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Gold Museum Bogota
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Visiting Gold Museum Bogota

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Gold Museum (Museo Del Oro) is among the rarest muesum that displays gold artifacs. well if you are intrested in the history, and want to smell the richness of that era, this is the place for you.

A Dive into the Golden History of Colombia

A Dive into the Golden History of Colombia

Poporo Quimbaya

Poporo Quimbaya

The poporo quimbaya marks the foundation of the gold museum. This artifact is made of tumbaga, which is an alloy of gold and consists of gold and copper. In some of the tumbaga, brass and silver is also used. The poporo quimbaya was purchased during 1939 by the Banco de la República, to protect it from destruction. The quimbaya poporo was stolen in 1930 in a grave robbing from the burial chambers. The quimbaya poporo is a religious device which was used in ceremonies to chew coca leaves. It was made by the lost-wax casting technique around 300 CE.

Muisca Gold Raft

Muisca Gold Raft

The Muisca raft was created by Muisca, who built one of the grand civilisations of America. It is believed that the raft was built between 600 and 1600 AD. The raft symbolizes the great ceremony of the muisca chief, the legend of El Dorado, which was performed at the Lake Guatavita. The artwork is in the shape of a boat and has been made with the lost-wax technique and its size is 19.5 cm x 10.1 cm. The raft has several figures on it, and the tallest one in the middle is referred to as the chief. The raft was discovered in 1969 by three farmers of Pasca.

Golden mask

Golden mask

In the Yotoco period, the valley of Calima and Dagua produced a number of great pieces of ornaments and one of the most popular pieces is the Golden Mask. This is an ornament for the grave of the lords, who belonged to Malagana. These masks were especially created for the funeral of a chief and were placed on their face when they were buried. The golden mask was placed on their dead bodies, along with other gold ornaments which also included diadems and bracelets.

Trumpet Gold

Trumpet Gold

The golden trumpet is also one of the most popular attractions in Muesco Del Oro. The trumpet's dimensions are around 40 cm x 5.6 cm. The trumpet was created between 200 BC and 200 AD. The trumpet has a double spiral and square shaped design which has been carved on gold sheet. The golden trumpet is made up of human bones.

Golden Breastplates

Golden Breastplates

The golden breastplates were created in the Calima region and were also part of several other periods, including the Yotoco period and Malagana period. These breastplates were created in different sizes but were mostly in heart shaped. There were many breastplates which were Y-shaped too. The breastplates were worn by the women who were chief and were on powerful places. Mostly, the breastplates are worn for special occasion and in religious ceremonies. The breastplates have important significance in the life of women as it was believed to be helpful in rebirth.

Offering room

Offering room

The third floor is the offering room, which describes the gold and its significance in the different ceremonies and rituals which used to be performed during different periods. The rituals also explained how the gold was such an intricate part of religious practices and how it was used. The offering room is a space which preserves different elements of various cultures and the way it is exhibits is very mystical and magical.

Gold Museum Bogota Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The tickets of the gold museum can be obtained at the entrance. The price for an adult is 3000 pesos. They also offer free tours on certain days. To avoid any inconvenience it is advisable to have a pre-booking, which can be done through their official website.

How To Get Around?

The gold museum can be reached easily, through taxi, bus, and metro. A taxi will be the best option to reach the gold museum from the airport and please check the fares with the locals.

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code which has to be followed while visiting the gold museum. You can wear anything which is comfortable for you. It can be casuals or formals depending on your choice and preference. But it is recommended to wear shoes as the museum is three floors and walking around in heels can be painful.

Gold Museum Bogota Facts

Best Time to Visit

The museum has specific timings for weekdays and weekends, so it is recommended to check on the official website. The museum is closed on Mondays. Also, it is advisable to don't visit the museum during the evening as the locality is dangerous and the local people warn you to stay away at that time.



Will I Need a Guide?

There is no need for a guide as all the information required is given in English and Spanish. There are audios which are also available in Portuguese too.

How To Get There?

Bogota can be reached through train, bus, and flight. The El Dorado Airport connects with all the major international and domestic flights.

Additional Info

Avoid going during evening, the locality is not good

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