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Nunobiki Herb Garden Kobe
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Visiting Nunobiki Herb Garden Kobe

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Nunobiki Herb Garden is like a green refreshing oasis perched on top of Mount Rokko, Kobe. Visitors will be mesmerized with carpet of flowers in many colors. Fragrant herbs are also waiting to be discovered in this one of the biggest herb garden in Japan. More than 75,000 herbs and flowers from 200 species are grown here. The garden also boast greenhouses, museums, interesting exhibits, restaurant and cafes that offer the best view of Kobe City from atop of the mountain.

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Dive in Flowers' Sweet Fragrance in Nunobiki Herb Garden

Dive in Flowers' Sweet Fragrance in Nunobiki Herb Garden

Nunobiki Waterfall

Nunobiki Waterfall

Nunobiki Waterfall is one of the most divine falls in Japan, its beauty have been featured so many times in Japanese Literatures and Japanese arts, one of the most renowned piece is Tales of Ise (Ise no Monogatari). The falls are compromised into four impressive cascades: Ontaki, Mentaki, Tsutsumigadaki, and Meotodaki. Nunobiki Waterfall is located just few kilometres away from Nunobiki Herb Garden. If you spot the waterfall when you're hiking to the herb garden, you will know that you will reach your destination soon.

Nunobiki Dam

Nunobiki Dam

Nunobiki Dam is the first concrete gravity dam in Japan that was built in 1897, that is also listed as one of Japan's most important heritage site. It was planned and proposed by Professor William Barton from the British Ministry of Engineering. The dam was complete in 1900, and ever since then it doesn't only serve as a water reservoir but also provide clean filtered drinking water for the whole citizens. You can catch a glimpse of the dam and the lush green surrounding it from your ropeway gondola.

 Nunobiki Herb Garden Rest House

Nunobiki Herb Garden Rest House

Once you reached the summit, an European-style building of the Rest House is the first thing you'll see. The entire layout strongly resemble a quaint German village house from 1800, that it feels like you were being transported immediately to the European country. Colorful flower beddings decorated some corner of the front square, while at one corner you can see the impressive view of the Kobe City and Seto Inland Sea through a binocular provided nearby. The Rest House also feature many shops selling various herbs and flower seeds. The Rest House is also filled with sweet and refreshing aroma of herbs, that will truly revitalize you after a long hike.

Nunobiki Gift House

Nunobiki Gift House

If you're not sure which shop in the Rest House you should enter, try the Gift House Shop. The shop is a portal to a magical place where you can buy flowers and herbs seeds, there are also herb perfumes, essential oils, and some delightful flower jams. You can sniff pleasant smell of the herbs that is so soothing you wouldn't mind spending your entire day inside the gift shop. The gift shop is also a perfect place to hunt for some Chamomile Tea, Lavender Tea, and other kind of herb teas for tea lovers. You can also shop for some high-quality shampoos made of natural herbs and flowers grown in the garden.

Fragrance Museum

Fragrance Museum

The next destination you shouldn't miss in the garden's complex is Fragrance Museum. The museum offer new interesting knowledge about perfumes. Perfume's ingredients are put on display, and you might also learn how your favorite perfume was made. There are various perfume samples featured in this museum, and visitors are allowed to sniff at each one of them.

Herbal Footbath

Herbal Footbath

Herbal Footbath is a favorite attraction for all hikers who visit Nunobiki Herb Garden, in fact, you shouldn't miss it! The Herbal Footbath consists of a small pool where you can dip your feet inside relaxing warm water mixed with some natural herbs. Not only it is great to relax your feet muscles after a long range hiking, you'll get to enjoy spectacular view of Mount Rokko and Kobe City in the distance.

Nunobiki Herb Garden Kobe Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You can purchase a round-trip ticket that will not give you an access to Nunobiki Herb Garden, but also a ticket for Nunobiki Ropeway. Many visitors choose to purchase this roundtrip ticket which costs about JPY 1500 or $13.29, while a roundtrip ticket after 05:00 PM is about JPY 900 or $7.97. You only have to pay JPY 200 if you only purchase the entry ticket to the herb garden.

How To Get Around?

Every attraction located in Nunobiki Herb Garden are all within walking range.

What Should I Wear?

Nunobiki Herb Garden is a perfect place for a romantic date. If you're planning to go on a date in this herb garden, dress yourself up in your best dating outfits. If you're going on a hike, then be sure to wear a comfortable T-Shirt and pants. Don't forget to also wear a pair of sturdy hiking shoes.

Nunobiki Herb Garden Kobe Facts

Best Time to Visit

Nunobiki Herb Garden is best to be visited almost any time of the year (except Winter). It is highly recommended to visit the herb garden in the afternoon just few hours before sunset. You'll get spectacular view of the city at night from your gondola.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, a guide won't be necessary since you'll get all informations you need in this website.

How To Get There?

There are only two ways to reach Nunobiki Herb Garden. If you have plenty of time, you might want to consider to hike your way up to the botanical garden. There are so many impressive natural spots you might discover on your way. It will take approximately 2-3 hours. The much faster way is by using Nunobiki Ropeway service, where you will get the bird-eye view of the mountain and Kobe city.

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