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Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary Bohol
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Visiting Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary Bohol

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Witness the amazingly adorable tarsiers at the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary, Corella. Tourists from all over the world would come all the way to Bohol just to see these fuzzy little creatures so if you are an animal enthusiast, visit Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary today!

Meet The Cute Animals At The Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary

Meet The Cute Animals At The Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary

1. Tarsiers

1. Tarsiers

In the estimatedly 10 hectares sanctuary, the main attraction is the Tarsier Trail which will be about 15 kilometres long. There are about 100 tarsiers in the sanctuary but it will take luck to be able to see all of them clearly. Tarsiers are very cute little primates with big eyes that are bigger than their brains. They can jump 5 metres from tree to tree and turn their heads 360°. These animals can only have one child every year and will commit suicide whenever they are stressed. These factors make them one of the most protected animals in the world. In the Tarsier Trail, visitors will be led into a forest-like environment where they are surrounded by trees with tarsiers on it. Visitors aren't allowed to touch the tarsiers, create a noisy environment or take pictures with flash and shutter on as it might stress out the poor little creatures. They are only allowed to look at the tarsiers from 1 metre away. However, these restrictions will not get in the way of visitors experience in looking at the tarsiers.

2. Souvenirs

2. Souvenirs

Visitors will of course want to own a memento to remember their trip to the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary. There will be a souvenir shop that provides keychains or shirts with tarsiers in it in the sanctuary. When visitors are going to buy tickets and passes, they will see a sign in the entrance to the ticket office. The exact same sign will also show visitors the way to the souvenir shop. If visitors are not able to find this shop, the guide giving the tour will probably lead visitors here at the end of the trip. There is a donation box in the sanctuary. If visitors don't mind paying for the tickets and passes, they might as well can donate a few pesos to help the sanctuary keep tarsiers alive and well.

3. Video Viewing

3. Video Viewing

Another thing visitors can do when visiting the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary is to watch the educational videos they provide. The videos explain facts about the tarsiers with clips of their activities. These videos are useful to learn from especially if visitors are bringing their children along with them. This activity can make the most out of the tickets and passes that visitors bought. Spend your last hours at the sanctuary learning about tarsiers with your family!

Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary Bohol Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

To enter the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary, you will need to pay 50 pesos. To get tickets and passes in the ticket office, there will be a sign in the entrance that shows you where to go. By paying the tickets and passes, you will get a 30 to 60 minutes tour and a guide that will give you a tour. You can also book your trip through websites online.

How To Get Around?

There will not be a rental for transportations. You can only walk. All you have to do is pay for the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary tickets and passes then follow the guide to wherever he leads you. Remember to always follow the rules!

What Should I Wear?

It's best to wear dark and earthly colors. Wearing popping, contrast colors might scare the tarsiers as they are easily stressed. Make sure your outfit doesn't make you feel hot because you will be outside the whole time. It is also recommended to wear long pants because there might be mosquitoes in the trees. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals because you will be walking a the Tarsier Trail.

Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary Bohol Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best season to visit is from December to May. If you don't like crowded places, it's best to avoid late December because the Philippines is crowded on December. The Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary opens at 9.00 in the morning and closes at 16.00. Since you'll be having a short trip (about one hour long), it's recommended to come in the afternoon when the tarsiers are awake and the forest is fuller. When the tarsiers are awake, they will do a range of activities from jumping to making cute faces. It's important to make the most out of your tickets and passes so do come at the right hours.



Will I Need a Guide?

You might need a guide when travelling in Bohol but in the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary, there's already a guide that will give you a tour and tell you what to do. Just pay for the tickets and passes then enjoy the experience! Don't just follow the guide, follow the rules too.

How To Get There?

If you're from Tagbilaran City, you can ride public transportation like the bus or rent a transportation like motorbikes and jeeps. The trip to Corella City will take about 20 minutes long. Once you get to Corella City, the Philippines Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary will be about 4 kilometres away. The whole trip is about 14 kilometres long. If you're travelling alone, make sure you're in the right track. Routes are a little unclear in the Philippines so even if you're going with public transportation, make sure the driver knows your destination or they could take you on for hours. If you are with a tour group, you don't have to worry because they will take you to every spot on time.

Additional Info

Even though you paid for the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and Sanctuary tickets and passes, please do obey the rules. Tarsiers get stressed easily as a nocturnal animal and could commit suicide so please do not take pictures without the shutter and flash on. Try to minimize taking pictures as much as you can and stay quiet around them. Most importantly, do not touch the tarsiers!