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National Museum of Cambodia Phnom Penh
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Visiting National Museum of Cambodia Phnom Penh

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The National Museum of Cambodia is a place where many Cambodian arts are collected and shown. It is also a house of a popular courtyard, in which the courtyard is the place that is popular for photo-hungry tourists. If you are thirsty for Cambodian history and Cambodian arts, you should look no further than this place.

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Traveling Cambodia: What You Should Know about National Museum of Cambodia Ticket Prices and Attractions

Traveling Cambodia: What You Should Know about National Museum of Cambodia Ticket Prices and Attractions

1. King Jayavarman VII Statue

1. King Jayavarman VII Statue

King Jayavarman is a great king back then, and he is so great that the people of yore sculpted statue of him meditating. This statue is the main attraction of the museum as it brings many curious tourists close to it. You can learn a lot about the King and about the and Hindu mythology. In a country that is filled with Buddhist and Hindu, it is to be expected to have kingdom before Cambodia from this statue.

2. The Statue of Garuda

2. The Statue of Garuda

Garuda is one of the legendary animals of the Buddha this magnificent statue decorating the national monument. Many believe that Garuda is a bird, but some also say that Garuda is a bird-like creature, resembling an anthropomorphic bird. No matter how you look at Garuda, the statue screams stories and legends. It is the best pull for those with a love for mythology.

3. The Leper King Statue

3. The Leper King Statue

A statue again, but this one is a bit vile because it is a statue of the Leper King. The statue can be a bit scary to look at, but that is a factor that draws people close to it. It depicts Yama, the Hindu god of death. Some people are repulsed by the fact that there is a statue dedicated to the god of death, but death is an important aspect of the Hindu myth. For them, there must be a balance between life and death, and this statue is their way to show their respect of death.

4. The Museum Courtyard

4. The Museum Courtyard

The courtyard itself is a place where many tourists gather around because it is beautiful on its own. The museum might be filled with ancient things and arts, but the courtyard is a work of art as well. The courtyard is a place where the annual ploughing ceremony is held, and if you are lucky, you can be a witness to it. Not only that, you can see the outside of the museum here as well. The museum building is one of the many Khmer-styled buildings in Cambodia.

5. Statues of the Gods

5. Statues of the Gods

For those wanting to study Buddhist and Hindunese mythology, there is no better place than the national museum of Cambodia because this attraction will surely help them. You can find many statues devoted to the gods of Hindunese myth, and there is no better teacher than directly seeing how the gods are pictured. You can see sculpts of minor Hindunese gods in here, something that many history teachers did not tell in history lessons.

6. Arts of Angkor

6. Arts of Angkor

Before Cambodia was known as Cambodia, it used to house a great, ancient city by the name of Angkor. When Angkor was still at its peak, many arts and crafts were created by many talented Angkor artisans. Now that Angkor is no more, its crafts were devoured by time. The arts that survived were moved to the national museum of Cambodia and is now turned into exhibitions. The arts tell many stories, and they have become one of Cambodia's most prized possession. Do give this place a visit if you are interested in the Khmer civilization.

National Museum of Cambodia Phnom Penh Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The National Museum of Cambodia tickets will cost you 5 US Dollars or 10 US Dollars depend on how old you are. If you are sitting in the age range of 10 to 17, then it will cost you 5 while older people need to pay 10 for the admission fee. If you are not a foreigner, you have to pay 500 riels. If you are not a foreigner AND you are still in school, you do not need to pay any fee at all.

How To Get Around?

The museum is not that big, and its small size means traveling on foot is the only possible choice. While the attractions are many, they are close to each other.

What Should I Wear?

Clothes that cover your body. While Cambodia is not as strict as many other conservative countries, the people still expect you to dress appropriately. This means no tank top and hot pants. You can wear shirts as long they are not skin-tight. Jeans are also allowed and sandals are fine to wear, meaning those who forgot their traveling shoes should not worry about being rejected entry.

National Museum of Cambodia Phnom Penh Facts

Best Time to Visit

The museum opens at 8 in the morning and will stay open until 17.00 every day. If you are planning a visit there, make sure to be there before 16.30. This is because the museum would not permit any more visitors after that hour.


Cambodian Riel

Will I Need a Guide?

If you want to know even the tiniest details of the history of the exhibitions, you need to have one accompany you as you traversed the museum. The guide is available for individual or for in groups, and they can guide you English, French, Khmer, and Japanese.

How To Get There?

There are many ways to reach the museum, but the easiest way is to use the public bus that runs on a schedule. You will encounter traffic jams if you are traveling there during peak hours, but the city and the airport is not that far, so high chance that you will not be spending too much time on the road. The buses have a corridor-like system in which one bus will take you through the whole corridor and not deviate from it, meaning you should not be afraid of getting lost. Just remember to take the first line and stop at the 37th stop.

Additional Info

You are not allowed to take pictures of the museum, but you are allowed to take photos outside of the museum and of the museum exterior itself. Remember that the national museum of Cambodia tickets are priced differently according to how old you are and do not act the part of an obnoxious tourist.

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