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Kobe Oji Zoo
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Visiting Kobe Oji Zoo

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Japan is a place where you can find cuteness everywhere you go, Kobe is no exception. The city is studded with zoos and their collection of adorable animals, Kobe Oji Zoo is the one you absolutely should visit. It's one of very few zoos in Japan where you can find giant pandas, koalas, and other rare animals. It is also the most popular attraction for kids and adults who just love animals to the core. Formerly called Suwayama Zoo, the zoo have attract over 1.2 million visitors every year since its establishment in 1928. Kobe Oji Zoo is the most prominent zoo in Kobe that's brimming with love and adoration for animals.

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Cooing Over Adorable Pandas and Cuddly Koalas in Kobe Oji Zoo

Cooing Over Adorable Pandas and Cuddly Koalas in Kobe Oji Zoo

Panda House

Panda House

Panda is the main star of Kobe Oji Zoo, so be prepared to see tons of them. You will see panda graffitis on your way to the zoo, even more when you entered the zoo area. And finally, you'll meet the icon itself in the Panda House. Pandas have been bred in the zoo since 2000 as a form of collaborative research works between Japan and China. Everyday visitors will come flocking to the Panda House only to meet the zoo's icon, Tan Tan the Panda. In sunny day you will see the cuddly giant panda munching on juicy bamboo, you might even catch it laying down on the wooden plank to catch some sun. The Panda House also extend to the indoor closure where Tan Tan will roam around when the outside weather is less friendly. Visitors can see this adorable panda from behind large window panels. Panda House also boast other species of panda that is second popular to the giant panda: The red pandas. These adorable pandas have become one of “kawaii” icons in Japan, and truly you will hear lots of squealing among visitors as they observe it.Its exhibit, though it' s comparatively small to the giant pandas' is still nicely decorated with plants and rocks.

Koala Center

Koala Center

If you love koalas, more reason to visit Kobe Oji Zoo! You can meet your favorite furry animals in the Koala House. The Koala House numerous koalas given by Brisbane to Japan, and they are pretty much well-taken care of here. Entering the room you will see numerous exhibits with coarse soil or sand on its floor with numerous “trees” where you'll spot some koalas perching lazily on it. There are even some instances you'll see them moving or sitting on the ground.

Fierce Animal Coliseum

Fierce Animal Coliseum

So bears are not the only thing you'll see in Kobe Oji Zoo. Like many other zoos, they also feature the big cats. There are five exhibits housing 5 different wild cats species: Amur Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, Snow Leopards, and Amur Leopards. The visitors can watch the animals close up as the window panels are wide and enable many viewers to watch the big cats roam around and jump on the boulders. The only downside is, the exhibit is considered way too small and not enough space for the majestic animals to roam around freely. There are no hidden space as well where they can hide from themselves away from the stares.

Zoological Science Center

Zoological Science Center

Other than animal exhibits, Kobe Oji Zoo also boast educational attractions. Zoological Science Center is an animals museum displaying tons of information regarding about diferent animals from many continents. Visitors will be able to gain many informations, including the animals' species, their natural habitats, their unique behaviours, and their diets. Zoological Science Center feature interesting temporary exhibitions displaying animal skeletons in manys sizes including stuffed speciments of wild animals, such as tigers and wolves.

The Children's World

The Children's World

After seeing so many cute and cuddly animals, children will want to directly interact with them, and The Children's World will help to make their desire comes true. The Children's World is a place where children can directly interact with various farm animals, such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, and goats. The animals are all tame so there is a very small chance your children will get attacked by them. Children are allowed to pet and cuddle some of the small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs.

Former Hunter Residence

Former Hunter Residence

Venture further inside the zoo to the North and you'll find a British-style house painted in eyecatching green color. The residence was formerly inhabited by a trader called Mr. Hunter who built the house around Meiji Area. Today, the house is preserved and even considered as one of Cultural Property in Japan. The house is open for public on April, August, and October while they can explore the private garden at any time of the year.

Kobe Oji Zoo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The admission fees to enter Kobe Oji Zoo are: JPY 600 or $5.33 for adults. Children and junior high students are free of admission.

How To Get Around?

While the park is extensive, it is still explorable by walking. If you're tired, there are numerous benches and a rest area where you can take a short break.

What Should I Wear?

Most people come to the Kobe Oji Zoo wearing comfortable casual clothes, that's pretty much the guideline on what to wear. You will also have to walk a lot so be sure to wear the most comfortable walking shoes in your wardrobe.

Kobe Oji Zoo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kobe Oji Zoo is in Spring or Fall season. Cherry blossom trees in the park area will be in full bloom if you come in the Spring, and you can also enjoy the changing of leaves in Fall. The weather on both seasons are very pleasant too.


Japanese Yen

Will I Need a Guide?

No, all informations in this website will help you navigate easily within the Kobe Oji Zoo.

How To Get There?

To get to the Kobe Oji Zoo, take the Hankyu Railway and get off at Oji Koen Station. Take Exit 3 and walk to the west until you reach your destination. Other alternative is by taking the JR to Nada Station, and walk for about 5 minutes to the North.

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