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Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik
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Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik

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Hallgrimskirkja is a church in Rekyavik, Iceland. This church is located on an island shaped by volcanos and earthquakes. Many tourists want to visit this place because this church looks exotic with its design and architecture. The church stands 250 feet tall. People can see the church from twelve miles away. You can imagine how tall the church is. Even, the church also serves as an observation tower. The architecture of Hallgrimskirkja is designed by State Architect Guojon Samuelsson and commision in 1937. The architecture looks unique and resembles mathematical symmetry of volcanic basalt after the volcanic basal has cooled.

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Hallgrimskirkja – A Unique Church in Rekyavik, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja – A Unique Church in Rekyavik, Iceland

1. The Architecture

1. The Architecture

As mentioned before, the architecture of Hallgrimskirkja looks unique and different from other churches in Reykjavik, Iceland. Compare to other churches, Hallgrimskirkja looks so unique with its tall and design. The height is up to 250 feet. You can imagine what you are feeling when seeing the high church in Iceland. The situation around the church looks beautiful. So, the church area looks wonderful and very contrast with the situation around the church.

2. The Interior Design

2. The Interior Design

Actually, the interior design of Hallgrimskirkja looks so contrast to the exterior design. When you enter the area of the church, you will see traditional high-pointed Gothic vaults and narrow windows. The interior design of Hallgrimskirkja has similarities with Senate square in Helsinki. The church not only has the unique interior design. The construction of this church is also different from other church constructions. The construction began in 1945 and ended in 1986. The construction of this church ended 41 years later. So, no wonder if the construction is very solid. It is the reason why many people want to visit this church.

3. Gudbrandsbiblia

3. Gudbrandsbiblia

There are so many unique things about Hallgrimskirkja. Actually, this church owns a copy of Gudbrandsbiblia. Gudbrandsbiblia is the first Icelandic bible that was printed in 1584 in Holar, the part of Iceland. It becomes the reason why many tourists want to visit Hallgrimskirkja because they want to know more about Gudbrandsbilia.

4. The Church Choir

4. The Church Choir

Every church usually has the church choir. So, what does make the choir of Hallgrimskirkja special? Actually, the church choir of Hallgrimskirkja is included into best church choirs in Iceland, even the church choir has toured in Iceland and various countries in Europe.

5. A Statue of the legendary Leif Eriksson

5. A Statue of the legendary Leif Eriksson

A wonderful statue can attract so many tourists to visit a place. Outside Hallgrimskirkja, you will find a statue of the legendary Leif Eriksson. Leif Eriksson is the Viking who is believed as the first European to discover American continent. So, seeing the statue of this person becomes favourite for some tourists. Tourists want to know the specific look of Leif Eriksson.

6. The Observation Tower

6. The Observation Tower

As mentioned before, Hallgrimskirkja serves as an observation tower. If you want to be on the tower, then you have to ride an elevator. But, you have to pay the fee of 800 Kroner. After arriving at the top of the tower, then you can see unforgettable sceneries of Reykjavik. Visiting Hallgrimskirkja is not perfect without being on top of the tower.

Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

When you want to visit Hallgrimskirkja, make sure you have got Hallgrimskirkja tickets. Actually, you can do a simple step to buy the tickets. The tickets can be bought in the church shop. So, just visit the church shop to get the tickets. For you who want to be on the tower, you have to buy the certain ticket to access the tower.

How To Get Around?

If you want to explore Hallgrimskirkja, you can walk to see various unique things around the church. You don't need to use a bus or car to be in other attractions. The church is tall and large, but you can walk in this church area without using a vehicle. The bus or car just needed to pick you up to this area.

What Should I Wear?

Don't think too much about the type of cloth you have to wear when visiting Hallgrimskirkja. You can wear your own clothes that make you comfortable. But, wear a cloth based on the season. If you visit this church in the summer, then you can choose to wear thin cloth to make you comfortable. But if you visit this church when the winter comes, try to wear thick clothes to make your body still warm during exploring the area of the church.

Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik Facts

Best Time to Visit

You can visit this church when the church open. Actually, the church opens when winter and summer. So, choose a day in winter or summer to visit Hallgrimskirkja. You need to consider opening hours too. In the winter (October – April), the church will open from 9 am to 5 pm, and the tower will be closed at 4.30 pm. In summer ( May – September ), the church will open from 9 am to 9 pm, and the tower will close at 8.30 pm. Choose a day in summer or winter, and don't forget to come to the church when the church has been opened.


Icelandic Krona

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide may be not needed because you can explore the area of Hallgrimskirkja alone. Although the area is large enough, you just need to walk to see various unique things around the church. You can also ask other visitors if you have any questions.

How To Get There?

Getting there is easy because you will find public buses that are ready to pick you up to Hallgrimskirkja. For example, you start your journey from Astjorn. You need 41 minutes to arrive at Hallgrimskirkja by choosing Bus – 1. For you who start your journey from Tungubakkar Airport, you need 63 minutes to arrive at this church. Choose Bus 15 to arrive at Hallgrimskirkja. Don't forget to buy Hallgrimskirkja tickets.

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