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Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Shenzhen
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Visiting Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Shenzhen

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You would no find no better botanical garden in China than Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. This garden is considered one of the tourist magnet of China, and the garden has undergone a special treatment thanks to it. While it was founded in 1983, the doors of the garden were not open for public until 1988. Since then, the garden has been a place where tourists can relax and learn more about the botanical world.

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Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Tickets and Information for the Hungry Tourists

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Tickets and Information for the Hungry Tourists

1. The Bamboo Garden

1. The Bamboo Garden

China is a land popular for their bamboos, and this garden is a proof of that. In here, you can walk surrounded by a bamboo forest. The walk is pretty serene, and it is a nice sight if you like watching plants and bamboos and whatnots. Even if it is hot outside, you will forget about the heat when you are walking around the bamboo garden.

2. The Paradise on Earth

2. The Paradise on Earth

There is an attraction by this name in the garden, and one look is all it takes to understand why the attraction is named as such. The attraction includes 3 gardens, which are the rare plant garden, the shade plant garden, and the butterfly orchid garden. You can also find the spring from the Phoenix Tree Peak from here. If you are one to believe legends, then the story of a Phoenix might entertain you. It is said that there once perched a Phoenix by the Phoenix Tree and that the spring was once the place where fairies bathed. If even fairies and Phoenix see this place as their place of respite, no wonder the place is nicknamed the Paradise on Earth.

3. Fossil Woods of Shenzhen

3. Fossil Woods of Shenzhen

The Fossil Woods of Shenzhen is possibly the biggest fossil forest in the world. With a size of 20,000 square metres, the fossil forest has plants from many countries. The countries from where the plants originate are the Americas, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Africa, and Madagascar. The forest itself got fossilized a million years back, making it a perfect place to learn about the world's history.

4. The Animal fossil exhibition area

4. The Animal fossil exhibition area

If wooden fossils are too much for your liking, then perhaps you can give the animal fossil exhibition area a visit. This area, like the fossil woods before, is a part of the bigger Paleontological Musem in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. It is a house for many animal fossils, housing fossils from all over mainland China. One of the most popular fossils around the area is the fossil of the Zhanghe Beast, which is a creature whose origin is yet to be known.

5. The Fairy Lake itself

5. The Fairy Lake itself

The garden takes its name from the lake that lies within it, and it is surely a place where you can do many relaxing things. The lake is beautiful in itself, but there are things that make the lake even more beautiful. Those things are the rare plants and the sceneries that surrounded the lake. In here, you can sit beside the lake or you can fish if you want to do so.

6. The Hongfa Temple

6. The Hongfa Temple

This Buddhist Temple sits in the middle of the Garden, so you would not have any trouble finding it. While this Buddhist Temple is dedicated to spreading the Buddhist religion, people who are not Buddhist are welcome to visit the place as long as they do not do so in purpose of spreading hatred. You can see monks doing their daily proclivities here, which is an attraction on itself.

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Shenzhen Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

To get your Fairy Lake Botanical Garden tickets, you need to pay a small sum of 15 Yuan for an adult. 15 Yuan is somewhere around 2,2 US Dollars by the time of this writing, so you do need to bring a lot of money to enter the place. Just like the many tourist spots in China, the entrance fee for children is dependent on their height. If your children are somewhere around 1,2 to 1,5 metres, the admission fee is 5 Yuan. For children shorter than that and for people older than 70, there is no fee involved. You are also free to enter the garden from 4:00 to 8:00 and from 18:00 to 21:30.

How To Get Around?

Walking should be the only option you have. The gardens are too beautiful and too serene for you to have other methods of transportation roaming the area. There are buses that can take you from one area to the other, but walking is a more suggested method.

What Should I Wear?

Wearing casual clothes are expected, and so is any other kinds of clothing. Remember to keep everything comfortable and modest so that nothing bad can happen to you. Wearing comfortable shoes are also recommended because you will be doing a lot of walking from one place to the other.

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Shenzhen Facts

Best Time to Visit

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to go there without spending a dime, you can visit the garden at the aforementioned time. Howeverrr, the place would most likely be crowded in those times. If you wish for a more tranquil journey, you can pay the admission fee.



Will I Need a Guide?

There are guides available, but many of the exhibitions already have a description for them, meaning that you do not need guides that much. If you are afraid to get lost, though, you can rent one.

How To Get There?

It should not be too hard for you to reach the place. There are many buses that you can take to reach the area and all of them are easy on the pocket. It can be confusing at first, especially if you are a first timer. Just remember to take bus numbered 220, 202, B955, or 382 to the terminal of Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. If you want to, you can also take the Metro line 5 or 2 and stop at Huangbeiling. From there, you can take bus 382 and stop at the terminal mentioned above.

Additional Info

The garden is home to a Buddhist Temple. Because of that, peace must always be kept around the garden so that the monks and the other people would not get bothered by it. Keep your voice down unless you are required not to do so. Keep everything clean and do not litter around. That is all you need to know about Fairy Lake Botanical Garden tickets and general information.