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Marrakech Museum
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Visiting Marrakech Museum

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Marrakech Museum is a museum established in 1997. A long time ago, this museum is the Dar Menebhi Palace. But, the construction of the palace was renovated by Omar Benjelloun Foundation to be converted into a museum in 1997. The place has Moorish architecture, with traditional seating area, the central courtyard, tile work and carvings. The area of the Marrakech Museum is the courtyard of the palace. Now, the courtyard area has been the museum large atrium and covered in fabric and glass. The museum has a unique architecture with chandelier-like ceiling piece that consists of metal plated decorated with fine epigraphic and geometric cuttings.

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Marrakech Museum—A Place to See the Beautiful Architecture

Marrakech Museum—A Place to See the Beautiful Architecture

1. The Palace

1. The Palace

Many people said that the palace looks more wonderful than the museum. Even, the palace is included in the most interesting attractions in Marrakech. Don't doubt to visit this palace because you will also find the museum. For your information, the palace looks wonderful with its classical architecture. Although it has been built a long time ago, the architecture still looks good. You can bring your own camera to take pictures of this palace. But, try to always know the policies there. Not every part of the palace can be captured by your camera. So, use your camera in the area where you are allowed to use the camera.

2. The Museum

2. The Museum

If you like to see historical objects, try to visit the area of the Museum. You will see many objects here. For you who like the historical story, then visiting a museum is the best activity that makes you know more about history. Marrakech museum exhibits various objects. Some objects relate to the history of the Dar Menebhi Palace.

3. The Palace's Hammam

3. The Palace's Hammam

If you like seeing the temporary exhibitions, you can visit the palace's hammam. It is the best spot to see temporary exhibitions. This spot is also the part of the Marrakech Museum. Your journey to Marrakech Museum will be so perfect as long as you visit every part of Museum to know more about the museum and its history.

Marrakech Museum Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

How to get a ticket to enter the museum? This question may appear in your mind whenever you want to visit Marrakech Museum. Actually, you don't need to do difficult steps for buying the ticket. The ticket can be got easily. You just need to prepare 30 dirhams to buy a ticket. But, that price is the ticket price for adults. Kids may be allowed to pay the lower ticket price for entering the area of the museum. Just prepare additional fees to avoid unexpected things, such as higher ticket price in the certain time.

How To Get Around?

The museum is the part of the palace. So, you don't need to use other transportation to see other attractions in Marrakech Museum. Whenever you want to visit the Palace and the palace's hammam, you just need to walk. Finally, you will arrive at your target attraction. It means you don't need to prepare for transportation fees whenever you want to explore Marrakech Museum.

What Should I Wear?

The type of cloth doesn't need to be considered. You can use your favourite cloth to visit Marrakech Museum. Just wear a comfortable cloth to make you enjoy more your time in this museum. For your information, note your attitude during visiting the museum. Make sure you don't throw rubbish in the Museum area. Be a kind person when you are in a tourist destination.

Marrakech Museum Facts

Best Time to Visit

Actually, the Marrakech Museum is open every day. So, every day is the best time to visit this museum. But, the Museum opened from 9 am to 6.30 pm. Make sure you arrive at the museum area when the museum has been opened or before the museum is closed. Avoid visiting the museum on the night because the museum area has been closed, you will not able to enter the museum area.


Moroccan Dirham

Will I Need a Guide?

Actually, you don't need a tour guide if you just want to see the beautiful architecture of the Marrakech Museum. But, the case will be different if you want to know more about the history of that museum. If you like learning about the history of a place, try to hire a guide who can talk in the English language. The guide helps you to know more about the history and every story of the object in the museum. Finally, your knowledge about history will improve.

How To Get There?

There is a simple way whenever you want to get to the Marrakech Museum. Just ask people to inform you about the location of The Ben Yousef Madrasa. Yes, the museum near the Ben Yousef Madrasa. People in Marrakech know well about the Ben Yousef Madrasa. So when you feel so confused about the location of the Marrakech Museum, just go to the Ben Yousef Madrasa. The museum is in the next door.

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