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Kaaba Mecca
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Visiting Kaaba Mecca

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Visit the most sacred religious spot of Mecca. Inside the Grand Mosque, the cubical shaped structure veiled in black brocade emblazoned with precious fascinating stones and marbles. Don't miss this spectacular holiest place while going on Hajj or Umrah.

The holiest- Kaaba

The holiest- Kaaba

Anterior and Interior

Anterior and Interior

Built in the heart of the Great Mosque, Kaaba is the most sacred spot in Islam. Shaped like a cube, all Muslims face towards this shrine during their five regular prayers. It features the height of fifteen meters and a base decorated with gray marbles and stones. The three pillars supports the roof with gold and silver bright lamps. It is covered with black brocade providing a sacred and religious glimpse. The six tablets are studded adjacent to the entrance wall with religious inscriptions. Walls topped with gold Quranic verses levitate the holiness to this holy site.

Black Stone

Black Stone

Located on the eastern corner of the Kaaba, Black Stone is a Muslim relic. Inside Kaaba, a cemented frame of silver emblazoned, which materialized as a dark fragmented rock polished with millions of pilgrims hands. If possible, try to kiss this sacred stone else point out each of the seven circumambulations exist around Kaaba.

Maqam Ibrahim

Maqam Ibrahim

Located next to Kaaba, Maqam Ibrahim highlights the footprints of Ibrahim. It is kept in a crystal dome and considered the most divine spot of the Grand Mosque.

Safa and Marwah

Safa and Marwah

Located at a distance of hundred meters from Kaaba, Safa and Marwah are two hills located inside the mosque. It is believed in Islamic tradition that Hagar, wife of Abraham, ran through these two hills in search of water for his thirsty son. Eventually, God revealed Zamzam Well with enough water to quench his thirst. The pilgrims take seven rounds of this sanctum during Hajj or Umrah as a reminiscence of her sacrifice.

Zamzam Well

Zamzam Well

At a distance of twenty meters from the Kaaba, Zamzam Well is situated. It consists of sacred and pure water which pilgrims drink and carry to their homes. According to Islamic conceptions, the deep thirst makes Ismael cry who was the infant child of Abraham. Miraculously, Zamzam Well generated enough water to quench his thirst. If you are visiting the mosque, do not forget to have this divine water.

Kaaba Mecca Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Kaaba is a religious destination spot located inside the Grand Mosque. Entrance in the Mosque is free of cost. It does not require any ticket or pass. Only Muslims can enter into the sacred city, Mecca.

How To Get Around?

Kaaba is located inside the religious Grand Mosque. You can get into it on bare foot.

What Should I Wear?

Mecca, being is an Islamic country, prefer to have traditional attire. Dress scantily. Most of the visitors prefer to dress in black and white. Black for ladies and white for the male genre. Burqa or naqab is mandatory for females. It is a must to cover the head with a hijab. Men should also wear traditional head caps for Muslims. For Hajj or Umrah, you can wear only white garments which are seamless and cover the entire body of the person. Get comfortable shoes, sneakers, or sandals as footwear. Do not forget to carry a scarf in handy.

Kaaba Mecca Facts

Best Time to Visit

The doors of Kaaba open twice in a year for everyone to pray. However, you can see the religious 'Grand Mosque' throughout the year. But choose the perfect climate for experiencing the excursion best. June through August is the ultimate time to explore Mecca with least precipitation and pleasant weather. Avoid planning in the middle of the year as it possesses hot temperature.


Saudi Riyal

Will I Need a Guide?

No, you will not require a guide as this website provides you with all the relevant details for a tour to Mecca.

How To Get There?

Mecca is easily accessible for Muslim Tourists. The government of Saudi Arabia issues an exclusive visa for Muslims. The main gateway to Mecca is Jaddah. Board the flight for King Abdulaziz International Airport. It offers multiple airlines which flies across the globe. You can also reach through car and bus. Car driving is easy from Taif. Police checkpoints are there to assure that non-Muslims do not enter this holy city. However, microbuses, local buses, and taxis are inexpensive and widely available in Mecca. The town serves five metro lines exclusively for tourists sightseeing and pilgrimage excursion.

Additional Info

Regret to inform that only Muslims can apply for a visa to this city. Documents and proofs of being Muslim will check at the airport. Non-Muslims do not get permission to get enter into it. Kaaba opens its doors twice a year for praying. Don't miss the scheduled occasion. Keep your best selection of wardrobe at home. Only Ihram clothing is allowed. Also, nobody is allowed to talk, eat or drink during the prayer. Furthermore, keep your cash and travel documents safely and securely. Do not leave your luggage unpacked in the hotel rooms when you go. In case of a problem, contact the local authorities.

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