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Mount Arafat Mecca
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Visiting Mount Arafat Mecca

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Mount Arafat, also known as Jabal-ar-Rahmah, is an outstanding and one of the holiest pilgrimage spot which witnesses almost 2 million visitors every year who come to pay their respect and pray. It is very popular worldwide, and the people from several countries who believe in the Islamic religion gather around the mount and climb to the top to offer their prayers. Along with a beautiful view, the mount offers tremendous spirituality with sacred vibes to all those who visit. Make your holidays count at the Mount Arafat and spend time feeling close to the Almighty and seek blessings for yourself and your family.

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Offering prayers at Mount Arafat

Offering prayers at Mount Arafat

The Khutbah of Hajj at Mount Arafat

The Khutbah of Hajj at Mount Arafat

The Khutbah of Hajj at Mount Arafat is the first event during the Hajj events at Mount Arafat. In the 9th month of the year, the pilgrims start with the pilgrimage traveling and arrive at the mountain. All the pilgrims accumulate at the mountain and listen to the scripts from the holy book being read out to them. It is considered as the primary formal event for the preaching of the public at the time of the noon. During the ceremony, the pilgrims focus on asking for forgiveness for their sins and seek blessing from Allah for strength and happiness. During the time of the ceremony, no one is allowed to talk, eat or drink anything.

The Zuhr Prayer at Mount Arafat

The Zuhr Prayer at Mount Arafat

The Zuhr Prayer at Mount Arafat starts just after the Khutbah ends. The prayer is performed during the Hajj at the Mount Arafat at the time of true noon which is exactly halfway between the sunset and the sunrise. This is the time when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. Before the sunset, the prayer ends and the next prayer begins right at sunset. If anyone delays the prayer or does not follow the set rules and expectations, his prayer is considered invalid and the person is disqualified from the Hajj.

The Asr Prayer at the Mount Arafat

The Asr Prayer at the Mount Arafat

The Asr Prayer at the Mount Arafat also takes place during the Hajj. It is a prayer which is recited by the Muslims on a daily basis. After the afternoon prayers have ended, this prayer begins and is recited by all the people who have gathered for the pilgrimage of the Hajj in the Mount Arafat plain. The prayer ends when the Sun has set completely. The timings of the prayer play a vital role in deciding if the prayer will even be considered being attributed to Allah or not. It is one of the most important from the five daily prayers of the Muslims.

Mount Arafat Mecca Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You can book the tickets through this website online and also make safe and secure transactions.

How To Get Around?

Mount Arafat is a holy pilgrimage spot and is allowed to be reached only on foot by the pilgrims who wish to attend the prayers and rituals of the Mountain Arafat Hajj.

What Should I Wear?

The entire body of men and women should be covered during Hajj. White garments which are long, are of Ihram material, with towelling fabric and consist of two seamless sheets can be worn by both men and women.

Mount Arafat Mecca Facts

Best Time to Visit

Hajj at Mount Arafat starts in the ninth month of the year and the prayers begin at afternoon each day.


Mexican Peso

Will I Need a Guide?

This website provides you with the complete information and so, guide is not needed.

How To Get There?

A city bus is available for the people who want to visit Mecca and can be availed from outside the city. There is no other way to reach the city. From here Hajj is done on foot.

Additional Info

Only Muslims can have access to Mecca after showing their relevant Id proofs. No person from other religion can access the city. For Hajj, you can wear only white garments which are seamless and cover the entire body of the person. Also, nobody is allowed to talk, eat or drink during the prayers.

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