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Mount Inasa Nagasaki
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Visiting Mount Inasa Nagasaki

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Mount Inasa is always on the top rank in the category of 'Places with the Most Beautiful Night Views in Japan'. It stands up with the height of 333 meters and the mount can be simply reached using the private car. However, if you want to feel the different sensation, you can access the mount using a public transportation available namely the ropeway. Then, after arriving in the observation area, you can enjoy the scenery of Nagasaki from the top. The night landscape of Nagasaki seen from Mount Inasa is also often called as the 'ten million dollar night.

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Enjoy the Sparkling Night of Nagasaki from Inasa Mount

Enjoy the Sparkling Night of Nagasaki from Inasa Mount

1. A Good Place to Practice the Climbing Skill

1. A Good Place to Practice the Climbing Skill

With the height of only 333 meters, this mount indeed looks like a hill. Therefore, you may not need to spend so much energy to climb it. The path made is also quite sloppy so that it will not be too tiring. This way, Mount Inasa is usually considered as the best spot to practice climbing. The beginners in the climbing world often choose this mount at first before they start to climb the real mountains. Interestingly, the road has also been paved to ease your trip. Many transportation devices are available if you don't want to walk anymore. So, for many reasons, this mount is good to visit for all the climbers whether they are still beginners or they have been the experts.

2. The Spectacular Night's View

2. The Spectacular Night's View

The saying 'the ten million dollar night' to call Mount Inasa is not without any reason. There are not many places in Japan that offer the spectacular view from Japan just like Mount Inasa does. That's why; many visitors of this mount commonly come to enjoy the view. The trip can be started in the evening. Then, when surrounding has been darkened, Nagasaki will be sparkling from the houses' lighting. Of course, it is more than that. You can just raise your head and see the sky. There are the real stars there. They are absolutely beautiful and romantic.

3. The Sunrise and Sunset

3. The Sunrise and Sunset

The night view is not the only thing you can enjoy here. If you are about the come earlier, there is another view that is also really amazing. It is when the sun is set in the west. Enjoy the twilight here along with its orange sky. If you want to camp, it is possible also. You can come here starting from around 7 pm and then spend a night. The sunrise is really worth to see.

4. The Ropeway

4. The Ropeway

Another reason why the tourists are interested to come to this mount is due to its unique transportation device. It is called the ropeway. Indeed, you can get the top by driving your own car. But the different sensation is given by the ropeway or the cable car of Mount Inasa. The trip using this device is quite short actually; it is only about 5 minutes. Since many people also want to ride this car, you may need to wait for in the line. The cable car leaves every 15 minutes. Meanwhile, other public transportation available are the buses.

Mount Inasa Nagasaki Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Mount Inasa itself can be accessed for free. However, you need to pay the tickets for the transportation devices. The Nagasaki ropeway or the cable car costs 1,230 Yen for the round trip and 740 Yen for the one-way. For the cheaper alternative, it is by taking a bus which costs around 150 Yen. Of course, you can also use your own car for free.

How To Get Around?

It is possible for you to reach the observation spot by walking. There is a paved path available. But sure, you can also utilize the transportation devices including the ropeway, bus, and car.

What Should I Wear?

There is no certain dress code required to access Mount Inasa. It means you can wear any clothe that you want as long as you feel really comfortable with it. But since you may go to this mount at night, prepare also some warming clothes like jackets, long-sleeved shirts, trousers, and the likes. Once you are in the top, the temperature is quite cold even it is in the summer.

Mount Inasa Nagasaki Facts

Best Time to Visit

This attraction is opened every day. However, it seems that the spring and summer is the best time to visit. Well, the temperature tends to be cozier. It is recommended to start the trip before the evening. This way, it is not only the night view to be seen but also the beautiful sunset. Of course, it is possible also to spend the night and see the sunrise.



Will I Need a Guide?

Guide is not really needed here. There are already some officers provided to help you and ask your questions. For the others, it seems much better to enjoy the views by yourself or with your friends without any disturbs from the guide talking.

How To Get There?

You can take a regular bus from the Nagasaki station; they are the routes of 3 and 4. Being arrived in the base of the mountain, the cable cars and buses to reach the observation spot have been available.

Additional Info

Aside from Mount Inasa, there are many attractions in Nagasaki that are worth to visit. What are they? They are Nagasaki Chinatown, Confucius Shrine, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium, Omura Bay, Suwa Shrine, Nagasaki Seaside Park, and more.

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