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Royal Palace Phnom Penh
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Visiting Royal Palace Phnom Penh

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Built in the 19th century, the Royal Palace is proof that French technology can stand up to this day and can still look grand and magnificent. It has survived many things, including the twentieth-century events that shook Cambodia. It is a place of the Cambodian royalty, decorated with things fit for a monarch. It is one of Pnohm Pehn's main attraction, attracting people all over the world thanks to its rich history and its grandeur. If you are in for something historical in Cambodia, look no further than this place.

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Seeing the Cambodian Royalty: The Royal Palace Tickets and Whatnots

Seeing the Cambodian Royalty: The Royal Palace Tickets and Whatnots

1. The Throne Hall

1. The Throne Hall

Thrones are usually a thing of the movies. Not many of them are found in this era because the throne is a symbol of an absolute monarchy. However, one cannot deny that thrones are beautiful to look at. This one throne is just like the other thrones of this era; easy on the eye, yet lacking the tyrannical aura that the thrones of yore have. The place is used for many ceremonies, and coronations, so do not be surprised if the place is closed for a time.

2. The Royal Treasury

2. The Royal Treasury

Located just south of the Royal Throne Hall, the Royal Treasury is where the royal family of Cambodia stores their glitters. In here, you can find lots of artifacts that were not displayed anywhere else, even in the whole Cambodia itself. The place is off-limits in certain areas, so do not test the guard's patience.

3. The Villa of Napoleon II

3. The Villa of Napoleon II

It is a well-known fact that France was the country that had its grip on Cambodia several decades ago. The French had built several structures, and this Villa is just one of them. The villa is one that is dedicated for Napoleon the second. It was used by Napoleon as a resting place, a place where he could oversee the construction of the city. Now, it is a tourist spot for tourists curious to learn about the history of France presence in the country.

4. The Silver Pagoda

4. The Silver Pagoda

The Silver Pagoda is a Pagoda dedicated to the nation's national religion, the Buddhism. It is a Pagoda that stood for centuries, a pagoda filled with history and many wonderful attractions on its own. Its steps are made of the highest quality marbles that were bought from Italy. Within the throne room of the Pagoda, the floors are entirely made of silver, totaling up to 500 blocks of silver. Displayed in this room are also presents from foreign countries, which is another sight to behold on its own.

5. The Emerald Buddha Statue

5. The Emerald Buddha Statue

Statues can be boring for some people, but what if the statues are made of solid gold, crystals, and adorned with thousands of diamonds? It is a statue that invites many gazes upon it, and all of those for the right reasons. If you see a statue that is gracefully decorated like that, surely your eyes would be stuck on it, right? The statue is available for you to see but not to touch, so if you plan on touching the statue, be prepared to be disappointed.

6. The Buddha's footprint

6. The Buddha's footprint

A normal footprint might not be that interesting to look at, but what if the footprint belongs to Buddha himself? It is believed that the footprint represented Buddha's 108 lives before he was reborn as Siddharta Gautama.

Royal Palace Phnom Penh Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Getting the Royal Palace tickets is not a hard matter. The admission fee is very low. You do not need to claw to the end of your wallet to be able to enter the Royal Palace. With a fee as low as 3 US Dollars per person, the tickets will not break the bank.

How To Get Around?

The Royal Palace is designed so that you can easily traverse each attraction on foot. A walk to each attraction will not tire a healthy human.

What Should I Wear?

Wearing anything modest is always expected if you are visiting a holy and official place like this one. Jeans and many clothes are allowed as long as you keep yourself modest. Do not wear anything that is too revealing because the people of Cambodia is not used to people revealing their bodies. Be sure to cover your knees and shoulders as well to prevent unwanted things from ever happening.

Royal Palace Phnom Penh Facts

Best Time to Visit

If you want to visit the Royal Palace, the place is opened precisely at 8 AM. It will stay open until 11 AM, in which all visitors are expected to leave before that. It will reopen again at 14.30, so if you do not want to visit the Palace in the morning, do it at that time of the day.


Cambodian Riel

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide will be welcome, but it is not absolutely necessary. The Royal Palace is not exactly a maze to begin with, so your chance of getting lost is pretty slim. There are guides for hire, though, so if you want one to explain everything to you, you can easily rent the service of one.

How To Get There?

What is nice about Cambodia is how close each major attractions are and how easy it is to reach the place. When you have just arrived from the international airport, you can take buses if you want to go the public transport way or you can just rent a car if you want to take things more privately. The best thing about the buses is the fact that the bus has its own schedule, meaning getting one as easy as reading the schedule itself. Sure there are traffic jams, but the buses are usually on time. Stop at stop 37 on bus line 1 if you plan on getting to the Palace.

Additional Info

Picture-taking and video-recording are prohibited in some parts of the palace, so do not bring your camera out unless you are sure that you are allowed to do so. Scams are also rampant around the area, so bring a trusted guide if you want to be safe from them. All in all, a nice trip for the price that you need to pay for the Royal Palace tickets.