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Kenting Coral Kingdom Museum
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Visiting Kenting Coral Kingdom Museum

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This is the coolest marine museum in the whole wide world. It is huge and it is exciting. The Kenting Coral Kingdom Museum that is popularly known as the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. The core beauty of this place lies in the way the different species have been kept here and the beautiful natural habitat that has been created for them makes this place divine and the visitors will definitely feel like they are in an ocean. Be it the huge species or the small every animal over here is gorgeous and extraordinary. The other aspect that makes this museum outstanding and fabulous is the museum has not restrained itself only to marine animals, but it also provides a sneak peek into the life of the submarine drives, the conditions when a ship sinks, and many other things that inform the visitors about the tough situations under the sea in a fun manner.

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A Place that is Perfect to know about the Life Under the Sea

A Place that is Perfect to know about the Life Under the Sea

Coral Reef Preview

Coral Reef Preview

This is the smartest thing that the museum has created as this helps the visitors in planning their tour. The Coral Reef Preview is an area in the museum that has exhibited different coral tanks in the museum that are showcasing the different marine species in the museum. People will fall in love with this preview as this will increase their excitement of the visitors. Also, the wave crashing exhibited in the tanks is another high point of this preview. The different fishes and other marine animals that are displayed beautifully provides the visitors with a jaw-dropping experience.

Underwater Tunnel

Underwater Tunnel

The visitors will also get an experience of admiring the beautiful underwater life and the environment under the sea in the Underwater Tunnel. The visitors would not like to get out of this gigantic tunnel that is the largest in entire Asia. The visitors will enjoy the extraordinary habitat that lies under the sea along with marine creatures. This tunnel will allure the visitors to get closer to the creatures. The experience that this tunnel provide is pure and out of this world. This tunnel is the most fascinating thins about the museum and also the perfect place to introduce your child with marine life.

Some More Beautiful Experience

Some More Beautiful Experience

The Coral Pavilion at the museum offers the visitors with activities that will facilitate the visitors with an astonishing experience. The visitors will love the Beluga pool that contains the giant white whales also known as the Beluga. The opportunity to witness this gorgeous mammal in the museum is spectacular. The other part which should not be missed is the Cave Creatures that houses some very impressive eels and lobsters. The ambiance at this part will give the visitors a feel of touring a mysterious cave. Some of the other areas that should not be missed are the Marine Research Station, Shipwreck, The Sunken Ship Adventure, and many more. The visitors should definitely visit the Whale Fountain that is a sheer beauty.

Kenting Coral Kingdom Museum Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The tickets to the Coral Kingdom Museum are available at the entrance gate. People who do not like standing in the queue can save time by booking the tickets in advance through the internet. There are different types of tickets from a single pass to group passes and also there is a special ticket for people above the age of 65. For children below the age of six, the entry is free. All the information associated with the tickets is on this website.

How To Get Around?

The Museum can be reached by bus, taxi, and high-speed rail. People who are planning to travel by bus can opt for the guided tour that the government of Kenting provides to the visitors. Also, for people who are living far from the museum can opt for the high-speed rail that will make you reach the museum in a jiffy. For those who do not like traveling in public transport can opt for a taxi, which is the most comfortable and convenient option to reach this place.

What Should I Wear?

No, there is no dress code that has to be followed while visiting this place. Parents can add more fun to their kid’s trip by making them dress like a marine animal as this will make him more excited to know more about life under the sea. Also, this will also provide with some really funny and memorable pictures.

Kenting Coral Kingdom Museum Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place is from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening, during the weekdays. But, during the weekends the museum opens up an hour early. Also, the visitors should plan their trip according, making sure that they have an ample amount of time to explore each and every bit of the museum.


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Will I Need a Guide?

Yes, hiring a guide at this place will be the best option. The guide will inform you about all the intricate details about the animals, ships, and the various activities. Also, there are some special creatures with some fascinating rescue stories, which you will get to know only through the guides.

How To Get There?

Kenting can be reached by bus, train, taxi, and flight. The Hengchun Airport connects with all the major domestic and international flights.

Additional Info

People should plan their trip after attaining all the information from the internet. There are special exhibitions and special activities that are different every day. Also, all the prior information about the upcoming exhibition will help in planning the trip more appropriately.

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