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Mount Titano San Marino
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Visiting Mount Titano San Marino

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Mount Titano (Monte Titano) is a mountain of the Apennines and the highest peak in San Marino. It stands at 739 m above sea level and is located immediately to the east of the capital, San Marino. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 under the combined title 'San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano'.

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The Impressive World Heritage Site: Mount Titano

The Impressive World Heritage Site: Mount Titano

1. Palazzo Pubblico

1. Palazzo Pubblico

A top Mount Titano and overlooking the valley, Palazzo Pubblico represents the center for everything official and political in the city. Restored in 1996, the medieval architecture and preserved clock tower feature icons and symbols of the country, including coats of arms. Generally you cannot go inside the building because of administrative proceedings, but if you linger long enough you may be able to watch the changing of the guards, which happens throughout the day. After your visit, stroll through the adjacent square. This is one of the best things to do at Mount Titano.

2. Basilica  del Santo Marino

2. Basilica del Santo Marino

Basilica di San Marino was designed and built, starting in 1826, by Antonio Serra, an architect from Bologna, on the grounds of the ancient Church of the 5th century, which was demolished to make place for the new Basilica. The Basilica, consecrated in 1855, has a neo-classic style with a portico of Corinthian columns. The massive bell tower, originally in Romanic style, was rebuilt in the 1600's. Internally, the Basilica has three aisles and seven altars.The throne of the Regents, dating to the 1600' s, is situated to the left of the main altar;under the alter a small urn contains the bones of St.Marino;on the right, a marble monument houses a shrine which contains the top of the Saint' s skull.It is one of the best things to do at San Marino.

3. Guaita Tower

3. Guaita Tower

The Guaita fortress is the oldest of the three towers constructed on Mount Titano, and the most famous. It was built in the 11th century and served briefly as a prison. It is one of the three towers depicted on both the national flag and coat of arms. It was registered as one of the World Heritage Sites in 2008. The surrounding area is quite developed, offering restaurants and shops. The Guaita was used as a prison until the early 1970s. Today, artillery pieces, which originate from endowments by the Italian kings Viktor Emanuel II and Viktor Emanuel III, are kept in the tower. Volleys are fired from them on important holidays. There are many things to do at Guaita to complete your day. You need to purchase a Mount Titano ticket to visit this tower.

4. Flora And Fauna

4. Flora And Fauna

Set in the Mediterranean zone the vegetation is typical influenced by elevation variations. Numerous trees inhabit the mountain, including chestnuts, oaks, laburnum, cypress, fir trees and some shrubs and asparagus, typical of the driest areas, such as the territory in the Three Towers of San Marino vicinity. On the cliffs of Moun Titano is also found Ephedra Nebrodensis, a plant typical of Sicily and Sardinia. Wildlife is represented by all classes of vertebrates and, given the characteristics of the mountainous territory, birds and mammals are the most common animals. In relation to birds, several can be mentioned such as the kestrel, barn owl, owl, tawny owl, the magpie and buzzards. Common animal life includes roe deer, wild boar, deer, weasels, marten, porcupine, hare, hedgehogs, polecats, badgers and foxes. This is one of the most interesting things to do at Mount Titano.

5. Montale Tower

5. Montale Tower

Montale is the smallest of the three peaks of Monunt Titano. The tower on the peak was constructed in the 14th century. Unlike the other two towers constructed on the mount, Montale is not open to the public. It is one of the three towers depicted on both the national flagand coat of arms of San Marino. It is thought to have been constructed to give protection against the increasing power of the Malatestafamily in that region. It was also used as a prison, and accordingly, the only entrance to the tower is a door about seven metres from ground level, which was common for prison architecture of the time. Visiting Montale Tower is a must thing to do at Guaita. However, your Guita ticket doesn't include entrance fee to this tower. You can purchase the combination ticket if you want to see this tower during your Mount Titano tour.

6. Cesta Tower

6. Cesta Tower

Cesta is located in 7 minutes walk from Guaita, at the highest point of the Mount Titano (760 m). It was built in the 13th century. The panoramic views from here are great, however your Mount Titano ticket doesn't include entrance fee to this tower. The central part is shaped pentagon as well as the other two citadels. A museum to honor Saint Marinus, created in 1956, is located in this tower and showcases over 1,550 weapons dating from the medieval era to the modern day. It was constructed in the 13th century on the remains of an older Roman fort.

Mount Titano San Marino Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There are ticket offices where you can purchase Mount Titano ticket on site. Please note that all the attractions in Mount Titano area requires a different ticket. You can do all the things to do at Mount Titano with a combination ticket.

How To Get Around?

You can get around by walking through the mountain area. There is a parking lot at the mountain where you can park and start walking. Make sure you are fit enough to explore all the area.

What Should I Wear?

Wear comfortable shoes to walk or hike. Bring sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Do not forget to take drinking water with you.

Mount Titano San Marino Facts

Best Time to Visit

There is no best time to visit Mount Titano, it can be visited at any time of the year. Summer is the most crowded season.



Will I Need a Guide?


How To Get There?

Mount Titano is located in central San Marino, it's not a big place so don't worry about finding.  It's 22km from the coastal beach resort area of Rimini, 135km from Bologna, and 240km from Florence.  This mountain is in the center of the touristy area so upon approach you'll be directed to a parking lot or garage and from there you'll start your journey.  There are a few public transportation that offer a ride to this mountain.

Additional Info

There are several shops and cafes on the way to rest at, take your time after a long hike and sit for a drink while enjoying the views. Please do not leave your trash anywhere else except the trash bin.