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Kolomenskoye Moscow
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Visiting Kolomenskoye Moscow

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Kolomenskoye is the south area in Moscow that which once served as the residence of Russian princes along with tsars Russia for some centuries. Today, this area is a house for Kolomenskoye Museum, Natural Landscape Museum and Architectural as well. The unique collections of many art objects, authentic households, treasures and so on that can attract thousand visitors each year. This park covered the area around 390 hectares and usually served as the venue for historical reconstruction, great festivals, fairs, and exhibitions as well. The museum opened in Kolomenskoye since 1923, at that time, this area became the exhibition venue of Russian arts and crafts as well.

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Stunning Attractions in Kolomenskoye Park Moscow

Stunning Attractions in Kolomenskoye Park Moscow

1. Find out a rare wooden castle

1. Find out a rare wooden castle

In Russia, only a few wooden castles had survived. Some of them were destroyed, even there are only a few genuine wooden castles that still remaining on this planet. In Kolomenskoye, you are able to the two of them when you visiting the open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture. The first one is the Sumsky Ostrog which is located in the Karelia modern territory and protected the residents from the attack of Swedish, then the Mokhovata Tower was reimposed by using the old drawing. If you go to the upper floor, then you can see on how is Streltsy liven and even you can try to walk along the wall of the tower. The second wooden castle was brought by the Siberian city in the Bratsk in the 17th century, served as the prison for old believers that followed protopope Avvakum.

2. Try bike tour in the park

2. Try bike tour in the park

In every Saturday and Sunday in a summer season, there are great tours that you can try. You do not have to bring along your bike, there was a rental center on the pier as well. The tour starts at 11 am and last two hours as well. During this time, you can see the first Russian Museum of Wooden Architecture. If you do not enjoy riding a bike, then you can go on a walking tour as well.

3. Beautiful quiet area

3. Beautiful quiet area

The legend might say that there is a mysterious place along with time loop in the park. People told it in the past, peasants and soldiers walked passing the green mist of Golosov. There are two big stones which been placed in the ravine, one at the bottom of the canyon which is believed as the manpower, while another is considered as the happiness for women who want to have a child.

4. Exploring the tsarist estates

4. Exploring the tsarist estates

Kolomenskoye was first mentioned during the middle of the 14th century and it was a great residence of many rulers in Russia. Then you can see that this area was linked to the reign of the Alexei Romanov who built this wonderful palace here. Unfortunately, this wonderful creation was no longer exist as well – there is a new palace here in the different spot which been built by using the drawing from its predecessor. There was a legend said that Peter the Great was born in this area. The place of his born was unknown however there are many local oak trees were named after him, it was Petrovskiye. There were many trees to remind the Peter the Great you can find here and you can take rest in the shade as well.

5. Enjoying nature landscape in Russia

5. Enjoying nature landscape in Russia

On weekend, then Kolomenskoye was filled by people who relaxed walking in the embankment that covered the Moska River. Therefore, if you want to find a more remote place, then you can go to the beautiful and quiet park which been designed in the early 18th century. There are pears, apples, berries, and plums were grown in this area for the tsar, of course, to sell as well. Lately, there is a beautiful path that makes people can walk around the garden, which is very beautiful when it starts to bloom as well.

Kolomenskoye Moscow Tips and Tricks

How To Get Around?

The Kolomenskoye was designed in the strategic location that you can see many attractions there. You can take a walk or riding a bike to explore this area.

What Should I Wear?

If you want to visit Kolomenskoye park, there is no strict rule about the outfit. You can wear any casual outfit like short jeans and a t-shirt. However, you might be polite by wearing semi-formal outfit when you visit a church or special exhibition. You can wear the modest outfit and do not so worrying about your wear.

Kolomenskoye Moscow Facts

Best Time to Visit

As mentioned before that there are some attractions you can find here, however summer session might be the peak season. If you want to get there more in quite a vibe, then you can come in a winter season. For the museum opening hours during summer season start from 9.45 am to 5.30 pm. Then during the winter season start from 9.45 am to 5.30 pm. Keep in mind that the territory of the museum was closed during some periods. You can check it online.


Russian Ruble

Will I Need a Guide?

This area is very huge, so this is acceptable if you hire a guide to give you a more detailed explanation of this area. However, it's alright not to hire a guide and just enjoying your best time with your family, partner or friends.

How To Get There?

The location of Kolomenskoye park is between the Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road, which is pretty easy to find. Even you catch up the public transportation in nearest metro station of Kolomenskoye.

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