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Piramida Djoser Cairo
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Visiting Piramida Djoser Cairo

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Built during the Third dynasty, the Piramida Djoser is one of the most amazing structures of the country and is popular worldwide. The Piramida Djoser is the central feature of a huge complex in a large courtyard which is surrounded by decorations and ceremonial structures. Built with shaft grave rock cut below the ground partially, the Piramida Djoser is an epitome of the highly innovative imagination of the skilled persona of the country which brought immense fame to the structure. With massive unfolds and aspects of beauty, the Piramida Djoser is a sight to behold.

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Insights of the Piramida Djoser

Insights of the Piramida Djoser

The Enclosure Wall at the Piramida Djoser

The Enclosure Wall at the Piramida Djoser

The Enclosure Wall in the Piramida Djoser is surrounded by a wall of limestone of Tura which is 10.5 meters high. The wall reminds you of the tombs of the first dynasty with a panelled construction and palace facade. The former imitates mudbrick and bundles of reeds. There are 14 doors interrupting the wall out of which only marks the entrance and is functional for the living. The rest of the doors are all false doors and were meant for the use by the king in his afterlife. They are believed to be portals through the ka of the king could pass and travel between life and afterlife.

The South Tomb at the Piramida Djoser

The South Tomb at the Piramida Djoser

The South Tomb of the Piramida Djoser has been likened to the pyramids of the satellite of the later dynasties. It is proposed that the south tomb houses the ka of the king of the afterlife. There is a tunnel-like door and a staircase which marks the entrance of the tomb. This further opens us into a granite burial in a pink chamber. There is a gallery led by the staircase which has blue chambers and is located below the step pyramid. There are three rooms of this kind. One of them is highly decorated with niche reliefs. Such fine and excellent craftsmanship enclosed in the most inaccessible corners of the country depict that this craftsmanship was not meant for exposure but to endure that the life of the king after his death will be successful and he will have all the necessities.

The Step Pyramid at the Piramida Djoser

The Step Pyramid at the Piramida Djoser

The Step Pyramid in the Piramida Djoser is a superstructure of 6 steps and has been built in six stages. The pyramid structure begins with a square mastaba which was enlarged gradually. The mastaba again is built in 2 stages which first forms a four-step structure and then a six-step structure. A crud core of stones rough was cased into limestone after packing and placed in the middle of the mastaba. Below the step pyramid in the Piramida Djoser, there is a labyrinth of chambers and galleries in tunnels which are nearly 6 kilometers long.

Piramida Djoser Cairo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Piramida Djoser tickets can be booked online through this website.

How To Get Around?

The Piramida Djoser can be accessed only on foot as no other kind of transportation is allowed within the museum premises.

What Should I Wear?

The weather is quite hot. Wear something light. A loose t-shirt works well along with shorts. Make sure you cover your eyes with sunglasses. Shoes and cap go along.

Piramida Djoser Cairo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The Piramida Djoser is open on all days from 8 am to 5 pm.


Egyptian pound

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide will not be needed as this website will guide you about almost everything and anything about the city, the place and the trip. So, a guide is unnecessary.

How To Get There?

Trams, buses, and taxis can be used to access the museum from the airport or from the outside of the hotel. You can also go for Cairo metro for faster reach.

Additional Info

Carry a water bottle along always as it gets too hot. Make sure you do not touch anything in the Piramida Djoser. Keep your phone on silent and do not take weapons or camera along.

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