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Mahamuni Pagoda Mandalay
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Visiting Mahamuni Pagoda Mandalay

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The Mahamuni Pagoda or Mahamuni Buddha temple is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Myanmar because it was the house of the Mahamuni Buddha image. The pagoda was built by King Bodawpaya after he saw the image of Mahamuni Buddha after invasion in Arakan Kingdom. Mahamuni Pagoda is located in the southwestern part of Mandalay city. It is believe by the Buddhist that the images of Mahamuni Buddha are exist in different places, two in India, two in heaven, and one in Myanmar. The Mahamuni Buddha image was made of bronze in a height of 3,82 metres.

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A Tour inside Mahamuni Pagoda

A Tour inside Mahamuni Pagoda

1. Main Temple

1. Main Temple

Mahamuni Pagoda is very famous for its Mahamuni Buddha image. The Mahamuni Buddha image is seated on a pedestal with the height of 1,8 meters. The image itself is in the height of 3,8 meters and weigh around 6,5 tons. In the Buddha's forehead, you can also see a very bright diamond. The Mahamuni Buddha image is made from bronze. When men are worshipping the Mahamuni Buddha, they will apply gold leaf on the Buddha's body called shwe cha. As the result, the Mahamuni Buddha image is now covered with shwe cha for almost 15 cm. Every morning, there is a ritual of washing the Buddha. The washing ritual will begin in 4 am lead by the senior monk of the Mahamuni Pagoda. Take the tour inside the main temple and find yourself amazed with the beautiful and big Buddha.

2. Khmer Bronze Image

2. Khmer Bronze Image

The tour inside Mahamuni Pagoda will bring you to the pagoda's wide yard. On the pagoda's yard, you can see six big Khmer Bronze image that were taken from Angkor Wat, Cambodia. One of the image is the mythological three headed elephant called Airavata or Erawan in Thailand. There are also three bronze lion image that were taken from Angkor Wat. There are also two warriors image in the entrance gate of the pagoda. Buddhist people believe that if we rub the image on the place where we feel pain, then the image can cure our pain too.

3.  Mahamuni Paya Pwe

3. Mahamuni Paya Pwe

The annual festival in Mahamuni Pagoda is called Mahamuni Paya Pwe. The word pwemeans festival. The festival itself is celebrated to remember the history of the pagoda. One thing that you can do when you are visiting Mahamuni Pagoda while it is the time of Mahamuni Paya Pwe, you can listen to the recited verse of Patthana which was taken from the book 'Book of Conditional Relations'. The verse Patthana is considered to be very important for Buddhist because it was the verse that was recited by Buddha for his mother in a ceremony in Tavatimsa heaven. During the festival, there are also many things that you can enjoy such as live performances and social events that allow the visitors to greet each other and have some games. The Mahamuni Paya Pwe is held on February.

Mahamuni Pagoda Mandalay Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

If you are planning to go to Mahamuni Pagoda, it is recommended to get in the line as early as you can because the line in the ticket booth may be very crowded. The entrance ticket cost around six thousand kyat or around 4 dollars.

How To Get Around?

To get around Mahamun Pagoda is best to go by foot because you will have both indoor tour and outdoor tour and you will also get to move to another place in a fast pace.

What Should I Wear?

To have some tour around Mahamuni Pagoda, there is no fixed dress code that you need to follow. Just wear something comfortable for you to have a tour around the building. Also, wear a comfortable shoes so that you can walk around the complex in comfort.

Mahamuni Pagoda Mandalay Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mahamuni Pagoda is when the weather is not too hot and perfect to enjoy the sunset, between 3 pm to 6 pm. Royal Palace is open every day from 6 am to 8 pm. As this pagoda is very important for Buddhist people in Myanmar, some of the time this pagoda might get busy especially when it comes to the Buddhist holidays.


Burmese kyat

Will I Need a Guide?

It is okay to go have a tour on Mahamuni Pagoda without guide, but if you want to know the history for each exhibition or things that displayed there, it will be very recomended to use a guide. The guided tour is available on every day but make sure you have your tickets on the right tour that you chose.

How To Get There?

If you are planning to visit Royal Palace, it is recommended to go there by car or taxi. The fee for taxi if you take it from Mandalay are around six thousand kyat or four dollars. It is also recommended to go there by rickshaw if you are visiting from nearby place. The rickshaw ride will cost around three kyat or 2 dollars.

Additional Info

Mahamuni Pagoda is also famous for its architecture. So, if you are planning to visit Mahamuni Pagoda, make sure to also have some tour around it and discover the fascinating architecture of Mahamuni Pagoda.