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Place de la Bourse Bordeaux
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Visiting Place de la Bourse Bordeaux

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Place de la Bourse, which is part of the Port of the Moon, Bordeaux, is an elegantly superb city square facing the Garonne River. This royal square has been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage since 2007. Place de la Bourse was originally referred to as Place Royale, then Place de la Liberté and, later, Place Impériale. Place de la Bourse is a great example of urban ensemble built in the 18th century, during the reign of King Louis XV. Built on the edge of the Garonne River, visitors to Place de la Bourse will be impressed by the perfect symmetry of the square and surrounding buildings. Place de la Bourse is indeed one of the most successful examples of elegant French urban architecture ever built. On the façade mascarons of Place de la Bourse, you will see Neptune opening the city's commerce, Mercury favouring the commerce, Minerva protecting the arts, the allegory of Time discovering Truth, the Garonne-Dordogne junction, and African women's faces. You can also observe the square clock which is decorated with paintings and tapestries woven in the Gobelin factory.

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Take Place de la Bourse Tour For Your Best Experience

Take Place de la Bourse Tour For Your Best Experience

1. Miroir des Quais

1. Miroir des Quais

Besides enjoying the fascinating architecture of Place de la Bourse, visitors of Place de la Bourse, will be excited about “Miroir des Quais” – “The Quay Mirror”. Miroir des Quais is a water mirror covering an area of 3450 m2, 130 meter long and 42 meter wide set of granite slabs, making it the largest water mirror in the planet. A fountain specialist Jean-Max Llorca is the genius behind the construction of Miroir des Quais; it was established in 2006. Visitors will be certainly astonished by the reflection of Place de la Bourse in the reflecting pool. Since the very first day Miroir des Quais was officially open for public, it has become a popular attraction among the visitors and the locals. The mirroring effect happens since the slate area is covered by a thin layer of water; its best effects can only be seen during summer. Both children and adults love playing around. The fountain water can also produce plumes of mist, creating a wonderful thick fog, reaching as high up as two meters. If you visit Place de la Bourse during winter, you won't be able to enjoy this dreamlike effect. The best time to enjoy this magnificent attraction is at night when the lights is beautifully reflected in the water mirror.

2. Surrounding buildings

2. Surrounding buildings

Translated into English, Place de la Bourse simply means “Square of the Wallet”. Surrounding Place de la Bourse, there are the Chamber of Commerce and other economic institutions. The only one open to public is the south pavilion; here you can find the Musée des Douanes. This Customs Museum exhibits the history of Bordeaux as a port town, models of different types of ships, navigational instruments and many more. Visitors can also enjoy a collection of paintings and artifacts related to smuggling and trade. This museum is open from Tuesday until Sunday throughout the year except Christmas and New Year's Day. Adults need to pay the admission fee, but those under 18 are entitled to free admission. Free booklets for self-guided tours are available and audio guides can be downloaded into smartphones.

3. The Fountain of the Three Graces

3. The Fountain of the Three Graces

Located right in the middle of Place de la Bourse, you can enjoy the Fountain of the Three Graces. You can see three stone figures pouring jugs of water onto the plinth below. Below the three stone figures, there is a unique pool of water.

Place de la Bourse Bordeaux Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There is no admission ticket to Place de la Bourse. However, if you wish to explore the Customs Museum, adults need to pay the tickets, yet entrance is free for those under 18.

How To Get Around?

The most convenience way to explore Place de la Bourse is on foot. You can take as much time as you need to observe the details of its architecture and to enjoy its classical atmosphere.

What Should I Wear?

To experience the best fun in Place de la Bourse, put on your most comfortable wear. Light fabric such as cotton is a great option. Tee or tank and shorts or jeans will make a great outfit. Wear your sneakers or colorful sandals for your best comfort, yet if you want to enjoy the water mirror, it is better to go barefoot.

Place de la Bourse Bordeaux Facts

Best Time to Visit

Place de la Bourse is best visited during the darker hours of the day. At sunset, you can view the contrast between the illuminated buildings and the dark sky; it's a spectacular moment you will never forget.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, Place de la Bourse is easy to explore.

How To Get There?

You can go to Place de la Bourse by foot or by tram. If you choose the tram, it stops right next to the square. You can also drive a car; rented cars are widely available. You can reserve a space in one of three interconnected underground car parks: under the Place de la Bourse, under Place Jean Jaurès and under the Chapeau Rouge.

Additional Info

Always bring along your camera. The perfectly symmetrical royal square photos will be memorable souvenirs for your family and friends.

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