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Lake Atanasovsko Burgas
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Visiting Lake Atanasovsko Burgas

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Situated in the north of Burgas City, Lake Atanasovsko is an important place for the rarer species in Europe, such as otters and wild cats. The area of Lake Atasanov is the largest area for salt production in Bulgaria since 1906. It is also famous as a bird paradise in Bulgaria. Its unique area have turned it into a suitable place for feeding, breeding and for use as a place to stop for many bird species. More than 450 species of bird in Bulgaria, it is possible to observe 318 species at the lake throughout of the year. It also has 241 vascular plants, such as Salicornia, Sea Wormwood, Typha and Suaeda. The lake is popular for the diversity of flora and fauna. The lake is surrounded by swamps and canals that drain the whole local basin into the sea.

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Lake Atanasovsko Visit and Tours

Lake Atanasovsko Visit and Tours

1. birds

1. birds

Lake Atanasovsko has 316 bird species in its area (the birds amount is almost all the species that exist in Bulgaria), which migrate, winter or nest in the reserve. Among the species, 14 are world-wide endangered – Dalmatian pelican, red-breasted goose, pygmy cormorant, ferruginous duck, corn crake, etc., 83 are in the Red Book of Bulgaria, and 170 are of European environmental significance. The lake is under the Via Pontica migration route and is of European significance in terms of wandering birds, especially pelicans, eagles, harriers and storks.

2. Mud and Lye Pools

2. Mud and Lye Pools

Located in the south area Atanasovsko Lake, the healing mud and lye pools are the largest outdoor 'SPA centre' in Bulgaria. The black mud is believed as a treatment for different illnesses. Healing mud is a sedimentary product of the enclosed saline lake; it's clean and homogenous, has a dark grey to black colour and smells of hydrogen sulphide due to the numerous decaying microorganisms. It contains inorganic substances such as silicates, sands, gypsum, iron and aluminium compounds, different hydroxides and salts. The components in the healing mud and lye pools can reduce swellings and pain, heals wounds and reduces scarring, improves metabolism and regenerative processes. You can visit Atasanovsko Lake for vacation while enjoying the benefits for health.

3.  Salt Production

3. Salt Production

The lake is not only use for birds or people to get better from pain, it is also used as the biggest salt production in Burgas. Along the Black Sea Coast, salt is produced in the traditional way, environmentally benign manner and has no negative effects on the inhabitants of the reserve. The lake is a good example of a harmless economic activity which still keep the environment in a good condition. The salt pans of the Atanasovsko Lake were created in 1906. Evaporators have been placed on the lake's territory by 'Black Sea Salt Pans' JSC who manage the lake. JSC can produce around 40 000 tons of sea salt annually.

Lake Atanasovsko Burgas Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There is no entrance charge to visit Atanasovsko Lake

How To Get Around?

You can take a stroll to enjoy the Atanasovsko Lake sorrounding area. Getting around Atasanovsko Lake by using car is also available although the car will have limited access due to the salt production. You can visit the two others lake which are located in different places. There is bicycle rent near the SeaSide Park of Bugas which can be used to get around the lake.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear clothes depend on the weather in Burgas since there is no dress code to visit Atasanovsko Lake. This is one of the best things to do, make sure you bring clothes for warm and cold weather since the weather in Burgas is rapidly changing. However, if you are planning to visit Atasanovsko Lake on summer, make sure you bring cool clothes since you will stay outdoor for an hour. Do nor forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Lake Atanasovsko Burgas Facts

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Atanasovsko Lake anytime you want. If you want to see the birds stop on the lake, winter season is the best time to visit while seeing various species of birds in Atasanovsko Lake . This is the best thing to do.


Bulgarian Lev

Will I Need a Guide?

No, transportation is easy and everything can be found in this site.

How To Get There?

Getting into Burgas City is easy. You can use plane with Burgas Airport as your destination. From the airport, you can take bus or taxi to reach the center of Burgas City. Train is also available to visit Burgas since the train station is in the heart of the city. Morever, the bus station is next to the train station. Take the blue line bus for domestic journey. Tickets are required to use these public transportation. You can buy your tickets for train at its station or by make a reservation. For bus, tickets can be purchased on the bus by the special collectors. Do not buy your tickets at the other place. When you've arrived in Burgas City, go to Seaside Park of Burgas, there you can find the healing mud and lye pools by foot or bike.

Additional Info

The biggest issue in Bulgaria is pickpocket. This is incredibly common, especially in large cities like Sofia. The best way to avoid becoming a target of a pickpocket is not to attract their attention.

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