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Majorelle Garden Marrakech
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Visiting Majorelle Garden Marrakech

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Morocco is a country known for its exotic landscape, and nothing describes Morroco's exotic landscape better than the Majorelle Garden. Spanning for two and a half acre, this French-made garden is one of Morocco's best travel destination. Filled with many botanical wonders, Majorelle Garden would be a suitable place to visit if you are one for the Botanics.

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The Moroccan Magic of Marrakech: The Botanical Majorelle Garden

The Moroccan Magic of Marrakech: The Botanical Majorelle Garden

1. The Islamic Art Museum

1. The Islamic Art Museum

Museums are the perfect place to get your daily dose of learning and leisure. In museums, you get to see a whole lot of arts and works of artistry, which is a good way of learning about the culture and tradition of the local folk (art is an extension of culture, after all). Here in Jardin Majorelle, you can visit the Islamic Art Museum to get a glimpse of what the Islamic world has to offer to the world on the topic of arts. Here, you can see how different it is the arts in the Western world and the arts found in the more middle-eastern spots. Definitely a must visit if you want to learn more about Islam and how it affects arts.

2. The Gardens

2. The Gardens

It is a botanical garden, after all, so there is no reason why you should not take a glance at the garden. The garden itself is a nice place to walk, what is with the many plants and vegetations. This botanical garden is 'trimmed' to perfection, meaning that you would not find any plants that sit out of place. The plants are abundant, but nothing beats the number of cacti in the garden. Seriously, the cactus is so many in number that one could say that this is a cactus garden and no one would bat an eye.

3. The Museum of Yves Saint Laurent

3. The Museum of Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a designer that is hailed as one of the best designers ever. He is one of French beloved designer, and it is only right for him to be designated as one of the most successful French in the world. He contributed to many things, with clothing design being his top game. With that in mind, it is only right for him to want to create a museum for himself in a garden of his own. It is absolutely a clear symbol of narcissism, but one cannot argue that his museum is good per se. Within the museum, you will find the collection and works by Saint Laurent himself. If you live for the clothes and designs, this should be a place that is worthy of your time.

4. The Hadaya

4. The Hadaya

Hadaya is basically a shop that is located near Jardin Marjorelle, and here you can shop for many wonderful Morrocan handcrafts. Items from clothes, sandals, and many more are sold here, with women being the major audience. If you are tired of wandering the gardens yet you are thirsty to spend some money, this place is the place for you. The items are cheap and the quality is pretty excelsior.

5. The Berber Museum

5. The Berber Museum

The Berber is a collection of people that was once known as their works as corsairs. They raided ships for the treasures inside and they were pretty much the barbarian of the sea back then. However, while they are known as corsairs, the Berber had also got a pretty nice set of culture with them. Sure they were known as the Ottoman's plaything, but they are pretty rich in culture themselves. In this museum, you can see a bit of that in play. The museum is pretty small and compact, meaning that you would not be able to learn ALL things about the Berber. It is a good place to get a glance, though.

6. Maroc Montgolfiere

6. Maroc Montgolfiere

Not exactly an attraction in The Marjorelle, but is located so close to it. Here, you can get on a balloon ride to see Morocco from above. If you think Morocco is a beautiful city, you need to hitch on a balloon and see it from the sky. The sight will definitely make you a happy being.

Majorelle Garden Marrakech Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

To get your tickets, you need to pay 10 Euro for it. The ticket price is definitely high for Moroccan standard, but the place is worth the price. Just be sure to keep your money in check because the entrance fee is not the only fee you will need to pay if you want to enjoy the whole garden.

How To Get Around?

By walking, of course. Every botanical garden is worth a walk around.

What Should I Wear?

Something that is not too revealing. Morocco is a country where Islam is practised by the majority of the people. Not many Muslims are used to seeing ladies with their bodies not covered by clothes, so you should wear something that complies with their rules. Marrakech can be so hot, as well.

Majorelle Garden Marrakech Facts

Best Time to Visit

In the morning, right after the garden opens. It opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 18:00, meaning you have that much time if you are planning to visit the garden. The morning is the best time to visit because that is the time when the garden is at the quietest.


Moroccan Dirham

Will I Need a Guide?

Not very suggested because this is just a garden with plants that you can see. The plants are not that rare either, meaning you can see them basically everywhere else and you would need no explanations on them. The museum is a different game, however. You can hire a guide if you want to learn more about the things available.

How To Get There?

Many methods of transportations are all available to use to reach the garden, but one thing that you should know is the fact that lots of the taxi drivers are scammers. Many of them will spout out reasons to take lots of your money, ranging from saying that your luggage costs more, or that they do not have any change to spare. Use the other method of transportations such as the bus or even the caleche. Again, you need to do some fee negotiating if you are using the caleche, which is a carriage drawn by a horse or two.

Additional Info

While the garden is pretty expensive for its size, it is a good place for you to visit if you are tired of the Marrakech hustle. With that in mind though, there are many other cheaper places for you to visit. This place is not a must visit for the general crowd, but if you want to see what Marrakech has to offer, then there is nothing wrong with visiting it.