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Visiting Grona Lund's Amusement Park in Stockholm
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Grona Lund's Amusement Park

Exhilarating Journey to the Grona Lund's Amusement Park in Stockholm

Exhilarating Journey to the Grona Lund's Amusement Park in Stockholm

1.  Experience Each and Every One of the Roller Coasters

1. Experience Each and Every One of the Roller Coasters

Grona Lund has seven different types of roller coasters with varying degree of thrill and suspense. Jetline, the fastest roller coaster in the park, has a speed that could reach up to 90 km/h and a track length of 800m. It was a classic conventional steel-sit down type that everybody could enjoy without any fear. The park also has two inverted roller coaster rides, Kvasten the standard steel-inverted type, and Insane, the 4th-dimensional roller coaster that allows its seats to spin and rotate independently on their axis. The Insane is one of the few operating roller coasters of this type in the world, so be sure to try it during your visit.

2. Get Terrified by the House of Nightmares

2. Get Terrified by the House of Nightmares

A staple among amusement park attractions and a must for every horror fans, the spooky House of Nightmares of Grona Lund allows visitors to explore the dark abandoned house where many horrific nightmares await. This haunted house is filled with many frightening animatronics and unexpected surprise will certainly terrify and startle even the bravest of visitors so beware. Gather your courage and step into the realm of shrouded mystery and horrors!

3. Embrace the Fall from Various Free-Fall Attractions in the Park

3. Embrace the Fall from Various Free-Fall Attractions in the Park

Do you have an Acrophobia? If yes, these rides are certainly not meant for you. The Frit Fall and Katapulten put you in a steel chair and then they will take you to a dizzying height and then drops you at an unbelievable speed, while the safety mechanisms will prevent you from hitting the ground. The latest addition in Grona Lund, the Ikaros, is basically the same free-fall rides, but with a more terrifying twist. Instead of sitting in a fixed steel chair so your body will maintain the normal vertical posture, the Ikaros’ chair will tilt up to 90 degrees at the top of the tower, leaving you horizontally facing the ground before smashing downwards in that position. It is truly a nerve-wracking experience.

4. Attend Various Concerts of World-Renowned Artists

4. Attend Various Concerts of World-Renowned Artists

Grona Lund has been a popular venue since a long time ago for world-class artists to stage a concert. The hallowed ground of Grona Lund has accommodated the likes of Jason Mraz, the Boppers, First Aid Kit, Nas, and other amazing artists throughout the ages. For this year, the line-up for concert schedule has been filled by big names such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Europe, Goo Goo Dolls, Billy Idol, and other famous bands or singers. You can check the line-up at Grona Lund’s website to arrange your itinerary better so you can attend your favorite artist’s concert.

5. Compete in the Pentathlon with Your Friends

5. Compete in the Pentathlon with Your Friends

For those who love a good competition or just want to have a good time with your friends, you can try to participate in the Pentathlon or even host a Pentathlon yourself. Choose up to 14 tough challenges and exhilarating events for the participants to compete, and then tally up the score to find the winner! Grona Lund offer their staff to act as the host, ensuring each competition runs fairly and smoothly, just like a true pentathlon spirit, and then will proceed with the prize-giving ceremony for the winner of the event. Up to 15 visitors can be registered for one event, and the guest will decide the format, whether it will be played as a team or as a solo competition.

6. Other Fun-filled Attractions of the Amusement Park

6. Other Fun-filled Attractions of the Amusement Park

Just like any normal amusement park, there are plenty of rides that provide tons of fun from various exhilarating attractions. Try the classic carousel ride that will certainly be a fun activity for couples or for those who want a more private and romantic experience, the ever-famous Karlekstunneln or the Tunnel of Love is there to answer your plea. For those who went in a group with their friends, a friendly tussle of a bumper car fight will certainly be an entertaining experience. Grona Lund Amusement Park is teeming with rides and attractions that will certainly keep their guests entertained all day long.

Insider Tips

How to Get Tickets?

Entry to the amusement park would require tickets that can be purchased at the ticket booth or online. Reservations for pentathlon groups can be made via their website or call prior to visit. It is advisable to purchase the tickets online to avoid a long line of queue as the park can sometimes be crowded during the holiday season.

How To Get Around?

All areas of the amusement park can be reached on foot. As it is an amusement park, most of the attractions are not suitable for those with some form of impairment.

What Should I Wear?

There is no specific dress code to visit Grona Lund Amusement Park. However, you might want to wear comfortable attire so you can enjoy the attractions better. If you plan to attend the concert, then you might want to dress accordingly with the event as well.


Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Grona Lund Amusement Park is certainly during the off-season as it will be very crowded during the holiday season. Especially since the park itself was relatively small compared to other amusement parks, the density of the crowd can be extremely high during holiday season so there will certainly be a long line at each attraction. Therefore, it is advised to visit the amusement park during the winter or other off-seasons.


Swedish Krona

Will I Need a Guide?

No. It is an amusement park after all, why would anyone need a guide?

How To Get There?

You can get to the park by using tram number 7 or bus number 44 from the city center. Alternatively, there is a ferry service to the park from the city center as well.

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