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Panglao Island Bohol
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Visiting Panglao Island Bohol

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Panglao is an Island in the north Bohol Sea in Philippines. It has so many small islands and beaches to explore. There are also so many things to do at Panglao Island. From plain terrains to mountainous, Panglao Island is one of the most popular tourism destination in the Philippines.

The Many Faces of Panglao Island

The Many Faces of Panglao Island



If visitors are in a Panglao Island tour group, they will definitely take you to the amazing caves in Panglao Island because it's one of the things you have to do at Panglao Island. The caves in Panglao Island have very beautiful views and cool geographic positions. This is caused by the limestones that Panglao has which is the Maribojoc limestone. It is soluble which causes the formation of the caves. One of the most famous cave is the Hinagdanan Cave. The Hinagdanan cave has underground water source which is unique when Panglao Island doesn't even have any river or lake.



One of the things to do at Panglao Island is to see tarsiers. Bohol is quite famous for their tarsiers. Tarsiers are small nocturnal (which means they are only awake at night) animals with incredibly big eyes and a head that can turn 180°. Tarsiers are one of the most endangered animals in the world so there are a lot of tarsier sanctuaries that visitors can go to with other animals to see there as well. One sanctuary can hold up to 1000 tarsiers. There, staff will tell you everything about these unique animals and will answer all of your questions. Even though tarsiers are only awake at night, this attraction is definitely a one of a kind experience. Some sanctuaries also provide other activities like horse riding and animal feeding. Sanctuaries close at a relatively early time because animals need a lot of rest.



When people hear the word 'island', they instantly think of beaches and it would be a loss not to go to Panglao Island's famous beaches. There are so many beaches to choose from and they each have a different vibe. One of the famous things to do at Panglao Island is shark diving at the beaches. Boat riding and diving will cost around 3000 pesos. The other things that you can do at beaches besides shark diving is dolphin watching, snorkelling and many more. The most famous beach to dive and do all these activities in is Alona Beach.



Panglao Island has a lot of smaller islands in it and each of them has their own unique and different signature. Visitors can just go to one island they choose or they can go island hopping which is an activity where visitors rent boats and then go from island to island. While on the boat, visitors can see the beautiful reefs under and wildlife like dolphins. The things visitors can do at the islands in Panglao are eat, visit temples, and sight see.



If visitors are interested in history, visiting Panglao's Churches would be one of the best things to do. Panglao Island has a lot of ancient Spanish heritage. Some of them being Christian and Catholic Churches. These places are very sacred and special. Besides praying, visitors can admire the unique design and architecture of the Churches. It shows a lot of history like how the Churches were built and how rituals were done in the past. People in the Philippines are some that are considered religious so they take care of the Churches very well and yet are able to maintain the vintage feel to it.

Panglao Island Bohol Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There are no admission fees needed to enter Panglao Island except for the transportation fees you have to pay to get to the Island or the Panglao Island tours you signed up to. Of course, you will need to pay for attractions you will visit inside Panglao Island.

How To Get Around?

If you are in a Panglao Island tour group, it will be easy to get around because the tour usually provides a bus for the group. If you are travelling without guidance, there are plenty of transportation for rent like motorbikes and tricycles. Motorbikes for two people would cost around 250 pesos per trip. While tricycles would cost around 300 to 400 pesos. There are also public transportation you can use like the bus but the destinations might be limited.

What Should I Wear?

What you wear depends on the weather and the things to do at Panglao Island. If you're going to Panglao Island during sunny season, it's best to wear short sleeved outfits with thin fabric so it will keep you cool. During sunny season, you can wear sandals or shoes depending on what you will do. For example if you want to visit Bohol's famous ancient Spanish heritage Churches, it would be better and more respectul to wear shoes. If you're travelling during rainy season, it's best to wear short sleeved outfits and bring a jacket, a pair of sandals and an umbrella or a raincoat. It would be uncomfortable to soak your shoes in puddles. It might also be good to bring rain boots but it would be too much to bring.

Panglao Island Bohol Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to Panglao Island would be from January to mid-March when it's sunny (28-32°C during the day and 25°C during the night) and the crowds aren't too much. The things to do at Panglao Island would not be as fun with rain so it would be best to avoid going in August to November when it's the most humid. The weather from December to March is quite ideal; dry and not too hot. Unfortunately, it would be very crowded in Panglao Island in December due to Christmas. The crowd is most balanced from April to July. If you don't like crowds and don't mind a little rain, this season (about 38°C during the day) could also be ideal for your trip.



Will I Need a Guide?

It would be great to have a tour guide with you alone or with your group since Panglao Island is a big place and you might get lost exploring. But with the right amount of research, asking and looking at directions, it is probably fine for you to go without Panglao Island tours. Going alone will also give you more freedom and you won't have to pay anyone.

How To Get There?

To get to Panglao Island from Tagbilaran, you can either find a jeepney available for rent that will drop you in Alona Beach (20 kilometres from Tagbilaran Port) or ride a taxi from the Tagbilaran Airport for 20 minutes. It's ideal to ask the people driving your taxi or jeepney about the things to do at Panglao Island. They are usually familiar with the place and will recommend you to go to good locations. To get to Panglao Island from Cebu or Dumaguete, you can take a fast ferry that will cost around 400 pesos for each person and an additional 25 pesos for a terminal fee ticket. To get to Panglao Island from Bohol Airport, you can ride a tricycle taxi which costs half the price of regular taxis. To get to Bohol from Manila, you can ride a plane.

Additional Info

Make sure to keep the beaches clean by throwing your trash in the right place and not in the sand. Panglao Island is one of the most popular tourism destination and it is important for us to protect mother nature.