for a t-shirt and a pair of denim bottoms. Wear comfortable shoes. In addition to this, you can include a floppy hat, a pair of sunglasses and hand tissues to wipe sweat. Layers, jackets, pullovers, slacks, sweaters, and warm socks must pack if you are planning to visit in the winter months.

Detroit Institute of Arts Facts

Best Time to Visit

Detroit Institute of Arts remains open on all days except Monday. You can visit the museum from 9 am to 4 pm. It remains open till 10 pm on Fridays and till 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


US Dollars

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide will not be needed as this website provides you with all the necessary information.

How To Get There?

You can use airways, waterways, and railways efficiently to reach Detroit. The city has a well-equipped transport system so you will not face any problem while traveling.

Additional Info

Do not touch the exhibits of the museum. Do not use mobile phones. Cameras can be used but without flash. Do not talk loudly in the museum.

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