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Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York
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Visiting Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York

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Opened in 1982 the great American museum for aircraft, submarines shuttles. It's named after the legendary aircraft carrier USS Intrepid which fought in the World War II, Cold war, Vietnam war and many other historic missions. The Intrepid was named under National Historic Landmark in 1986. The historical museum is famous for its wide variety of exotic exhibits such as Space Shuttle enterprise, the only American guided missile Submarine Growler and British Airways Concorde. Get to know the history of the Americans by having a close look at the artifacts and video footages of the interactive exhibits. The place is a homeland for national events for space activities and shows throughout the year. Warships and cruise ships of the old days are must to be explored. The museum comes under the Intrepid Family of Foundations which was established by New York real estate icon Zachary Fisher and his philanthropist wife Elizabeth Fisher for their interest in inducing the responsibilities to honor the families of veterans who served in the US forces. Located in the busiest city New York, it serves as the prolific historical attraction of the city. It was closed around 2006 and opened on November 8, 2008, for renovation purposes after which it was more embarking. Westside Highway and 46th Street, Manhattan, New York is the specific location of this precious national treasure.

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The educational institution featuring antiques and exhibits of the then US military forces, wars, and exclusive missions

The educational institution featuring antiques and exhibits of the then US military forces, wars, and exclusive missions

USS Intrepid

USS Intrepid

The large vessel launched in 1943 which served for NASA, World War II, Vietnam war and Cold war is the main attraction of this museum. More than 50,000 men served on board, and 250 soldiers sacrificed themselves in its quest. Get to the Flight deck and look out for more than 12 restored aircraft on it. The gallery deck which features Combat Information center, squadron ready room, and marine berthing. The Hangar deck shows you the hardware of the ship while the Third deck educates about the life of a soldier through a mess and crew berths.

Space Shuttle Enterprise

Space Shuttle Enterprise

The NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise which took part actively in the space shuttle program. It consists of seventeen exhibits which feature the artifacts, photographs, collections, and films that showcase its history to the visitors. Lookout for the International Space Station and the whole journey of the space shuttle, it's missions and conquests till it was put in the museum. Defy gravity and check out the things Astronauts carried with them in space. Their likes, interests, and leisure activities are showcased for the exhibition.

USS Growler

USS Growler

The only American guided missile submarine to be exhibited to the people is the USS Growler. Learn how life used to be in a sub, inspect the 'top secret' missile command center. The Crews mess can be found with a dining room where the crew cooked their food in their kitchen, played games and watched movies for their recreation. The control room and attack center have two periscopes where the soldiers used to estimate the enemies and surface depth of the water. Next is the two torpedo rooms which has bunks for nine crew members whose objective is self-defense.

British Airways Concorde

British Airways Concorde

The Concorde Alpha Delta G-BBOARD which is a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airline which carries a record for crossing the Atlantic in 2 hours,52 minutes and 59 seconds. The stunning design and powerful engine which can fly at 1,350 mph. The altitude it catches is 60,000 ft which are unusual for 100 passengers it can carry with nine crew members. The legend says that the curvature of the earth can be seen at such an altitude and speed. It flew passengers until 2003 when the airlines retired them from services. Airlines flying today take almost 6 hours to cross the Atlantic while the Concorde did it under 3 hours which is an astonishing fact.

Intrepid A to Z

Intrepid A to Z

Intrepid A to Z is an exhibition of the collection of things selected by the former crew members alphabetically where each alphabet represents age or a characteristic which played a role in their lives and missions.



The museum offers different types of experiences to people from all age groups which includes Group visits, Birthday parties, Overnights, Scouts, Camp groups and performance groups with drop-off, pick-up and bus parking which is very much beneficial to students and groups.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The tickets can be purchased from the museum's verified website consisting of a daily pass, morning tours or you can even become a member and enjoy visits for an entire year.

How To Get Around?

There is no need for bicycles as you can walk the whole museum complex.

What Should I Wear?

Visitors should wear proper clothing with shirt and shoes which are a must. They advise you to avoid high-toed sandals, heels, and necklaces. Don't carry heavy luggage as it may be uncomfortable for you to visit the place with heavy baggage. Sunscreen and sunglasses can be worn for protection from the sun.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York Facts

Best Time to Visit

It opens at 10 am if you want to explore everything that's available, or you can join the guided morning tour of 9 am if you're going to get ahead. It closes at 5 pm.


US Dollars

Will I Need a Guide?

How To Get There?

It's located on the west side of Manhattan on pier 86 12th Ave & 46 street. Take M50 or M34 or M42 crosstown buses from NYC Metro Bus to get to Intrepid. Trains are available to 42nd Street, take an M42 bus from 42nd Street to 12th Avenue, or you can walk from 42nd Street to 12th Avenue. The intrepid is 18.6 miles from the John F Kennedy Airport which takes a 39 min drive to reach the museum.

Additional Info

Visitors should carry bags, and luggage as a bag check and storage facility are not available. Pets are not permitted. Wheelchairs are accepted at some regions of the exhibits. Food is available to buy on the mess deck. The visitor should behave in a proper conduct, alcohol, and smoking is not permitted. Cameras can be used with no flash.

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