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Eco Adventure Tour Danao Bohol
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Visiting Eco Adventure Tour Danao Bohol

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Eco, Extreme and Educational Adventure Tour Danao or EAT for short is a place where visitors can explore and experience the wild in a very fun and educational way. There are so many things to do at Eco Adventure Tour Danao. There is no need to think about the Eco Adventure Tour Danao tickets and passes. Whether it be with a group or alone, visitors are guaranteed to have a thrilling adventure.

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Explore The Fun of Eco Adventure Tour Danao

Explore The Fun of Eco Adventure Tour Danao

Sky Activities

Sky Activities

Things to do at Eco Adventure Tour Danao includes a lot of thrilling adventures up high. Visitors can choose to ride the scary attractions or the milder ones. First is The Plunge. The Plunge is basically like a flying fox but a lot higher and further. Visitors will be able to feel the adrenaline rush while enjoying the beautiful view of the trees and hills in Danao. Another form of thrilling rides similar to the flying fox is The Suislide. First, visitors will be positioned horizontally facing the great outdoors. Then, they will be pushed and they will go super fast against the wind and along the rope. There is also The Ziplet which is quite similar. Visitors can ride this attraction. If visitors are looking for a milder ride, there is The Sky Ride which is basically like a box that will slowly travel by the rope with people in it. Despite the box lacking cover and the fact to be in such heights, this ride will actually show you the breath taking view of Danao as it takes its time to reach its destination. The tickers and passes needed to be paid for these rides are 700 pesos for The Plunge, 350 pesos for The Suislide, 100 pesos for The Ziplet and 250 pesos for The Sky Ride.

Climbing Activities

Climbing Activities

Another thing to do at Eco Adventure Tour Danao is to climb. There are 3 climbing attractions available in EAT Danao. The first one is Root Climbing. Basically, visitors will have to climb through obstacles which are big roots resembling the ones that belong to trees. This attraction is scary for its height and challenging because it needs strength and the ability to choose the right root to hang on to. Another climbing activity to do is Wall Climbing, another thrilling experience to try. There will be a wall and visitors will try to climb this wall by choosing which rock to hang on to that's stuck on the wall. The flat surface makes it pretty scary and even more challenging than Root Climbing. Not to worry, EAT Danao will always provide helmets and protection gear to keep visitors safe. The last attraction is The Cliff Rappel Rappel. Unlike the first 2 attractions, visitors will be climbing down the cliff instead of up. When people are afraid to fall, this attraction requires visitors to do it! The tickets and passes needed to be paid for the rides are 400 pesos for Root Climbing, 100 pesos for Wall Climbing and 600 pesos for Cliff Rappel Rappel.

River Activities

River Activities

Yes, that is just how big Eco Adventure Tour Danao is! EAT Danao also has rivers that aren't less fun than the other attractions. In these rivers, visitors can go River Tubing, River Kayaking and River Trekking. These rides require a maximum amount of 5 people (except for River Kayaking). Whether visitors are with a group or just going with one person, they will equally enjoy the ride with their loved ones or strangers. In River Tubing, visitors will paddle through the river as they enjoy the beautiful scenery of Danao. If visitors are looking for something more challenging, then the right attraction would be River Kayaking. Unlike tubes, kayak are long and unstable even with just one person. Visitors will try to paddle through the river in each of their kayaks. It's difficult to even make them move forward! Another challenging activity visitors can try is River Trekking. Trekking is an activity where people walk through obstacles like rocky roads and slippery ice. In this version of trekking, visitors have to go through the challenging river currents and rocks while hanging on to the cliffs right and left. Visitors should also work together as a group as they are connected to each other by a rope. The tickets and passes needed to be paid for the rides are all the same which are 300 pesos for each ride.

Eco Adventure Tour Danao Bohol Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Admission fees for this attraction costs around 25 to 40 pesos for each adult while children that are 3 years old and below are not charged. To get Eco Adventure Tour Danao tickets and passes, there will be a Registration and Orientation stall in the park that won't only give you tickets but will also explain to you what you need to know before entering. But if you want to make sure you do get the tickets, get deals and like to prepare things early, then you can head on to websites to buy regular tickets or join tours.

How To Get Around?

Like any amusement park, you can just walk around the attractions. There is usually a map at the Registration and Orientation stall to make sure you won't get lost in the big EAT Danao. The map will also show you the things to do at Eco Adventure Tour Danao. Take the map that suits the language you speak so it will be easier for you to follow directions. There will also be signs put up to show you which way to go.

What Should I Wear?

Adventure fit clothing! You do not want to wear fancy, stylish and expensive clothes since you will get sweaty and dirty in EAT Danao. Wear short sleeved outfits. Maybe even outfits with no sleeves at all! Wear comfortable pants that allows you to do your action packed adventure. Long pants are recommended since there might be mosquitoes that can easily bite you. It's not best to wear sandals. They will easily get lost when you climb or go River Trekking. Research for the things you want to do at Eco Adventure Tour Danao. Aside knowing how much to pay for the Eco Adventure Tour Danao tickets and passes, you will also know what to bring and wear. For example, if you will be joining the river activities, you would want to carry spare clothing so you don't go around the place wet and sweaty.

Eco Adventure Tour Danao Bohol Facts

Best Time to Visit

The most effective time to visit EAT Danao would be from late March to late April when the weather is the warmest and just right. May and June is also alright when the highest temperature is 33.1°C and the lowest is 25.9°C. You do not want to go there during late December. Christmas in the Philippines is always celebrated and it will be way too crowded. Aside the crowd, Eco Adventure Tour Danao tickets and fees will cost a lot more expensive.



Will I Need a Guide?

If you are with a tour, they will usually give you limited time to be in the park. If you are alone, you will have much more freedom to explore and longer time to play. Although, in paying Eco Adventure Tour Danao tickets and passes, joining a tour might be ideal because they will give you much cheaper prices. There are also guides that will only drive you from your resort to E.A.T. Danao and show you important places you'll want to know but other than that, it is okay to travel without a guide. You'll have maps and signs showing the way and you can always ask staff!

How To Get There?

Eco Adventure Tour Danao provides a bus that will regularly pick up customers from nearby resorts throughout the day. But if you want a personal driver, you can rent a van that consists of 4-12 people for about 5000 pesos to pick you up from your hotel to EAT Danao and back. You can also look for nearby motorcycles that costs around 30 pesos. If you're from Tagbilaran and you want to go to Danao, there are buses available for the public from morning to night.

Additional Info

You have to at least choose 3 rides to experience to get into EAT Danao.