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Royal Palace Pattaya
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Visiting Royal Palace Pattaya

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Frost Magical Ice of Siam is one of the most interesting tourist destinations you must visit in Pattaya. This place offers a lot of opportunities to feel the cold and frost like when you are in the Arctic without going there. They set the temperature in the Ice dome as low as -10 degree Celsius. Meanwhile, the outdoor area is set in 40 C and over. Going to Pattaya will not be enough without visiting this place. Get your ticket and feel the Arctic vibe in the tropical country.

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Things to Do in FROST Magical Ice of Siam

Things to Do in FROST Magical Ice of Siam

1. The Ice Dome

1. The Ice Dome

This tourist destination has two main sections: indoor and outdoor sections. The indoor area is called Siam Heaven or some people also recognize it as the Ice Dome. This section is really set like the Arctic vibe where the temperature is under zero and you can sculpt a polar bear with ice. Do not forget to try the igloo and interact with penguins. Since you are in Thailand, you can also find some tuk-tuk sculptures inside the area. You will also notice that they change the light colors regularly so you can feel the atmosphere. Do not forget to prepare your camera and take a picture or two with anything you find inside the Ice Dome. Make sure you are careful enough because the ice is pretty slippery. We recommend you to wear proper clothes and pants because it is going to be very cold. There is a restaurant inside the Ice Dome where you can but a cup of tea or coffee to warm up your body.

2. Himmapan Forest

2. Himmapan Forest

Himmapan Forest is the forest you may find at the outdoor section. At the outside, there will be a big sand sculpture all in white. It looks like snow has covered that thing. Later, the dark spotlight will illuminate the whole sculpture and you will see the Himmapan Forest. Himmapan was named after the real Himmapan Forest. According to Hindu and Buddhist myth, the forest was surrounding Mount Meru and that mountain is the center of this universe. There are so many mythical creatures live and inhabit the forest other than plants and trees.

3. Mythological creatures

3. Mythological creatures

According to the old story, the mythical creatures that live inside the forest are the combination of several animal characteristics. For example, there is a horse with a bird's head or a fish with an elephant's head. Other than that, they believe that there is Karin Puksa or an elephant that could fly and a dragon with claw feet and wings named Winged Ghilen. The forest is also the place where you can find a Nariphon Tree. Nariphon Tree is a tree that looks like a young woman. Also, do not miss the opportunity to see the sculpture of Ramayana, one of the most famous yet epic Thailand folklore. Each sculpture you may find in this area has a plaque in front of it and the information is written both in Thailand and English.

Royal Palace Pattaya Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You can buy the ticket directly at the venue. It costs 600 Baht for adult and 500 Baht for kids. Toddler under 90 cm of height is free to enter. The price you pay already includes a rented warm coat for winter and a glass of soft drink served in the ice glass you may get in the bar inside the Ice Dome. However, you might need to rent a pair of gloves and warm shoes with additional charge.

How To Get Around?

Taxi is the best option for you to get to this place. Once you have reached the location, you can just walk around the area and explore both indoor and outdoor sections. Spending your holiday with family in this place is going to be one of the best experiences during your vacation.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear whatever you like because the entrance fee you must pay have included the rented warm coat if you want to get inside the Ice Dome. However, if you want to rent the gloves and the shoes, you need to pay another bill. So, if you want to save your money, you can bring your own warm gloves and proper shoes to enjoy the Arctic vibe in the Frost Magical Ice of Siam.

Royal Palace Pattaya Facts

Best Time to Visit

Generally, the venue is open every day from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. so you can explore the place as you want. However, the property gets very busy during the weekends and Thai National holidays. So, if you have a plan to go here with a tour agent, make sure that they know what you want in advance.


Thai Baht

Will I Need a Guide?

Visiting this place will not require you to hire a tour guide. This place is like a Disney Land so you can just hop here and there as you like. Other than that, the area is not too wide so you can explore it as you like. If you are not sure where you go, you may ask for a brochure or a small map at the entrance.

How To Get There?

This Arctic in Pattaya is located next to the sheep farm of Pattaya. The place is close to the intersection between Pattaya and Chonburi highway in Bang Laming district. It is 15 kilometers away from the central Pattaya. Since there is a very limited transport option, we highly recommend you to use a taxi or chartered songthaew. Make sure both the driver and you already have the agreement about the price and the duration before leaving. Also, it is better to be a round trip transfer because it is pretty hard to find a public transport or taxi around the destination.

Additional Info

There are several travel agencies that will arrange your itinerary to go to this place along with the tickets and accommodation. If you can get the best deal, it is better to purchase their holiday package. If you are lucky, you can also get a cheaper entrance ticket to get into the Frost Magical Ice of Siam.

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