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Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar
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Visiting Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar

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Denpasar is widely known as one of the cities in Bali that boast numerous enchanting temples. The largest of all that is also strategically situated in the heart of the city is Jagatnatha Temple. Established in November 20th 1963 by the city's mayor, the temple boast a very elegant architecture that attract tourists from all over Denpasar. You might find yourself spending hours gawking at detailed relief adorned the temple's walls, and if you look closer they are actually depicting the story of Bharatayuda and Ramayana. You will also spot some religious ornaments decorating several corners of the temple.

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Be Captivated With The Magnificence of Jagatnatha Temple

Be Captivated With The Magnificence of Jagatnatha Temple



The most eye-catching structure inside Jagatnatha Temple complex is the lotus-shaped padmasana. Standing with 15 meters in height, the structure has a unique shape resembling a blooming lotus. Padmasana itself is derived from two different languages. 'Padma' is a Sanskrit word which means 'Lotus', while 'sana' is taken from the Javanese word 'Singgasana' which means 'a throne'. According to the concept of Arcanam and Citra-Lekha in Hinduism, lotus flower is a throne for the Gods. In this case, the Padmasana was built to symbolize a seat of Sang Hyang Widhi who watched over the Land of God.

 Titi Ugal-Agil

Titi Ugal-Agil

Before you enter Jagatnatha temple's entrance gate, you'll cross a wooden bridge made of wooden rods that spread above a small pond. The wooden bridge is called Titi Ugal-Agil and it is one of the most important element in every Hinduist pura you'll come across in Bali. The Titi Ugal-Agil bridge is believed to represent purifying one's heart when they are about to enter the temple.

 The Twin Canopies

The Twin Canopies

Located right in front of Padmasana structure are two canopies, that are also an integral part of the temple. In many Hinduist temples, the canopies, also called as Pawedalan are supposed to be a place where the embodiment of god (Gagaluh) is placed on during the procession of a religious ceremony. The Pawedalan in Jaganatha temple however have a completely different function. It serve as an altar to place offerings from the people to the God during processions during Galungan Day, Saraswati Day, Siwaratri Day, and Kuningan Days.

 Sang Hyang Antaboga's Altar

Sang Hyang Antaboga's Altar

Located at the northern part from the main temple complex is the special altar made for Sang Hyang Antaboga. Sang Hyang Antaboga, or commonly known as Antaboga is the ruler of the center of Earth living in the seventh layer of the Earth. Though he have a human form, the mighty God is often depicted in his giant serpent form. According to the Hinduism mythology, Antaboga was the God who created life on Earth, and nurture his creations. His figure was actually a derivation from Ananta Shesha, a Shiva-Hinduism God who, like Antaboga, have the appearance of a giant Naga.

 Bale Paselang

Bale Paselang

Bale Paselang is a small pavillion dedicated as a place to keep the offerings used during the ceremony. Mesanti ceremony (a ritual where the worshippers will chant mantras from Geguritan or Kekawin book) is also held in the pavillion. Though during big religious ceremonies, the pavillion turned into a resting place for the worshippers to recharge their energy.

 Bale Gong

Bale Gong

During ceremonies, the worshippers will bring the traditional gamelan instruments from the Storehouse to Bale Gong. They will then beat the Gamelan when the ceremony begins. The gamelan performances in this Jagatnatha Temple is something that all tourists are looking forward to. After the ceremony is over, the gamelan will be stored back in the storehouse while many participants will come to the Bale Gong to rest and relax.

Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Jagatnatha Temple is one of few attractions in Denpasar that doesn't require you to pay for admission fee. Looking for a free attraction in Denpasar? Definitely give this enchanting temple a try!

How To Get Around?

Jagatnatha Temple is strategically located at the heart of the city. It is also located nearby numerous other attractions in Denpasar. You can get around to the attractions from the temple either by taking a short walk or hailing a taxi.

What Should I Wear?

Jagatnatha Temple is a very sacred praying site to the locals, so obviously you'll have to wear appropriately during your visit. Wear clothes that cover both shoulders and knees, or if it is not possible (if you're going to hit the beach afterwards) then at least cover your shoulders and knees with a scarf or sarong.

Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar Facts

Best Time to Visit

If you want to learn more about Hindu ceremonies in Jagatnatha Temple, there are certain times of the year where you can both admire the temple's architecture and witness the religious ceremony. Galungan Day for example last from December 26th and followed by Kuningan Day in January the 5th.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, you won't need a guide. All informations you need can be found inside this website.

How To Get There?

Situated in Jl. Mayor Wisnu, Jagatnatha Temple is accessible literally by any public transportations. It is much more convenient to hail a taxi, but you should make sure that you and the driver are on the same page when it comes to the fee. You should also ask them to turn on the meter (if they refuse you can hail another taxi). Blue Bird Taxi is by far the most reputable taxi company in Bali. You can also use Grab or Gojek service to take you to the temple.

Additional Info

Always act respectful especially if you are visiting a sacred site such as this Jagatnatha Temple. Ask permission if you want to take pictures of the locals and don't use flash as it might startle or disrupt the worshipper's focus when they are praying.

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