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Nuremberg Zoo
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Visiting Nuremberg Zoo

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Nuremberg Zoo is located in the southeast part of Nuremberg, Germany. Located in the center area of the city, the area of Nuremberg Zoo is around 170 acres. Its big area was built in the middle of a forest. The zoo is the home for around 300 species of animals. The highlight of Nuremberg Zoo is its bottlenose dolphin shows and the manatee house. The zoo is open every day from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Take the tour inside Nuremberg Zoo and let yourself having amazing experiences inside.

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Fill with the headline

Dolphins and Seals Show

Dolphins and Seals Show

The most exciting activity to do is here! Nuremberg Zoo gives best performance for the visitors just like this dolphins and seals show. There are some dolphins that had been trained by its trainer and they are ready to gives you the most exciting performances. Not only dolphins, but seals are also ready to bring out their great performances for you. If you are interested to watch the show, make sure that you arrive in the place thirty minutes before the show, because if you arrive in the places near the time which the show started, you will get no chairs.



The main mission of a zoo is to make people get more information through animal exhibition. However, Nuremberg Zoo decided to make differences by providing conservation. Nuremberg Zoo gives their all to protect endangered species from getting extinct. The conservation inside the Nuremberg Zoo marked their success of having bisons and Arabian orxyes repopulated again in the wild. The conservation also has their own strategy to provide the best environment for the animals by operating a rescue station for injured animals.

The Tropic House

The Tropic House

The Tropic House is the home for animals originally living in the jungle. What things that you can do in The Tropic House? Take the tour inside The Tropic House and meet the slow sloths, calm tortoises, exotic butterflies, and some monkeys. Not only animals, you can also discover some tropical plants inside the house. While walking in The Tropic House, you can also enjoy the big forest which contains many plants that you might have never seen before.

Manatee House

Manatee House

Prepare yourself to see the four cute manatees here. The Manatee House is the home for four manatees named Luna, Mara, Herbert and Zorro. Not only that you can see the big and friendly manatees there, you will also meet the poisonous dart frogs and red-legged honeycreepers twittering from the branches around the house. The tour inside The Manatee House will also include watching the manatees eating their favorite food which is lettuce. The specialty of The Manatee House is its leafcutter ants. So, make sure that you go to The Manatee House if you are visiting Nuremberg Zoo.

Animals Feeding

Animals Feeding

Nuremberg Zoo is known for its unique arrangement of cages. If usual zoo will make the cage as the boundaries for the animals, Nuremberg Zoo try making it more natural like the habitat of the animals. By making it as natural as possible, the animals will feel comfortable and it is also good for the visitors since they can know the real-life related things inside the zoo. Nuremberg Zoo is also known for its big cats. The tour inside the Nuremberg Zoo will take you to see the biggest and maybe the scariest lions. However, you are also allowed to feeds the lions. Try the sensation of feeding big and scary lion which stand close to you!



As what have stated before, Nuremberg Zoo was built inside a forest. The tour inside the zoo will not only give you the best experiences of watching how animals live, but also the unbeatable scenery which is originally built inside the zoo. There are several attractions that will catch your eyes such as sandstone cliffs, rivers, and numbers of old-growth tree.

Nuremberg Zoo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

If you are planning to visit Nuremberg Zoo you don't have to worry about not getting the tickets. You can directly come to the ticket booth or you can easily buy the ticket online from the zoo's official website.

How To Get Around?

To get around the Nuremberg Zoo, you can easily just walk on your foot and enjoy all the attractions there or you can easily go around by the zoo train that has already provided.

What Should I Wear?

If you want to take a tour inside the zoo, you can easily wear something that makes you comfortable for walking around like polo shirt and safari short. The ground in the Nuremberg Zoo was quiet high for some people. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking in some steep grounds.

Nuremberg Zoo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Nuremberg is in between March to May, although the weather is a bit chilly, you will get the benefits of low prices and fewer crowds.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, transportation is easy and you can find anything for your tour on this site.

How To Get There?

To take the tour to Nuremberg Zoo from the central of Nuremberg city, you don't need to worry about anything. Even though the location of the zoo is a little bit outside from the city, there are plenty of public transportations that will straightly take you there such as bus, train, and also taxi.

Additional Info

Make sure to bring your sunscreen or hat to avoid your skin from getting burned. There are also some discounts for the tickets, make sure to check it on the zoo's website. Moreover, it is also recommended to not taking the train inside the zoo. The train will only pass the cages of the animals, so it might be best if you take a walk and see the animals from a close distance.