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Royal Palace of Palermo
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Visiting Royal Palace of Palermo

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Royal Palace of Palermo is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palaces of Palermo were and still are a fine manifestation of the historical life of the Palermo region.

a wonderful day at the Royal Palace of Palermo

a wonderful day at the Royal Palace of Palermo

1. The Palatine Chapel and Roger's Salon

1. The Palatine Chapel and Roger's Salon

The Palatine Chapel is inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The mosaics in the Palatine Chapel were probably made by the same craftsmen that made the mosaics in the Martorana and the central apse of the Cathedral in Cefalù. The Royal Palace of Palermo (11th-12th centuries) is the main monument to represent the wealth and political and cultural power of the Norman kingdom, a model of Arab-Norman architecture. An ancient Islamic Castrum erected on pre-existing Punic origins, from 1072 it became the residence of the Norman sovereigns. The Palatine Chapel is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Kingdom of Sicily situated on the first floor at the center of the Norman Palace in Palermo. The chapel is a great symbol of multi-cultural cooperation. Craftsmen of three different religious traditions worked alongside each other. The madonna below Christ Pantocrator is an addition from the 18th century. Originally there was a window there. The 'Sala di Ruggero' is one of several rooms in the palace which exist in something close to their original condition. This one has mosaics, some of which doubtless represent animals in the Genoard park, while others are clearly symbolic. The pairing of animals, sometimes as mirror images, is typical of Byzantine iconography, even if none of these images are explicitly religious. This part of the royal apartments probably was a place for dining or entertaining. Despite what you may read, Roger II and his grandson, Frederick II, did not keep harems in a formal way; officially there were beautiful, young, single women resident in the palace whose principal occupation was weaving and who were not part of the court, but who occasionally performed other duties as well. The Palantine Chapel and Roger's Salon are not to be missed in your Royal Palace of Palermo tour

2. Punic Wall and Astronomical Observatory

2. Punic Wall and Astronomical Observatory

While it's not nearly so extensive as the Punic walls at Erice or Mozia, this site is one of the oldest of its kind preserved in Palermo. It cannot be dated precisely, being either Phoenician (circa 700 BC) or Carthaginian (400 BC). Precisely cut and constructed, it is similar to other Phoenician structures around the Mediterranean. In common parlance the term 'Punic' describes both cultures. This modern addition to the Pisan tower is essentially a museum of nineteenth-century telescopes and other instruments used in the earth sciences. The first large asteroid, the dwarf planet Ceres, was discovered through observations here in 1801. Punic Wall and Astronomical Observatory are not to be missed in your Royal Palace of Palermo tour

3.  Crypt Chapel and Donjon

3. Crypt Chapel and Donjon

The original 'palatine chapel' was this one, located in a quiet and secure area just below ground level, constructed late in the eleventh century. (This is not actually a crypt.) It predates the construction of the upper levels of the castle's superstructure and towers. A mosaic fresco on display has been preserved from this early period. Parts of the surrounding corridors and rooms (the donjon) date from before the arrival of the Normans. This is the oldest surviving part of al Kasr readily visible to us today, other walls having been destroyed, built upon or incorporated into more recent rooms. Entry is through the Montalto room. The Crypy Chapel and Donjon are not to be missed in your Royal Palce of Palermo tour.

Royal Palace of Palermo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The Royal Palace of Palermo is open on Monday - Saturday at 8:15 PM - 1PM and Sundays, holidays at 8:15 am - 1 pm. For Sundays, holidays have extended hours closing at 9PM on March 19 - August 31. The Royal Apartments are closed to visitors from Tuesday to Thursday. The price for Royal Palace of Palermo tickets is varies. For Exhibition, Palatine Chapel and the Royal Apartments (Fri - Mon: Adults :€12 and Reduced: €10. For Exhibition and Palatine Chapel (Tue - Thu): Adults: €10 and Reduced: €8. For Exhibition only: Adults: €6 and Reduced: €3.

How To Get Around?

You can get around to do your Royal Palace of Palermo tour by walking. It is a huge complex, take your time to enjoy every detail of the place.

What Should I Wear?

There is no special dress code to visit this place. You can wear whatever you want to enjoy your Royal Palace of Palermo tour.

Royal Palace of Palermo Facts

Best Time to Visit

It's better to do Royal Palace of Palermo tour early, when it's just opened. The place is less crowded and good if you want to take some pictures.



Will I Need a Guide?

You don't need a guide to do Royal Palace of Palermo tour, you can find everything you need on this site.

How To Get There?

You can get to The Royal Palace of Palermo either by Buses, Trains or Planes. Visit the website to find further information for the schedules and tickets prices. for Buses: www.amat.pa.it, for Trains: www.trenitalia.com, for Airport: www.gesap.it

Additional Info

Expect to spend about 20–30 minutes in here—but add another 15–20 minutes to get here, since it isn't exactly in the center of town. Best to budget a full hour. Be sure it's open. Before trekking up here, check out the website (www.federicosecondo.org) and double-check in person at the tourist office what the palazzo's open hours will be while you'll be in town. This palace is used by the regional government, and when the assembly is in session, tourist visits are not permitted (to whit: Currently, the government uses the Royal Apartments on Tuesdays and Thursdays—you can still get into the Cappella Palatina, but not the rest of the palazzo). Also, the Cappella Palatina is frequently closed for religious services—a half hour here, an hour there, several times a week—so it really pays to check ahead of time.