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Jodipan Village Malang
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Visiting Jodipan Village Malang

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Illegal settlements have always been the main problem in countries with dense-population, but Jodipan Village offer how you can change something just by seeing the problem with different perspective. Known as 'Kampung Warna-warni', Jodipan Village is a small 'kampung' in the riverside of Brantas River that is highly popular for its scenic colorful houses. Exploring the vibrant village is definitely recommended, and you should be ready to be captivated with the explosion of colors you'll find in every corner and alley.

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Dive in Deep in Colorful Jodipan Village

Dive in Deep in Colorful Jodipan Village

 Jodipan Village's Past and Present

Jodipan Village's Past and Present

Jodipan Village used to be a very gloomy slum area with in the riverbank of Brantas River. The residents' lifestyle is beyond atrocious as they often throw junks into the river and worsened the already heavily polluted river. The government was going to pull an order of eviction on the village, until a group of students from a renowned university in Malang proposed a very unique idea, that is to paint the entire area in colors. The villagers welcomed the proposal enthusiastically, and they helped by painting their houses, pavements, and stairs in different colors, motifs, and graffitis. They also added various decorations, such as wayang masks, colorful umbrellas, and painted hats. The students also educate the villagers and raising their awareness about hygience. Less litters are thrown into the river, more trash bins are added, and Jodipan Village transformed into one of the cleanest area in Malang.

 Interesting Spot to See: Embong Brantas Bridge

Interesting Spot to See: Embong Brantas Bridge

Looking for a perfect place to enjoy the whole view of Jodipan Village? Head to Embong Brantas Bridge. This yellow-painted bridge offer a direct overview of the colorful village and Tridi Village located on the other side. Most people will drive slowly just to enjoy brief view of both villages and tourists will stop by for a moment to enjoy the unique view and snap some photos.

 Interesting Spot to See: Alley of Colors

Interesting Spot to See: Alley of Colors

Walk straight along the Embong Brantas Bridge to the South and you will stumble a breathtaking colorful alley. Its wall is entirely covered with colorful paintings, so does the pavement. The alley is also decorated with colorful flower arches that definitely adds to its gaudiness. The alley is one of the most instagrammable spots in Jodipan Village. Most people will choose the alley to take selfies with Embong Brantas Bridge in the background.

 Interesting Spot to See: The Umbrella Halls

Interesting Spot to See: The Umbrella Halls

The Umbrella Halls is definitely an interesting spot in Jodipan Village you shouldn't miss. Just like what its name suggested, Umbrella Halls are wide alleyway decorated with colorful umbrellas hanging in the air. Visitors can enjoy the view and take some selfies of the umbrellas. Some comfortable benches are available if they need a rest and might as well take another pictures under the umbrellas.

 Interesting Spots to See:  Jodipan Village's Three Dimensional Paintings

Interesting Spots to See: Jodipan Village's Three Dimensional Paintings

3-D paintings have been a thing in recent years now, and apparently Jodipan Village just joined in the bandwagon. It only take few steps away from the Umbrella Halls, and you'll find several 3-D paintings that are simply impressive. Use your imagination and create some of the most epic photos!

The Verdict

The Verdict

Jodipan Village is one prime of example of how splash of colors can change everything. What used to be a dirty slum magically turned into a vibrant instagrammable tourist destination in Malang. If you're looking for a perfect place to snap some impressive photos for your Instagram feeds, Jodipan Village should be in your bucketlist.

Jodipan Village Malang Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Jodipan Village is probably one of Malang's major attractions with cheapest admission fee. To enter the village, you only need to pay Rp 5.000,-/-person.

How To Get Around?

Jodipan Village is a small, packed village, so the only way to get around is by walking along the alleyway.

What Should I Wear?

Jodipan Village Malang Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Jodipan Village is in the noon and in the afternoon, the natural lights will hel p creating your best selfies.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, Jodipan Village is way more fun if you explore it by yourself. All informations you need can be found in this website.

How To Get There?

Jodipan Village is located at Jl. Temenggungan Ledok Kesatrian, Malang. You can easily reach it by taking a public transportation (angkot) labelled ABG, AJG, AMG, or MT the moment you stepped out of the train station. Alight at the Brantas Bridge (which is pretty noticeable thanks to its bright yellow color). The colorful village is just five minutes walk away from the bridge.

Additional Info

Keep in mind that the Jodipan Village's true form is a residence area. While it might be easy to get carried away, please try to not get noisy. Especially if you come in weekends as some children and babies might be sleeping inside their house.

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