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Moco Museum Amsterdam
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Visiting Moco Museum Amsterdam

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The Moco Museum Amsterdam is a modern contemporary museum situated in Amsterdam. The art here is inspiring. Some of the featured artists of the museum go by the names of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, etc. These are big names in the world of contemporary art, and the museum makes sure that their legacy is never forgotten. The Moco Museum is a private museum, and it was opened in April of the year 2016. Gallery owners Lionel and Kim Logchies are credited as the founders of the Museum. It is located at Museumplein in Villa Alsberg. This Villa is a mansion that was designed in 1904 by a legendary Dutch architect, Eduard Cuypers. The museum often holds temporary and permanent exhibitions to pay tribute to legendary contemporary artists. The very first exhibitions which were held at the Moco Museum were called ‘Laugh Now.’ These fantastic exhibitions consisted of works by Banksy, who was a very well known graffiti artist. The ‘Laugh Now’ Exhibitions also included works of contemporary art by Andy Warhol. In June, in 2016, the Moco Museum bought one of the painted police vans which happen to be painted by Banksy. This van was put on display by the museum in their garden.

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Come fall in love with the expertise of legendary artistic works in the Moco Museum

Come fall in love with the expertise of legendary artistic works in the Moco Museum

Works By Banksy

Works By Banksy

While Banksy must not be a name that every person out there might be familiar with, he is a British artist who is considered to be a major contributor in the field of Streetart. Banksy’s works are often very witty and civic. The Moco Museum features some famous works by the legendary artist. Mostly his indoor artworks are a part of the exhibition in the Museum. The Museum has managed to get real pieces of art which Banksy created in his time and put them on display for everyone to admire. The most famous and a unique piece of art by Banksy in the museum is ‘Beanfield’ which is on display on the ground floor of the beautiful museum. Some other famous works that are a part of the exhibition are ‘the girl with Balloon’ and ‘Keep it Real.

Works by Icy and Sot

Works by Icy and Sot

Icy and Sot are two artistic brothers from Iran. Their work has caught a lot of controversy in their homeland. Their work is so controversial that it is banned in Iran. But in truth, they are widely regarded as the ‘Banksy of Iran.’ The works of these brothers throw light on the current situations in Iran. It gives people a great insight into the culture of Iran and the attitude of society. Their artwork is mainly confined to street art. They reflect sensitive themes like those of oppression, freedom, war, fame, and dreams with their work. The Moco Museum welcomes their work with open arms, and it understands their work, that is way, to bring them to light their artworks are put on display in the Museum.

The MoCollection

The MoCollection

The MoCollection is a specially featured collection in the Moco Museum. It celebrates those artists who have had significant contributions to contemporary art and to the culture related to it. The main artists that feature this list are Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Jean Basquiat, and Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, and lastly, Keith Haring. The collection focuses on the talents and innovations of the artists uniquely. All these artists have been influenced by each other in some way or the other. The Moco Museum wants more people to know about these artists and make their legacy live forever in the minds of people.

Roy Lichtenstein 3D installation room

Roy Lichtenstein 3D installation room

Roy Lichtenstein 3D installation room is a 3D painting which has been created by Roy Lichtenstein. It is temporary display at the museum and can only be viewed by the visitors until the start of January, 2019. The painting seems to come to life when at first glance. But when it is observed carefully, people realize that it is a painting. They think that the art of Roy Lichtenstein is fairly easy, but it’s not. A lot of hard work has been put in by the artist behind the artwork. He has paid close attention to small details. If a person is not told that the artwork is not a real room, but just a brilliant painting, he or she might never be able to judge if it is an actual room or not.

Moco Museum Amsterdam Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The tickets to the Moco Museum are really easy to get. They are available both online and offline. The tickets to the Moco Museum are easily available on their website. Buying the tickets online can even help you get additional rewards. There are also special kind of tickets which allow you to get into the museum without even standing in a line.

How To Get Around?

The use of vehicles like a bicycle, scooter or skateboard is strictly prohibited. The people can only get around by walking. However, for the elderly and physically challenged people, the use of pushchairs and wheelchairs is permitted by the staff of the museum.

What Should I Wear?

No specific dress code is to be followed while you visit the Moco Museum. Just wear comfortable and smart looking clothes.

Moco Museum Amsterdam Facts

Best Time to Visit

The Moco Museum is open throughout the year from 9 a.m to 7 p.m. The time of visit does not matter. It will be a pleasurable experience irrespective of the time you choose to visit the museum.



Will I Need a Guide?

No you will not need a guide. All the pieces of art in the museum are self-explanatory.

How To Get There?

Getting to the Moco Museum is easy. Just board a flight to Amsterdam. From there on, it is a well-known landmark.

Additional Info

Any attempt made to Vandalize the property can get you in legal troubles.