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Museum Mesir Cairo
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Visiting Museum Mesir Cairo

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The trip to Egypt is incomplete if you do not visit the Museum Mesir. Housing a number of fragments of the history and the culture of the country, the display at the Museum Mesir is an epitome of the diverse tradition, ancient features, and much more. With a number of mummies housed in the museum's special rooms, find out the treasures and objects which have been housed in the country with utmost care at the Museum Mesir. Get ready to encounter exquisite Ancient Egypt at the Museum Mesir.

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Insights of the Museum Mesir

Insights of the Museum Mesir

The Merneptah Stele at the Museum Mesir

The Merneptah Stele at the Museum Mesir

The Merneptah Stele also knwon as the Israel Stele and the Victory Stele of Merneptah at the Museum Mesir is an inscription by Mernetah who is an Egyptian king of the ancient times. Made of black granite, the Merneptah Stele was discovered in the year 1896, however, it was created in the year 1208 BC. Most of the people of the country consider the stele to be the most important discovery of the Egyptian culture due to its inscription which belongs back to the Iron Age. The bulk of the inscription written on the stele displays the message of victory of the ancient king Merneotah and how he defeated the Libyans. However, the last three lines of the inscription talk about the Cannan.

The Mask of Tutankhamun at the Museum Mesir

The Mask of Tutankhamun at the Museum Mesir

The Mask of Tutankhamun at the Museum Mesir is the death mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun of the ancient Egypt of the 18th dynasty. Howard Carter discovered the mask in the year 1925 and now it is housed in Museum Mesir. The mask is considered to be one of the most wonderful and important artworks in the world. Made of two layers of high-karat gold, weighing about 10.23 kg, the mask represents the standard image of the pharaoh. The mask contains inlays of gemstones and colored glass including quartz, turquoise, faience, lapis lazuli, obsidian, feldspar, amazonite, carnelian, and other precious stones in its description. The ears of the mask have been pierced which make it look more real like with an attempt to give details of the real person.

The Narmer Palette at the Museum Mesir

The Narmer Palette at the Museum Mesir

The Narmer Palette also known as the Palette of Narmer or the Great Hierakonpolis Palette is an important archaelogical find of Egypt which dates back to the 31st century BC. The tablet contains some of the earliest inscriptions in hieroglyphic. The table depicts the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt under the king. One side of the tablet, you can see the king with the White Crown of Upper Egypt and on the opposite side, you can see the king of the Lower Egypt wearing a Red Crown. Many classical conventions of the ancient art of Egypt have been shown on the palette. The Narmer Palette has been referred to be as the first historical document of the world.

Museum Mesir Cairo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Museum Mesir tickets can be booked online as well as offline. Booking tickets online is easier. Tickets are procured easily online as it saves time and you can also get some deals or discounts. The website will help you book tickets in no time and also allow you to counter a number of deals, packages and discounts on the same. You can also make payments after the booking in a safe and secure method through online transaction.

How To Get Around?

The museum can be accessed only on foot as no other kind of transportation is allowed within the museum premises.

What Should I Wear?

Wear a long dress in a solid color. Go for a bold color. You can also carry little makeup. Wear a studded bracelet and a necklace. Carry a clutch. Avoid any other accessories. A ring may look elegant. Carry layers for nights.

Museum Mesir Cairo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The museum is open on all days from 9 am to 5 pm.


Egyptian pound

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide will not be needed as this website will guide you about almost everything and anything about the city, the place and the trip. So, a guide is unnecessary.

How To Get There?

Trams, buses, and taxis can be used to access the museum from the airport or from the outside of the hotel. You can also go for Cairo metro for faster reach.

Additional Info

The museum is guarded with extensive security forces. Make sure you do not carry any weaponry items or you will not be entertained. Do not touch the exhibits of the museum. Maintain a nominal distance from the exhibits.

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