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House of the Faun Pompeii
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Visiting House of the Faun Pompeii

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Villa of Mysteries is one of the famous villa of the whole area around Mount Vesuvius. The famous part of the villa is the extraordinary wall paintings in the triclinum and its decorated with very fine frescoes, which estimade was painted in the early-middle 1st century. One of the preserved ancient paintings is depicts a mysterious rite which is reserved for the devotees of the cult. The villa is devide into two areas. The main area of is was built in the 2nd century which contains exclusively residential with purpose to provided a luxurious and comfortable place. The function of the other area is as working farm and hence to accomodating the produce of the surrounding countryside and in this area archeologists was found the wine-press as the rooms were the wine was made. This place was buried under 30 feet of ash from the eruption of Vesuvius in Ad 79. The excavation was began in 1909 and nowadays it become part of the Unesco World Hertage Site at Pompeii. The things to do at Pompeii is you must visit this villa because it's popular part of Pompeii. During November to March the villa is open at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and during April to October start at 9.00 am to 7.30 pm, you can purcahse the tickets 30 minutes before closing time.

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House of the Faun Tours

House of the Faun Tours

1. The Initiation Chamber

1. The Initiation Chamber

The initiation chamber is a room with measures 15 by 25 feet and located in the front right portion of the villa. The things to do at this part is you can see the fresco around the four walls of the room. There are many different interpretations of the fresco, but mostly of them believed it's showed a religious rite. They thought that the fresco showed the ilustration of initiation of a woman into the secret rites of Dionysus. In the painting you can see the initiate is flogged while another woman dances beside her. By seeing the frecoes you can get a glimpse about the rites of passage for the women of Pompeii.

2. Wine Cellar and Wine Press

2. Wine Cellar and Wine Press

In the center of the north side of the peristyle you can find the torcularium which is a room for the production of wine. Near the door there is the calcatorium, this is the area of torcularium where the grapes were trodden by workers prior to pressing. At the back you can see the press, which has role as the final extraction of the juice from the pre-trodden grapes. By using pulleys and ropes the outer end of the press beam can be raised or lowered to pressure the grapes to be pressed. In that times the homes of the very wealthy has areas for the production wine, especially many elite Romans owned orchads in the immediate vicinity of their villas.

3. The Architecture

3. The Architecture

The villa was decorated with the second style, which has style of original expression of Roman art. This style is appeard between 1st century BC and AD 62. You can see it from the decoration which showed the mythological scenes and illusionistic space. The oecus is decorated with that style conains with the yellow panels set behind fluted columns on a low black balustrade. The decoration also equipped with a series of floral arrangements and illusionary architecture and distant landscape views. In the villa you can see the architectural views and colonnades set against a red ground.

House of the Faun Pompeii Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You can get the ticket in the site and you can book the ticket via website, but I suggest you to book you ticket before you going there. In every first Sunday of each month you don't need to purchase the ticket. For information about the tickets price you can visit the website.

How To Get Around?

You can enjoy it by walking while you can see the attractive architecture of the villa. It's also accessible by wheelchair.

What Should I Wear?

Wear your comfortable outfits and shoes for the season.

House of the Faun Pompeii Facts

Best Time to Visit

If you want the best time for tour to Pompeii I suggest you to avoid tourist season during October to February, because during that months you can get stuck in the crowds of visitors. It will better if you purchase your ticket for September.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, it will easy to get around because you can find averything that will help you on website.

How To Get There?

Don't worry about transportation for tour to Pompeii, it's easy to reach from the major surrounding cities. You can use train, car and bus to take you get there.

Additional Info

This site is close at 1st january, 1st of May and 15th of December.