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El Badi Palace Marrakech
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Visiting El Badi Palace Marrakech

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El Badi Palace is a ruined palace located in Marrakech, Morocco. In the Arabic word, El Badi means The incomparable palace. The place built in 1593 and completed in 1593. Seeing the time for building this palace, the place built using best materials, even the most expensive materials in that period, such as onyx and gold. There are some great pavillions on this site. After the fall of Saadians and the rise of the Alouette dynasty, the contents, decorations, and materials of the palace have been stripped to be used in the new palace. So, today this palace is just a ruined palace that can be visited by visitors.

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El Badi Palace, a Ruined Palace that Still Looks Exotic Today

El Badi Palace, a Ruined Palace that Still Looks Exotic Today

1. Koubba el Khamsiniya

1. Koubba el Khamsiniya

We have mentioned that El Badi Palace has some great pavilions. The pavilions named Koubba el Khamsiniya. In the Arabic word, it means the fifty pavilion. There is the reason why it is named the fifty pavilion. The surface area of the pavilion consists of 50 cubits or 50 columns. If you visit El Badi Palace, don't forget to see Kouba el Khamsiniya. It is the part of the ruined palace that still looks exotic and attracts many tourists to see it.

2. A Museum

2. A Museum

The complex where El Badi Palace exist becomes a tourist destination. In a complex, you will find a museum. Whenever you visit El Badi Palace, don't doubt to spare your time in that museum to see various historic things, such as a restored 12th-century minbar. While seeing the ruined palace, visit the museum first to know more about El Badi Palace.

3. Folklore Festival

3. Folklore Festival

Although El Badi Palace is a ruined palace, it doesn't mean that this palace is not useful. For a number of years, this palace used as the place to hold the Marrakesh Folklore Festival. So if you come at the right time, you can see a unique festival named the Marrakesh Folklore Festival. Your time in El Badi Palace will be more useful if you see a unique festival there.

4. Koutoubia Minbar

4. Koutoubia Minbar

Inside El Badi Palace, you will find Koutoubia Minbar (pulpit). The pulpit is made of cedar wood. The unique thing of Koutoubia Minbar is small writing in silver and gold. The small writing made by artisans from Cordoba during the twelfth century. Don't skip Koutoubia Minbar because it is the historic thing that exists until today.

5. National Festival of Popular Arts

5. National Festival of Popular Arts

The palace is not only used for Folklore Festival. Actually, the National Festival of Popular Arts always held in this palace around June or July. So if you want to see this festival, visit El Badi Palace in June or July. There will be so many things you will see at this festival, such as folk dancers, acrobats, musicians, singer, and many more. When the festival happens, the courtyard's pools are filled with water. So, the palace looks more wonderful.

6. Saadian Tombs

6. Saadian Tombs

For you who like seeing the tombs house—the remains of El Mansour and family, you can visit Saadian Tombs. It is also a tourist attraction you can visit when you are in El Badi Palace. The remains of El Mansour will make you know more about the history of Saadian.

El Badi Palace Marrakech Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Visiting El Badi Palace is easy. You don't need to do difficult steps for buying a ticket. The ticket can be bought easily. You just need to prepare 10 dirhams for entering El Badi Palace. But, you have to pay for the additional cost (10 dirhams) whenever you want to visit the museum of El Badi Palace.

How To Get Around?

Every attraction in El Badi Palace near each other. It means you just need to walk to arrive at other attractions. The time you need maybe just 7-15 minutes to arrive at another attraction. So, you will not need to spend your money on paying the transportation fee. Just use your foot, and then you will arrive at your target attraction.

What Should I Wear?

You don't need to think about a type of cloth whenever visiting this place. But for your recommendation, choose a cloth that looks tidy in order to make many tourists respect you. Not every tourist will welcome other tourists who wear sexy clothes. So for your comfort, choose a cloth that looks tidy.

El Badi Palace Marrakech Facts

Best Time to Visit

Actually, El Badi Palace is open every day. So, no matter the day you choose, you will be able to enter the area of El Badi Palace. But, make sure you know the best time to visit El Badi Palace. The palace is open from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm. So, you will not be able to enter this palace when the night comes. Visiting El Badi palace is much recommended when the National Festival of Popular Arts held. So, you will see various musicians, singer, dancer, and many more. The festival will be held in June or July. So, the best time to visit El Badi palace is in June or July.


Moroccan Dirham

Will I Need a Guide?

For your recommendation, you can hire a tour guide who can talk the English language. It helps you to know more about El Badi Palace. The guider will also inform you about the best parts of El Badi Palace. So, you will not skip the important part need to visit.

How To Get There?

El Badi Palace is easy to reach. From the Marrakech Airport, you can choose a bus or taxi to arrive at El Badi Palace. If you choose a bus, you need 30 minutes to arrive at the palace. But if you choose Taxi, it just takes 7 minutes. Don't forget to buy the El Badi Palace ticket to enter this place easily.

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