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Piazza Vigliena Palermo
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Visiting Piazza Vigliena Palermo

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Piazza Vigliena, also known as Quattro Canti is the traditional center of Palermo, Italy. The name means four corners which explains the intersection of two roads that creates four corners with amazing old buildings on each one. The baroque architecture makes it worth a visit and maybe take a picture or two.

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Take a Look at Baroque Architecture in Piazza Vigliena

Take a Look at Baroque Architecture in Piazza Vigliena

1. Walk Around

1. Walk Around

The first thing you should do at Piazza Vigliena is to walk around and sight-see. Not too big and a bit crowded, It might be a struggle to get through the streets of Piazza Vigliena. It's because visitors are supposed to look up where the building in one corner is different from the other. Be amazed at the 4 Baroque buildings from the 1660s that represents the 4 seasons, 4 Spanish kings of Sicily and 4 Patronesses of Palermo. As visitors walk around, people selling souvenirs will surround them while a traditional band fills in the atmosphere. Even the little details like the fountains and statues will amaze you.

2. Museo Falcone

2. Museo Falcone

Another thing to do at Piazza Vigliena is to visit Museo Falcone. For free, book tickets and passes through email to enter this museum! This museum provides a tour guide that will tell visitors about the lives of famous judges and prosecuting magistrates, Falcone and Borsellino. While listening to the history of these great men, visitors will be taken around the place where Falcone and Borsellino used to work. In the 1970s, mafias were raging in Italy. These mafias included Falcone's friends. Instead of following their footsteps, childhood friends Falcone and Borsellino became heroes at the time and tried to overthrow the power of the Sicilian Mafia. The museum could inspire young generations to do the right thing and visiting is definitely recommended.

Palermo Food

Palermo Food

Palermo is packed with traditional snacks left and right that visitors can get for about 1-2 Euros. From the famous ones like pizza to the more exotic, they're all worth a try. The first one is Sfincione. It is similar to a pizza but spongy and oily so if visitors are looking for something familiar to the tongue, this is the one they should try. Next is arancine which are balls of deep fried saffron rice with fillings inside. There are a variety of fillings; just butter or combinations like shrimp and pesto or spinach and smoked cheese. Famous since the 1800s, visitors should definitely give it a try. There are many more to choose from so be brave to explore the richness of Palermo and be surprised!

Places Around Piazza Vigliena

Places Around Piazza Vigliena

There are so many cool places to go to that only take a walk from Piazza Vigliena. If visitors have some extra time to spend, there are a few destinations they can go to. The first option is the churches and cathedrals. Italy is famous for their Catholic Cathedrals with beautiful designs and statues. If visitors are interested in architecture, history and religion then they should explore Palermo's beautiful Churches. The second option is the markets. Palermo has exotic and delicious street foods. There are plenty of markets around Piazza Vigliena visitors can go to. Grab some food and maybe bring home some Italian ingredients. The third option is the theatres and the operas. Try to look up schedules online and watch a performance. One of the famous theatres is the Teatro Massimo. There are so many things to do at Piazza Vigliena and around it so do explore!

Piazza Vigliena Palermo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There are no admission fees needed to enter Piazza Vigliena. As an intersection, it is open to the public. It's also free to enter Museo Falcone so not many places in Piazza Vigliena require admission fees. Though the things to do outside might need admission fees (for example, theatres and operas).

How To Get Around?

If you want a Piazza Vigliena tour, you can go with one of the coachmen in the location for about 80 Euros. But Piazza Vigliena is a very crowded small place and 80 Euros is pretty expensive so it is better to walk around. Interesting places nearby aren't far anyways and you don't have to take a taxi to get there.

What Should I Wear?

Depending on the things you want to do at Piazza Vigliena and the season you choose to visit, wear an outfit that is comfortable and appropriate (for example if you're going to the Churches, don't be too exposed). You're gonna walk a lot so wear comfortable footwear. If it's hot outside, it's okay to wear sandals but shoes are always best for long walks. If it's a little chilly, wear warm outfits because you'll be outside the whole day. Wear a hat if the weather is sunny and wear gloves, ear muffs or a hat if it's cold.

Piazza Vigliena Palermo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best season to go to Sicily is from May to June or from September to October when it is spring and fall. So when you're doing things at Piazza Vigliena, you won't freeze or sweat too much. At about 70° Fahrenheit, it's the most ideal temperature to walk around and do some sight-seeing. Visit during the day when the buildings are more visible and details can be easier spotted.



Will I Need a Guide?

To get the complete experience, join a Piazza Vigliena tour group or ask for a tour guide for a three-hour tour. Even though you can go alone, a little guidance can give you more knowledge about the place as well as complete whereabouts. They can also tell you the things you can do at Piazza Vigliena and around it.

How To Get There?

If you're with a Palermo tour guide or group, they will take you to Piazza Vigliena and you don't have to worry about it. But if you're alone, you can take public transportation, walk or go from the Palermo Airport. Depending on the things you want to do and where you are, there are a lot of stations in Palermo that can take you to Piazza Vigliena by train or bus. Usually, these trips would take one hour. The stations you can go from are Stazione, Zen, Vincenzo Cervello, Mondello and Addaura Hotel Residence Congressi. You can also walk for about 2 minutes from Piazza Pretoria and Vittorio Emanuele or walk for about 5 minutes from Roma-Lattarini and Roma-Vucciria. You can also take a taxi from the Palermo Airport to Piazza Vigliena for 27 minutes. Same goes if you rent a car and go from the airport.

Additional Info

Keep the place clean! Piazza Vigliena is a historical place after all. The fountains are already dirty and you shouldn't make it any worse. Other people will also visit and do things so let's not make it a bad experience for them.