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Maha Bandula Park Yangon
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Visiting Maha Bandula Park Yangon

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Maha Bandula Park is a splendid park in the heart of Yangon city. The park is located near the Sule Pagoda. Its signature is the big obelisk monument that Yangon people called as the independence monument. With its area around 7,5 acres, this fabulous park will easily catch your eyes and inviting you to step your feet there. Maha Bandula Park is open every day from 6.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Take the tour in Maha Bandula Park and get yourself a relaxing and exciting trip there!

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Fill with the headline

Fill with the headline

The Independence Monument

The Independence Monument

When you first come to Maha Bandula Park, the first thing that you'll meet is this big and tall white obelisk monument. The Independence Monument in Maha Bandula Park was established in 1948 with the height of 152 ft. Before the placement of The Independence Monument, the statue of Queen Victoria used to stand there. The Queen Victoria Statue then being brought back to England. Take the tour to The Independence Monument and take your best photos with the monument as your background. The photos will look amazing!

Walk around Maha Bandula Park

Walk around Maha Bandula Park

This superb park is surrounded with many buildings around it. There are several places that you can see from this park such as Sule Pagoda and Yangon City Hall. Yangon City Hall was featured with the signature roof of Myanmar called pyatthat. There are also several praying places near Maha Bandula Park like Immanuel Baptist Church, the Mosque, and also some Hindu temples. Take the tour around Maha Bandula Park and see the beautiful sides of Yangon that Myanmar citizens called as the convergent area of four religions.

Get a Morning Exercise

Get a Morning Exercise

For those of you who are traveling to Yangon and wanted to get a morning exercise, just straightly go to Maha Bandula Park and start your day there. What things you can do there? Maha Bandula Park has so many sides that are full of trees. Those trees will bring a refreshing air throughout your running or other exercise. Wanted to bring your children while you are exercising but don't want them to feel bored? You don't need to worry about anything here. This big park will always be perfect and safe for your children to play around while you are exercising.

Menus for Breakfast

Menus for Breakfast

Done with your exercises and feel a little bit hungry? Then, take your body to have a special breakfast near the park. There are plenty of food sellers around the Maha Bandula Park. Get yourself some Myanmar traditional food like mohingar and have the great Myanmar tea there. While you have your breakfast, don't forget to also get a little tour or sightseeing and people watching activities.



As what have stated before, Maha Bandula Park is the perfect and safe place for your children to play around. There is this big playground inside Maha Bandula Park that offers your children with the best experiences of climbing and sliding down the slides. There are plenty of attractions in the playground such as slides, little towers, and bars for your children to practice their strength and balance. Take the tour with your children to this playground and let yourself rest a bit by looking at the fountains and let your children have their own time.

Sule Pagoda

Sule Pagoda

The Sule Pagoda is an important pagoda in Burmese politics, ideology, and geography. This pagoda is located near the Maha Bandula Park. Its golden stupa will easily be found if you are standing in Maha Bandula Park. Take the tour to Sule Pagoda and let yourself have a historical trip inside.

Maha Bandula Park Yangon Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

If you are planning to go to Maha Bandula Park, you don't need to pay any tickets since it is a park which is free for everyone to enter. If you are planning to go the park by car, make sure that you bring some money prepared for the parking ticket.

How To Get Around?

To get around Maha Bandula Park, you can just easily go by foot. Make sure that you are wearing something comfortable for your body and also your feet because you might get some walk around the park

What Should I Wear?

If you are going to visit Maha Bandula Park, just wear something that is comfortable for you since the weather in Yangon might get hot.

Maha Bandula Park Yangon Facts

Best Time to Visit

There are some choices that you can choose for the best time to visit Yangon. If you wanted to get a nice trip with a bit chilly weather and some rains, then you can visit Yangon in between November to February. In February, The Shwedagon Festival is usually held in the shimmering pagoda. You don't want to miss it right? If you wanted to get the best view of the buildings around Yangon, it is best to visit Yangon in dry months in between March to May. You can also visit Maha Bandula Park in Independence Day and enjoy a festival there. Last but not least, if you want to visit Yangon in a real cold weather, then you can take the tour to Yangon in between June to October where the rain is falling hard there.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, transportation is easy and you can find anything for your tour on this site. Even though you cannot read the signs there, the citizens of Yangon will gladly help you whenever you get lost.

How To Get There?

The Maha Bandula Park is located in the center of Yangon city. If you are planning to go there, you can easily walk or take the bus. The bus station is also beside the park.

Additional Info

Since you are going to visit a park, you need to pay attention on your belongings. Even though the safety is guaranteed there, you will still not know if someone around you is a robber. Make sure that you place your belongings in a safe place and never leave it alone even for once.

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