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Martyrs' Square Tripoli
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Visiting Martyrs' Square Tripoli

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The Martyrs' Square is a lively square with obviously a lot of history. It is very close to Harbour area, and the views of mediterranean sea. There are a few places where you can sit and watch people coming and going. There are nice restaurants located nearby along with the main souk/market. The atmosphere is generally very good and people are very friendly. It's very different to the rest of North Africa and as a tourist you are not hassled in anyway. You really get a chance to actually experience things in your own time.

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The Martyrs' Square, where East meets West

The Martyrs' Square, where East meets West

1. Sightseeing

1. Sightseeing

If you want to blend in with the locals and get the feeling of Tipoli during your Martyrs' Square tour, one of the things to do at Martyrs' Square is to just sit, hanging around, have a drink and watch people coming and going about their normal day-to-day activities. And also Martyrs' Square is in close proximity to the harbour and you can indeed enjoy beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. That wil be a very interesting experience. Since the square is the meeting point of many different avenues, you can stroll along the avenues. Omar Mukhtar Avenue is one of the longest in North Africa, it was built by Italians in the colonial time, and Libyans during the era of King Idris I. Independence Street branches from the square too, and it leads to the Palace of King Idris I. 24 December Avenue is also an Italian built avenue. Mizran Street is the last street that branches from the Martyrs' Square.

2. Restaurants and Cafe: taste the local dishes

2. Restaurants and Cafe: taste the local dishes

During your Martyrs' Square tour you can visit the beautiful restaurants nearby to enjoy some local dishes because food is the simplest and best way to learn about any local culture when traveling. Another thing to do at Martyrs’ square tour is tasting Libyan black and green tea. Libyan tea is rather very strong, thick, syrup-like black tea. One of the most important social occasions in Libya is the daily session of tea drinking. Brings families together, to chat, laugh and discuss about the highlights of the day and life in general firmly bonds the family. In special occasions and for those who still follow the old tradition, the tea is first poured into another mug, and then using two mugs, one continuously empties the content of one mug into the other and then back into the original mug for at least twenty or thirty times, to produce what the Libyans call reghwet orreghwa, which can be translated as froth or foam.

3. Shopping at the souk

3. Shopping at the souk

Souk is an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar. One things to do at Martyrs' Square tour is to visit the souk near the square. Strolling along the alleyways of the souk, chatting to shopkeepers, being offered fresh bread, browsing in the shops is very entertaining. It is only through meaningful intimate interactions with the vendors that you can even begin to comprehend the local way of life. The souks has glittering displays of gold and silverware, colourful bridal shops, and everything from miniature perfumes to giant suitcases. At the Souk you can enjoy shopping for golds, souvenirs and looking for traditional clothing as well. You can also purchase clothing items, spices, jewellery, handy-crafts and many more.

4. The Old City, Medina

4. The Old City, Medina

The city's old town, the Medina, is still unspoiled by mass-tourism, though it was increasingly exposed to more and more visitors from abroad, following the lifting of the UN embargo in 2003. However, the walled Medina retains much of its serene old-world ambiance. To enter the Medina through the main gateway from Martyrs' Square is to glimpse what it was like centuries ago. Since Roman times, the city has been rebuilt frequently, today most of the buildings date from the 16th century. These include mosques, souqs and caravanserais - the traditional stone buildings that house traders who continue to bring goods from the depths of the Sahara. The great thing about the Medina is that it's not so large as to get you lost, and whichever direction you take, you will soon find yourself back in the modern world.

Martyrs' Square Tripoli Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You do not need to pay an entrance fee for your Martyrs' Square tour, just make sure that you bring enough money should you want to shop at the souk, have a bite to eat or have a cup of coffee after you do all the things to do at Martyrs' Square.

How To Get Around?

It is best to go around and do all the tings to do at Martyrs' Square tour on foot, strolling around the square and walking around choosing which restaurants to eat will give or go from souq to souq will give you a pleasant experience. And while walking around you can also blend with other tourists and the local people, that will be very interesting

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable clothes and shoes are the best for walking around and do all the things to do at Martyrs' Square tour , the more comfortable is the better. Just take notes on the season of when you will make the visit.

Martyrs' Square Tripoli Facts

Best Time to Visit

You can have your Martyrs' Square tour at all time of the year. Especially in the night time when the square is full of people, it might be an attractive sight.


Libyan Dinars (LYD)

Will I Need a Guide?

If sightseeing is the things to do at Martyrs' Square tour for you then you do not really need a guide. But if you want to explore and know more about Martyrs' Square, the history and surroundings or go shopping and make a bargain then having an Arabic speaking person with you will be an advantage.

How To Get There?

Martyrs' Square is located at the center of Tripoli, so you can walk to reach it and doesn't really need any transportation. But getting a taxi is also preferable. Ask the driver for Green square or in Arabic Assaha al Khadra as the local taxi drivers know it but because the place is well known, almost all the taxi drivers are aware of its location.

Additional Info

Tripoli has a hot semi-arid climate with hot dry summers and relatively wet mild winters. In the cities, there is a mixture of Western and traditional clothes. Girls commonly wear brightly colored dresses, and boys wear jeans and shirts. Young men and women wear predominantly modern clothing, but most women continue to cover their hair in keeping with Islamic tradition. The official language of Libya is Modern Standard Arabic. Most residents speak one of the varieties of Arabic as a first language, most prominently Libyan Arabic, but also Egyptian Arabic and Tunisian Arabic.